Now I want to present you my great friend’s TES Dark Brotherhood Assassin cosplay. Everything is made of natural leather, every rivet and other metal things are made for him by a blacksmith.

 He is called The Plague Doctor [VK

All made by himself at Plague Doctor Workshop [VK] (you may order something)

I admire this person for his patience, love and inspiration. Dear Plague Doctor, I wish you a great life and want you to get everything you deserve.


Attention: All you skooma-heads and adventurers! Over the summer, I have found it in my heart to scour the land and collect supplies to make more Traveler’s Journals. From Winterhold to Falkreath, I have collected only the best for you. This fall, I will be listing them, one at a time in order for more to be shared. In time, you can find them here. Praise Talos (or, you know, Hail Sithis).

UPDATE: I’ve had to take down my Traveler’s Journal from Etsy. Apparently companies don’t like it when you make things inspired by their products. Oops, sorry Zenimax. Guess I’ll have to start brainstorming for some new, (non- Skyrim) fantasy inspired lines. It was a good run while it lasted, and a sincere thanks to everyone who purchased one while they were for sale. You helped me pay for my textbooks.