Vocabulary list: Цвета́/Colours

цвет - colour
[not to be confused with цвето́к flower (цветы́ pl.)]

кра́сный - red

ора́нжевый - orange

жёлтый - yellow

зелёный - green

бирюзо́вый - turquoise

голубо́й - light blue

си́ний  - blue, navy blue

фиоле́товый - violet

пурпу́рный - purple; burgundy

ро́зовый - pink

чёрный - black

бе́лый - white

кори́чневый - brown

бе́жевый - beige

се́рый - grey

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AU: From the minute you asked Michael for help, he knew you had an ulterior motive. He was just convinced he was smart enough to catch on this time. Of course, his crew was weary, perhaps even a little scared of you. And, as it turns out they had every right to be. After cutting off the armored car and taking out the drivers (thanks to Luke’s rather impressive long-distance shooting skills), you slyly slash Calum’s tires while he’s hooking your cars up to the vault and it’s only a matter of time before he’s spiraling off the road and forced to let you abandon him with a few million dollars in-tow. You’ve barely had time to unlock and ditch the hunk of metal carrying the money when Michael calls with insults and threats on his tongue. But, as the saying goes, “An eye for an eye.”

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I wanna make art. I wanna 
be the hole inside your

I see the going’s gotten rough again.
So it does,
every now and then.
Let me teach you how to pray for relief:
Say my name. Say Amen.

I think I’m in love with the way
your eyes roll back into your head,
and if tonight I had to 
love another or lose myself, tomorrow
I’d be dead. My blood’s run dry, I’m
the monster on your bed. I fiend
the vital parts of you, won’t
stop until I’m
fed. And the hunger

in your body, you feel it
growing larger. You wanna
cut my chest open, you wanna
make me your pretty martyr.

I want you to think you have control, that you’re
giving me my ration, because I 
see the beauty and feel
the satisfaction 
when I’m watching your reaction when

your brains are spilling out. I 
wanna be the one night 
you can’t forget
about. Tell me

exactly what you want; there’s no
hard-to-get in a siren’s treasure hunt. Let me

lure you out and
dig you for the gold. I’ll
rack up all the coins until
all of you’s

Let me get my hands on you. The
inevitable will
ensue. Here’s
your hesitation, watch me cut right through. Before
I show you red I’ll show you
every shade of blue. Show me 

all your tender scars. Tell me
what you are. Show me all your crazy, and
I’ll give you my bizarre.
Tell me what you are, and

I’ll tell you what I’m not: The
shaking bundle of
you’ve been thinking that you
got. Cause
I’m gonna give you
the holy death you’ve always sought, 
feed you every grain of this carnal dirt, and then
leave you there to rot.

—  ©Kayla Kathawa // Madness

The tree limbs shadow across the grass,
                                                                      a dark language
Of strokes and ideograms
That spells out a different story than we are used to,
A story with no beginning and no end,
                                                                 a little one.
I leave it and cross the street.
I think it’s a happy story,
                                            and not about us.

Charles Wright, closing lines to “Language Journal,” Xionia (The Windhover Press, 1990)

NOTE: This contest has concluded. Thanks to those who participated!

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