The tree limbs shadow across the grass,
                                                                      a dark language
Of strokes and ideograms
That spells out a different story than we are used to,
A story with no beginning and no end,
                                                                 a little one.
I leave it and cross the street.
I think it’s a happy story,
                                            and not about us.

Charles Wright, closing lines to “Language Journal,” Xionia (The Windhover Press, 1990)

Heeeeeeey Floridianensericitosos! I will be at GeekyCon in Orlando, Florida this weekend! In fact, I’ll be there Wednesday through Sunday! I’ve got a number of activities planned, but the athnakharqoyi will be my panel entitled “Dothraki 201: Creating Languages with David Peterson”. I’m going to cram as much about creating a new language into an hour as I can, and will be taking questions.

And, as a special bonus for those in attendance, I will be giving away ONE of my remaining four galleys of The Art of Language Invention, my book coming out September 29th! All you have to do is be in the audience, and you’ll get a chance to win an uncorrected proof of the book everycat’s been meowing about!

If you’re in the Orlando area, my panel will be at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 1st in room S320 C. I hope to see you there!

the bare-assed poet

I love all you fuckin tumblr poets
Getting naked on the Internet
(Spiritually speaking of course)
but physical nudity is cool too I mean why are we so ashamed of our bodies, why are tits obscene?
(television the Internet magazines make-up companies they all say I should hate my body stronger hair fuller lips get toned for summer ladies erase those signs of aging, but I won’t disappear fuck you and your marketing agenda)
Have you seen my filthy language?
The darkness in my poetry?
I promise you the human body is more beautiful and exciting-
but we’re getting naked all the same.

Snippet from “Dark Secrets”

Just a small bit from the other Septiplier fanfiction I’ve been working together along side Mark-i-Cat?, Let me know if you want to see more.


Jack held him up with his left arm that wrapped around Mark’s back. God Mark was a heavy dude but if Jack remembered from the last time when he had to carry a drunk Mark back to his hotel room, he was a lot heavier then. Being concerned wasn’t helping the situation right now and Jack just wanted to get Mark into his room, quickly fumbled for keycard and swiped it in before helping the sick man into his room.

“Jesus Mark your a lot worse off then just allergies” Jack stated gently setting him on the bed. Mark’s face was red aside from the paleness of his lips; his eyes puffy and hearing him breath in was like hearing a backwards cough. “I’m fine, just need to get some rest is all,” Mark’s voice was weak and beginning to become horse. How was he even still functioning?

“Well you better rest, you’d been fighting me and everyone about the /cold/ you have. I don’t want to leave this room till I know you’ll actually sleep,” Jack was serious and folded his arms watching Mark as he took off his flannel, fixing his undershirt in the process before chucking it and stared up to Jack with a look (that was pathetic by-the-way, god he couldn’t even make sassy look right he was that ill)

Mark waved a hand up as he slipped off his shoes and took off his glasses, rubbing at his eyes a bit, “Don’t worry your little patoot Sean, I’m fine. I’ll catch up on sleep before I catch up with you guys later.” Jack smiled triumphantly as the sickly man crawled to lay in the bed. Jack helped him get the covers over him; the room was a lot cooler then the convention (thank god for AC’s) but Mark had complained about being a little chilly when he had walked him over here.

Jack patted his friend head, hot as fucking balls and quickly grabbed a water from the mini fridge and set it on the bedside table next to him. “If you need me at all don’t hesitate to call, I don’t care if I’m in the panel or not,” Mark nodded in agreement before breathing in and wincing slightly at the discomfort. “I’ll bring you come medicine by if this doesn’t clear up in a few hours.” Jack was already sure it wasn’t going to and had mentally made a list of what he was going to bring his friend later.

Mark nodded again after curling to his side eyes closed not really caring that Jack was still in the room before he finally fell asleep. Jack gave a small smile to him then headed out the door. He hoped Mark felt better soon.

Jak And Daxter Chat

Hey guys, we got a chat room set up! It’s all about Jak and Daxter and all the super fans we are! Here you can chat up and share your contributions to the Jak and Daxter fandom or whatever is going on with you or your interests (but please remember to at least center around J&D half the time)
Also we’ve set up a time to meet up (9pm EST to 4am EST) so our visits to the chat aren’t scattered, you are not required to come at these time, but it’s your best bet to talk to fellow fans easier at those times

When you come on, you’ll need to do a quick sign up process, please try to use your tumblr url as your username so we know who you are.


Chat Link- http://krimzonguard.chatovod.com/
Chat Rooms Available
SandOver-sfw chat (language allowed)
Dark Jak-nsfw chat (16+)

-No Spamming
-No personal attacks*
-Tell us beforehand if a link is nsfw**
-No texts longer that 4 lines
-Do not defame peoples contributions to the fandom (i.e. drawings, writings)
-No derogatory slurs or remarks (i.e. n word, c word, homophobic/racist remarks)
-No non fandom related gore
-No non fandom related porn

-No claiming artworks or writings that are not yours
-No Personal Armies***
-No Sockpuppeting****
-No annoying types of text (LiKe ThIs, OR THIS, or rainbow colored font)
-Any chat that turns nsfw should be continued privately or over in the Dark Jak chat room

Everything bolded above results in an instant ban.

Everyone has a 3 strike maximum before being banned, when banned you can appeal to (me) and we’ll discuss what’s needed before we let you back in. Admins are the only ones to give out strikes, what an admin says goes, and when asked to stop, you stop.

Rules are subject to change, we will make sure to have plenty of notifications of rule changes.

*Arguing about shippings is fine, insulting a fellow member is a no-no
**Make sure to tag what kind of nsfw it is. i.e. (nsfw, nudity, language https://www.tumblr.com) Make sure to tag anything +18 as such
***Meaning no getting fellow members to group together and attack anyone within the fandom or outside of it
****Sockpuppeting means that when we ban you and you try to make another account while still banned on your original one

Admin Notes:
SandOver was temporarily disabled due to my error, it is back online


I’m in love with her and her lyrics! If you happen to know more Swedish singers I could listen to, just msg me.

Veronica Maggio - Mörkt 

Säg till alla dom andra
att de inte kan stanna här
Simbassängen är stängd nu
Låtsas att vi har glömt nåt kvar

Vatten av silke, flyter på rygg som barn
Allt är turkosblått, luften är kall och klar

Det är för mörkt
Det är för mörkt, så mörkt
Tusen, miljoner, miljarder ser oss fast det är så mörkt

Jag får låna din tröja
torkar av mig så gott det går
Solen kommer å dröja
dina läppar är nästan blå

Hänger på kanten
vill aldrig mera hem
Rör oss mot rummet
det är för kallt min vän, i vattnet

Det är för mörkt
Det är för mörkt, så mörkt
Tusen miljoner miljarder ser oss fast det är så mörkt

Det är för mörkt
Det är för mörkt, så mörkt
Tusen miljoner i staden ser oss fast det är så mörkt

Jag är rädd för att dyka
Mina ben är för bleka
Pratar utan att lyssna
och glömmer att andas
Vi är nog lite lika
Ingen kommer ge vika
Vakten kommer å ringa
och då får vi springa, springa, springa

Springa, springa, springa

Det är för mörkt
Det är för mörkt, så mörkt
Tusen miljoner miljarder ser oss fast det är så mörkt

Det är för mörkt
Det är för mörkt, så mörkt
Tusen miljoner i staden ser oss fast det är så mörkt

anonymous asked:

Oh anon, stop. Marvel is awesome bruh. Tell me you saw guardians of the Galaxy

It was definitely a different movie than I was expecting. The commercials made me think it would be a funny, campy movie for a younger audience, and I left shocked at the language and darkness of the movie. It probably wasn’t worse than the other movies, it was just not what I expected. I’m a little bummed at the trailer for deadpool, looks like I’m not going to go with my wife to that one. I realize it’s hard to keep it clean with an irreverent superhero who uses swords and guns, especially when compared to all the other guys, whose weapon of choice is some sort of energy blast.

back then in the dark
before memory and language
before the brambles outside your childhood home had grown
before the oak tree standing up the road was struck by lightning
and before your mother had stopped loving your father
and before he had left sad and drunk and older than he had ever been
the years were lean and spare then
and the house presided over all this–paint faded and chipped;
the face of it yellow and glowering–
waiting, waiting for you to bring new life

Love you hannah
  • NAME: Willem
  • ALIAS[ES]: Willam, Wolem, Wollem, Willum, Will, Bae, Quen.
  • GENDER:  Male
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: The Netherlands
  • SPOKEN LANGUAGES: english, dutch, german, french & rapal dark res language 
  • OCCUPATION: none
  • DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: i don’t really drink. and ew.
  • LIKE[S]: Gaga, katy, art, wigs, makeup, theater, the walking dead, american horror story, rpdr, music, drag queens
  • DISLIKES: that’s not going to fit in all this.
  • FEAR[S]: objects becoming surrealistic and smaller and bigger than they should be.
  • PERSONALITY TYPE: fucking gay.
  • DISORDERS: not that i know.

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • HAIR COLOR:  dark blonde
  • EYE COLOR: green/blue
  • HEIGHT:  1.89 meter i guess thats 6.2 feet idk who even uses that
  • TATTOOS: no
  • PIERCINGS: does a stretcher earring count

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • SIBLING[S]: older sister + younger brother
  • PARENT[S]: mom, dad
  • CHILDREN:  the gays.
  • PET[S]: Duncan my dog.

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single lady.