• Doctor: I will not be part of an insane war across the time lines.
  • Master: You think you're not already?
  • Doctor: I won't do it!
  • Master: Oh, Doctor, Doctor! Denial's not just a river in Egypt, is it? What have you been doing since you stole that antique TARDIS of yours, since you first landed on Skaro—
  • Doctor: It wasn't planned! None of it was planned!
  • Master: —shouting "Look at me! I'm not fighting a war!" while you battle the Daleks all the way through space and time? The Doctor doth protest too much, methinks.
  • Doctor: I never asked to be part of it. They are the ones who attack, invade, destroy. What else can I do but stop them?
  • Master: Is that your excuse? "They started it"? No... you can't help yourself. "Not fighting a war," don't make me laugh. Doctor, you're a one-man army.

“Oh, it’s this one! Now aren’t you a sight for sore eyes! I thought it might be the one with the umbrella — tiresome little man, that accent, I only ever understood one word in ten — but you, oh, let me look at you!”

Eighth Doctor and Macqueen!Master, first meeting in Dark Eyes 2.

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im a huge cop out with these and i never know who to tag that i wont annoy so i just….Wont tag anybody. im a coward, sue me. but here r the answers!!

1) What color are your eyes?

dark brown

2) Do you have any internet frens?

hhhhhhhhhhhh im scared to call anybody a friend because idk if im oversteppng boundaries. but uh. the moment you engage me in a conversation? i love you and youre my friend. 

3) What are your favorite songs?

my taste in music changes wildly on a weekly basis but here are some all time faves: Calendar Girl by Stars. One Angry Dwarf and 500 Solemn Faces by Ben Folds Five. Your Universe by Rico Blanco. 

4) Do you have any pets?(if so what kind and names?)

YEAAAAHHHH. we have 5 dogs, Bec (jack russel terrier/poodle mix), Muffin (shih tzu), Suju (lab), Arya (lab), and Robbin (lab). and we got two turtles too, both of them red eared sliders. Isaac and Tweek.

5) Do you live in a house, a townhouse, an apartment, etc….?

one floor house kinda super close to a river that has a tendency to flood in the rainy season. blegh. love this place w/ all my heart tho. even when it’s submerged.

6) Favorite musicals??

so many????

pippin owns my ass because it was my first musical and got me to love theatre. jesus christ superstar is a close second because it’s fucking jesus christ superstar. les mis holds a special place in my heart esp since it’s the first Big musical i saw live when les mis manila happened. spring awakening and next to normal also get honorable mentions because they Rock and got me into the more recent musical scene (my tastes were very very classic back then) +++ a local prod, three stars and a sun, a ridiculously cool jukebox musical using the music of francis magalona about post apocalyptic philippines. and another local prod, kung paano ako naging leading lady, a musical about superheroes. i have too much love in my heart for musicals

7) Have you ever broken a bone??

no!! it’s really weird!! ive fallen down flights of stairs several times and still no broken bones, so i think im invincible. i’ll update you guys when i get hit by a car if my hypothesis holds true

8) what do you want to/study in college??

im currently studying creative writing and in the process of applying for a minor in english literature. yeah, i know. im That Pretentious Student. if it makes you feel any better, i dont smoke and i have mixed opinions on slam poetry. 

(of course, no offense to those who do smoke and like slam poetry. you do you!! cyn!! thia!!!)

9) favorite food??

candy. all candy. my dentist hates me. they had a candy booth at school once and i bought like 3 bags of sour tape and i ate it all over the course of a few hours. but if we’re talking Actual Food, i’d leave somebody at the altar for sinigang. 

10) Favorite meme??

doge. Judge Me All you Want But It Was A Good And Nice Meme, Okay. 

11) Do you have any hobbies??

writing fanfiction is my main hobby but i also crochet!! not as much now tho…i also like origami, but i only fold the same six designs over and over again because i cant stand it when theyre not Perfect. im also rather obsessed with folding these same designs smaller and smaller. itty bitty paper cranes. 

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Dark brown eyes & hair, 5'2, Pisces, mostly musicals, but some rock/emo music too, I'd probably take you out to see a secluded waterfall near my house

Yes. 100% yes. I wanna see this waterfall you speak of. And your music taste is fantastic.


Here are the options so far:

1) “50 shades of dark circles under my eyes”

2) “I burned my tongue on a piece of pizza and I think its a strong metaphor that sometimes the ones you love most in life will hurt you”

3) “Cute as a button every single one of you”

4) “My life is one part ‘wait’ and another part 'what’ ”

5) “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you as well as you deserve”

Vote for your fav or message me another one that you think of please!!

(If someone can think of a really good one that I decide to use I’ll promo you to 10k+)


Whispers in the Dark is the first fic back after my hiatus, yay!!

This one was getting really long so I split it up.  That means I get to take my time on the next part (wohoo) but it also means that this chapter is primarily setup stuff (boo).  Sorry about that.  But at least you get it quicker?  

Whispers in the Dark

Pairings: None
Characters: Sans 1-S, Papyrus 2-P, W. D. Gaster the tall man, Grillby

Warnings: angst, implied medical torture

Notes: Baby Blasters AU belongs to the wonderful @spacegate​, I’m just playing in their amazing little sandbox.  
Read on AO3 here (chapters go up on tumblr first) 

Chapter 9

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I’m currently reading a… a book called “The Bodysnatchers”, which is an Eighth Doctor New Adventure… I was gonna mention that to Paul, and I thought… well, he’s not… it’s not like he’s in it. He’s in it, but he won’t say oh, yeah, I remember doing that scene, because you know, it’s… it’s been written. So I didn’t bother mentioning it. I toyed with the idea of bringing it in and getting it signed… but I thought he’d think I was a bit uncool…
—  Frank Skinner being a bigger dork than us