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This is really broad but a dark!/grey Barry AU!

*rubs hands together*  You sure?  These get progressively darker, so brace yourself.

  1. Our Barry edges into grey territory with the whole divergent universe/killing time remnants thing, but finds moral guidance from Future Barry, who maintains his purity largely because he’s undergone a third as many traumas and has subsequently seen fewer levels of Hell.
  2. The Barrys that survive Eobard long-term become downright dark.  Barry is the “die a hero or live to see yourself become a villain” type if he outlives his family and friends because he stops waiting for Eobard to attack him and becomes more proactive.  He hunts Eobard down with the same fervency that Eobard once hunted him, a younger him, a totally unfair fight a younger Barry couldn’t have won and shouldn’t have but somehow did because he had friends and he doesn’t have those anymore but he still has his fists and a lot of rage.  It ends up becoming an ironic circular argument: Eobard hates Barry because Barry attacks him, hounds him, is the Big Bad in Eobard’s.  The Eobards that survive carry that rage with them and attack a younger Barry and on and on they chase tails.
  3. Barry becomes Savitar after being trapped in a temporal loop, forced to listen to the last thirty seconds of Wally’s (abruptly ended) life on loop for years.  Years.  That translates into thousands, millions of repetitions.  And he can run, and he can try, and he can do anything he wants, but he can’t save Wally, can’t even see him.  He can tell himself it isn’t real, tell himself it’s the Speed Force, but it gets under his skin after a few dozen times, starts to drive him crazy by the hundreds, and after a couple thousand he’s just kind of numb to the noise.  Our Barry’s temporal activity finally shakes the loop up enough that the Savitar!Barry can finally escape – not all the way, but just enough to fixate on destroying this place by destroying himself.  The rest is history.
  4. Remember The Race of His Life when Barry had a vibrating hand in the air and the opportunity to kill a kneeling Zoom?  Both at the beginning and end of the ep, Barry has the opportunity.  Had he taken it, killing Zoom would have been the first time Barry killed someone with his bare hands.  And he wouldn’t get it out of his head.
  5. Barry’s a vigilante, too.  In Central, acknowledging that is actually an unpopular opinion given how well-liked The Flash is, but really – who can say what The Flash is up to?  He could get away with murder and people would still fall at his feet because they’d think he was their hero.  The question hovers: who are you when you’re invisible?
Beauty and the Beast

I love love love Dan Stevens, and can’t wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast… also my fav animation. In celebration… a little Karoline take on the tale… to be serialised here

Caroline Forbes hated her job. It sucked. There was no denying it. But, it wouldn’t be forever, she told herself as she loaded the deliveries in the van and pulled out her checklist and addresses, all carefully sorted in route order on her tablet. She slammed the door to her battered ride and slid into the driver’s seat. Some way to spend your 21st birthday, she though sourly, as she slid on her sunglasses and flipped the radio station on.

At least there’d be dinner and drinks, lots of them, legal drinks, for once, later this evening. She pulled out of the depot parking lot and started to make her way to the highway, along mains street, peeping the horn at her friend Matt, who was outside his bar, unloading kegs, his tight shirt clinging in all the right places. She rolled down the window and whistled as she drove past, giving him a wave as she sped down the same street she had driven a million times. Yep, it was pretty depressing to still be stuck in the same small town she’d grown up in at 21 years of age, but hey, she had a plan. She was getting out of here, it was just taking a little longer than she’d planned.

Hitting the highway, she accelerated, winding down the window as she went, letting the hot dusty Virginia air stream up her arm and ruffle the curls that lay around her shoulders. Feet tapping to the music, she followed her route on autopilot. Yep, Matt had looked GOOD, she mused, but been there down that, and a birthday backslide didn’t seem the best idea.

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Tell Me
Dark Dark Dark
Tell Me

Dark Dark Dark - Tell Me

I’ll change my mind when I feel like changing my mind,
Try to be good but I get tired running around,
Trying to manage all that I want,
All around me, all that I want,
I want to live in the time when you cherished me,
Oh, to go back to the place when your hands moved over me,
Tell me it’s there just beyond reach,
Tell me you’re saving it for me.