A Neopets fanart! Haven’t posted one of these here in ages! Every year I redo my Jhudora Art Gallery entry to track my improvement over the last year. I’m super proud of this!

It took me like 4 days to make this so if it doesn’t get into the Art Gallery for Jhudora day I’ll be ~s a l t y~ 

I’m making a post on my Instagram with all the previous incarnations of this artwork. Have a look! 

Instagram: rayray.scribbles

one time a stranger on neopets years ago told me “school makes you think you have to be good at everything but sometimes it’s ok to just be good at one thing. even if it’s not something you get a grade for. they don’t grade you for being a good person” and tbh i still think about it little did i know all i needed this whole time was in glowing purple text and that icon of the goth fairy

“You humans do so love to sort and label us, to place the fae into tidy little boxes. Summer or winter, day or night, sweet or wicked. But the lines are not truly so clear, and we both know it. The simple truth is, we are not human. Our rules are not yours, and we are not so easily defined.”

An extension of my 8tracks Unseelie mixes, I’ve collected these two Spotify playlists. Each has nearly 200 songs intended to be played as a shuffled mix, and is subject to frequent additions.

Seelie Court

Lilting celtic melodies and ethereal electronica tracks. Otherwordly, transcendent music for a dance within a faery ring, sunlight filtering through young green leaves. Pale pink roses with a sweet, sweet fragrance that hides the tiny, piercing thorns that lie beneath. Gently babbling streams, icy cold and lined with razor-sharp pebbles.

Listen to the Seelie Court mix on Spotify.

Unseelie Court

Deep and sultry tracks, with haunting strings or minor key piano melodies, rich synth beats, and slow, pulsing bass like the beat of a human heart. Bargains made by moonlight, promises of pleasures as irresistible as they are cruel. The glint of sharp, sharp teeth in the shadows. Wine the color of freshly spilled blood, sweet and spicy and worth the deadly price.

Listen to the Unseelie Court mix on Spotify.

My darlings. If you could feel what I feel. If you could see what I’ve seen. I’ve been away on my own journey of tremendous self discovery and incredible empiricism. I’ve been able to identify myself as a non binary pan sexual feminine man, that transcends physical boundaries. I’ve been able to expand my magical discoveries as a practicing witch and medium. I’ve been able to overcome my fear of the stage and have been performing across many stages. All of this thanks to my beloved B… who’s story I will be able to share with you one day. For now… know that he allowed these things to flourish within me with the unconditional love he gave me. He has sadly parted this world, and has left me with multiple questions. But I must believe that there is a reason for this…. that there is a reason for the rewiring… the love… the confusion… the pain… the loss. He himself was a fan of my stories.. and if anything… I can continue to write for him… and for you all. I’m here. I’m alright… and I’m hoping to be able to tell you all my very own story. In the interim… I hope you enjoy the words I have yet to write very soon. I shall also release more photography of myself as requested by many. This picture is dear to me…as I am wearing his black fur, his black boots, and black fan that he always said, matched the dark witch he so loved.

I love you all. Thank you all for for your continuing messages and support. It means the world to me.


Photography by @xenialeo


Slytherin In Fairytales: Faerie

Slytherin Faeries are mostly forest or water ones, they often live in the two Faerie Courts - Dark and Fair, as nobility. Sometimes they come down to Earth in order to do important businesses with warlocks, elves, or other magical creatures, or even entangled in the affairs of magic mortals. They happen to come to Earth for entertainment too, at first only making fun of people, later getting more serious and dangerous. They deceive other creatures to get them involved in all kind of serious trouble or kidnap mortals into Faerie Land where they will work as servants for rest of their lives if they take a bite of their food or sip of their drinks. Mortals otherwise will die of exhaustion during one of the endless faerie parties.

•ºProtection & Comfort Bottleº•

Made by Alex-@ohnoregrettio/@spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)


§White Candle, sage, incense-optional
∞Spell Bottle (I got mine from hobby lobby and made it into a necklace, but you can use whatever size/shape/etc thing you want)
∞Salt and Salt Water 
§Dried Ginger
§Hemlock (DO NOT DAMGE THESE TREES. These Trees are going extinct. I live in the mountains and found mine on the ground and collected a ton of needles.)(also its poisonous so dont eat it buT DONT HURT THE TREES)
§Dried Rose Petal(s)
§Something that brings you happiness (mine were blue beads from a bracelet my aunt gave me that broke but I kept them anyways dont tell my mother)
§Dandelion Puff(s)

How To

∞If you choose to use the White Candle, sage, or/all incense, light it now
∞Lay your ingredients out and put your hands over it, focus your energy and good intent on these items and say (in Latin or English, whatever you are comfortable this):
                      “Decedatis phantasmis malis hic locus”
Pronunciation: “Deh-s-ay-dah-tees faunt-aus-m-es mah-lees hic low-coos”

              (translates literally to “Leave spirits evil this place” 
            The english translation is “Evil spirits leave this place”

∞Ask your God/god/goddess/fae/elf/deity/whatever I forgot (if I missed something let me know so I can include it next time!) for protection and comfort 
∞Crush and mix dried ginger/rose petals however you want (I used my fingers over a plate) 
∞Put all ingredients in a bottle of choice and thank whatever you believe in 

I gotta leave and im rushing to get this done (::

Witchy Meanings:

Love - protection - good luck - helps relation ships - freedom - chastity - purification - increases energy - speeds up things - aids in curing sickness - happiness - calming - good vibes

Witches Who Would Dig This:

All - Green - forest - earth - weather - kitchen - spirit - dark - fae - elf - ahhh i gtg ill update this later