Aster, the Grey Skeith

Asters have long been considered an enchanted flowers. In ancient times, it was thought that the perfume from their burning leaves could drive away evil serpents. Today, they’re known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience.

Aster wandered unassumingly into the Shrouded Forest one fateful day and never returned. It is said that a dark Faerie stole his wings and left him for dead. He waited in Forest for help for what seemed like ages, but help never came. Though once an exceptionally large purple Skeith, the loss of his wings made him perpetually depressed. In turn, he shrunk to roughly the size of an Aster blossom and turned a sad, grey color.

one time a stranger on neopets years ago told me “school makes you think you have to be good at everything but sometimes it’s ok to just be good at one thing. even if it’s not something you get a grade for. they don’t grade you for being a good person” and tbh i still think about it little did i know all i needed this whole time was in glowing purple text and that icon of the goth fairy