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Can I get a ship for BTS and Got7? Imma super short standing at 5'2". I have short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Im a bit talkative, but I'm super shy when I first meet someone. I show my love physically and suck with words. Thank you ♡

I ship you with…

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I ship you with…

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Please check the ship guidelines next time! got7 is only available for selca ships, with this exception.

Mun Meme

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name ➔ Caleb
gender ➔  Cis Male
eye color ➔ Blue
hair color ➔ Dark Brown
relationship ➔ Single as a Pringle
zodiac ➔ Pisces 

favorite color ➔ Purple
favorite season ➔ Winter
favorite place ➔ None
favorite holiday ➔ None
favorite video game ➔ BUT I HAVE SO MANY! … the Mass Effect Series, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Bloodborne, and Red Dead Redemption, because I honestly can’t pick. 
last show/movie you watched ➔ Show was Voltron Legendary Defenders and Movie was Justice League vs Teen Titans  

what’s your honest opinion about your muse ➔ He’s a fucking asshole, but at least he’s funny about it. 

would you date your muse ➔ Yup. 

what are your favorite kinds of threads ➔ Horror, Angst, and Humorous 

are you a selective roleplayer ➔ Somewhat.

do you have a favorite muse (if you have more than one) ➔  Not particularly. 

what made you decide to join the fandom ➔ Two psychoshipping AMVs 

do you see yourself staying with the fandom for a long time ➔ For the foreseeable future yes, though I may eventually make a new blog for the Black Lagoon(Sawyer the Cleaner or Dutch) or Boku no Hero Academia(Fumikage or Jirou) 

tagging: @psychicarmorhead @guaardian @my-ohh-mai @blackincantation @redeyespride  @dueling-underdog and anyone else who wants to or hasn’t done it. If you one of you have already done this, sorry, didn’t see it. 

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OMG Congrats, love! I'm so excited for you!!! If I could get a ship, that would be fucking awesome (: I'm 24, 5'1" and curvy. Shoulder-length dark brown hair, steel-blue eyes, and fair skin with a few tats & piercings. I love to read, write, and sing. I'm a huge nerd and am very tactile. Very opinionated, and I stick up for myself and others. I sometimes come off as a bitch, but I'm actually pretty nice. I love dogs, but I'm more cat-like. Going back to school for psych. And I'm girly, but not.

Thank you, darling! 

Yep- I definitely ship you and Lance Tucker (nice Tucker, not fucker tucker) 

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