George and his band on tour, during the Dark Horse North American tour in 1974 at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia 28 November 1974 Photo Source: Flickr

“George kept his playing simple. He had pretty much given up single-string soloing by that time, and was just into playing slide. He had a sunburst ‘58 Strat with the action set high, and he played through a Mesa/Boogie amp.We didn’t see much of George on show days, but we had a private jet with a lunge, and that’s where people would hang out and talk. George was used to being the center of attention, and he was very funny and entertaining. He was always telling lots of Beatles stories.“ - Robben Ford, Guitar Player Magazine, March 2002


19 December 1974 - Madison Square Garden I Dark Horse North American Tour

“On so many of the shows, I’ve just about been able to stand up onstage, but the weaker I am, the more I have to own up that personally as a human, I just could not make it. That’s where my belief, my spiritual belief, has become stronger and stronger, because the more I realize I can’t do it, the more I get this surge of energy which upholds me. It’s magic.” - George on how physically & mentally exhausting the 1974 Dark Horse tour was for him and how he found strength through his beliefs, excerpted from “George Harrison: Behind The Locked Door” by author, Graeme Thomson