can yall believe… we’re this Blessed and Fortunate to have 5/7 of the main voltron characters be poc………. i need to go pray


“people   were  staring   at  lucien
because,  i  imagine,  he  was  so
beautiful. i asked him why people
were  always  staring  at  him.  he
said, “they’ve always done that.”
there  was  no  way  to explain it – 
actually, people do stare at lucien.”                                                                                                                             – jack kerouac in a letter to allen ginsberg

Seriously I want so badly for Cas to be the one who eventually delivers the final blow to Amara (whether that be defeating her or re-trapping her). 

I want Cas to be the only one who is really able to do it, in the end. 

He’s feeling right now that he can only be useful in aiding the fight by stepping aside and allowing Lucifer to take the reigns.  

But I want it to be that he himself, not Lucifer, nor God, nor the Winchesters, nor any other archangel, is the only one capable of defeating her. 

I want his unique status as the angel with “too much heart” to be the key to defeating the Darkness. 


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