36. Pick up lines

Summary(Requested): theyvuse cheesy pick up lines: Isaac, Derek, and Brett added.

Scott: “Hey gorgeous.” The stranger, a tall brunette, dark choclate eyes and tan skin said making you smile softly. “Are you from Tennessee because you’re the only ten i see.” A fight of laughter broke out behind the brunette, a pale, lanky boy with black hair stood laughing. “It was a dare so please just give me your number and we can call this a day.” he whispers making you laugh before entering your number into his phone.

Stiles: “Ugh.” Stiles paused looking up at you making you laugh. “Why are you so nervous Stiles?” The white snow fell, and stuck next to the window you both sat by, hot coco on each side of the table. “Can I have your picture for I can show santa what I want for Christmas?” You both fall into a fit of laughter. “Stiles you’re fucking killing me.” You laugh to see Scott standing there rolling his eyes. “Seriously though (y/n) he wants you for Christmas.” “I’m GOING TO KILL YOU SCOTT.” Stiles yells, chasing after his best friend.

Theo: “Theo stop.” You frown as he blocks off the only exit with his muscular, wall like body. “I just have something to say to you.” He says, holding in a smile as you both stood. “There’s a big sale in my bedroom, Clothes are 100% off.” You couldn’t help but laugh with him as he finally unblocks the door. “You bring me to a room and don’t let me leave for a stupid pick up line.”

Liam: One good thing if there ever was one about math, is you have that class with your boyfriend Liam. Liam has been your boyfriend for a while now, and you two always seemed to be joking around. “Babe I have something to tell you.” He whispers making you roll your eyes as the teacher talked. “What?” “I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.” You could help but laughing, laughing so hard along with the people around you who heard the line.

Isaac: “Hey beautiful.” Isaac mumbles making you smile, “Hi I.” You say as he leans against the row lockers located next to yours. “Even if there was no gravity on this earth, I would still fall for you.” You laughed, making Isaac laugh as well leaving a kiss against your forehead. “Got cha to laugh today, Liam was telling me these awful pick up lines.”

Derek: He frowned seeing how upset you were today, you acted like you weren’t but he knew you like the back of his hand, and something was definitely wrong with his girlfriend. “What’s wrong love bug?” He frowns, pouting. “Nothing.” You say giving him a small, fake smile. “If kisses were snow flakes, i’d sent you a blizzard.” You began to laugh but was cute off by a ‘blizzard.“

Brett: First day of school at a new school was nerve wracking especially due to you having no friends and no knowing anyone what’s so ever. You sat in your study at a table all alone, until a tall boy sat across from you, notebook in hand. "I’m writing a term paper on the finest things in life, and wondering if I can interview you.” You both fell into laughter. “I’m brett, and who are you gorgeous?”


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remus, do you prefer dark, milk or white chocolate?

Remus: i like them all really. Dark choclate with a glass of milk, milk chocolate when watching a movie & white chocolate when i need a bit of sugar!!

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Chocolate and dark chocolate

Chocolate: When was your first kiss?

Oh goodness i gotta think back. I think i was 14? That seems right.

Dark choclate: Turn ons?

Gonna level with you, i didn’t think anyone would pick this one haha. And frankly, i don’t have an answer. My last relationship was nearly 8 years ago, i have no idea haha

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Name: Aysha

Nicknames: The insults my parents give me, teensha @chicken–chips lol, 

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 5'3"

Favourite fruit: grapes, peaches and mandarins

Favourite season: I’ve learnt to love all of them tbh, but probably winter. 

Favourite scent: Dior poison tbh

Favourite animal: Sloths yo

Favourite fictional character: literally too many to count yo, 

Number of blankets: one, though i like the weight of at least three i can’t handle the heat

Dream trip: Dubai wasssup

Orientation: lol

Favourite flower: Jasmine

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Dark choclate mocha yo 

Blog created: 2012 probably

Favourite colour: Black, like my soul

Nationality: errr…Pakistani? 

I tag; @zayntoxicateme @natedean @marvelsziam and whoever else wants to do it cause i dont know anybody lol


If you seen those choclate covered potato chips and wondered if you should spend the cash?  i say YES!!! fucking delicous!! you don’t get very many in the bag…..maybe about 20-25 chips….but the choclate on these guys is no joke! very thick and salted just the right amount and once you bite down and mix the potato chip in there…it’s delicious beyond description.  i am more of a cookie girl myself but ….i will definatly strap on the ‘ol feedbag for this!!  i saw them in dark and milk choclate…i got the milk choclate.

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