2 September 1978 George Harrison marries Olivia Trinidad Arias in a private ceremony in Henley - On - Thames. They were a truly beautiful couple and theirs was a true love story spanning altogether 27 years from 1974 until George’s death in 2001.

“I think I was a little surprised it happened so quickly and so intensely.” - Chris O'Dell

“They went out that night and never parted” - Andy Newmark

“George would stay up all night. He had fallen in love with Olivia, and they were just over the moon over each other.” - Robben Ford, guitarist during the 1974 Dark Horse North American tour

“I told Olivia, ‘Oh, God, girl, you’ve meant so much to his life, you’ve just totaled him out, and it’s just wonderful.’ They’re beautiful people.“ - Carl Perkins, 6 November 1998

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together.”
- George on his relationship with Olivia

“We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some understanding, like you do when you meet the right person.” - Olivia on her relationship with George

“ Never seen such a beautiful girl. Had me quickly untied Calling to me she made me realize. Not the kind that is lost or is found She has always been there A lover needed for this soul to survive. And when I saw the way that she smiled at me. I knew it then & there that she was A1. And when I felt the way she got through to me. Was something I had known I was waiting upon. “- George Harrison, Beautiful Girl lyrics.

“Pretty much. We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some understanding, like you do when you meet the right person. And he was a charmer, such a charmer!” - Olivia Harrison, The Sun, 12 June 2009

“My Dark Sweet Lady, your heart so close to mine. You shine so heavenly and I love you dearly.” - George Harrison lyrics to Dark Sweet Lady

“I am still having a relationship with him, but it is just not a physical relationship any more. And the sooner one comes to terms with that, the easier it is, rather than feeling George has gone and he is never coming back.” Does she communicate with him? “I don’t really want to get into all that. That’s a dodgy question to answer because people might think… I don’t know if you have ever had anybody go who you have loved? Well, you do feel in communication with them because you feel so deeply in your heart that if you say a prayer, it goes straight to them.”

Olivia says that, towards the end, when he knew he was dying, her husband would comfort her by saying: “Olivia, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.” And is she?

“Fine is OK, but it is not really good enough, is it? But George was right, I am fine and I am OK, although I will miss him until my dying day. But he walked his road and now I have to walk mine.”

-Olivia Harrison, Telegraph 24 January 2005

George and his band on tour, during the Dark Horse North American tour in 1974 at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia 28 November 1974 Photo Source: Flickr

“George kept his playing simple. He had pretty much given up single-string soloing by that time, and was just into playing slide. He had a sunburst ‘58 Strat with the action set high, and he played through a Mesa/Boogie amp.We didn’t see much of George on show days, but we had a private jet with a lunge, and that’s where people would hang out and talk. George was used to being the center of attention, and he was very funny and entertaining. He was always telling lots of Beatles stories.“ - Robben Ford, Guitar Player Magazine, March 2002


19 December 1974 - Madison Square Garden I Dark Horse North American Tour

“On so many of the shows, I’ve just about been able to stand up onstage, but the weaker I am, the more I have to own up that personally as a human, I just could not make it. That’s where my belief, my spiritual belief, has become stronger and stronger, because the more I realize I can’t do it, the more I get this surge of energy which upholds me. It’s magic.” - George on how physically & mentally exhausting the 1974 Dark Horse tour was for him and how he found strength through his beliefs, excerpted from “George Harrison: Behind The Locked Door” by author, Graeme Thomson