My Little Friend - Harley Quinn Imagine

Requested by anonymous: Imagine where Harley realizes that shes falling in love with the reader and that results in her leaving the joker.

Pairing: Harley x Reader with elements of Harley x Joker

“It’s fine, go with him.” Y/N shrugged, turning away from me. I looked between her and my Puddin’ not sure why this was so hard a decision. “Y/N…” “I said it was fine Harley.” She snapped. “Let’s go my dear.” The joker called and for a second I felt my heart stop. I nodded as he lead me out, taking a second to look back as she disappeared into the darkness. Back to base we went. It was home. Our home…or more like our hideout.

Walking into his office one evening, It hadn’t been long since I’d been broken out which meant we needed to keep a low profile, but I was bored. A bright smile spread across my lips as I eyed the man before “Hey Puddin.” I called with little response. I skipped over to him, my arms wrapping around his broad shoulders. “I’m bored, how about we go have a little fun eh?” I whispered, squeezing him gently. “Not now.” “Please?” I whined, pouting over his shoulder. “I said not now Harley!” He shouted and I backed off. “Fine.” I sighed. “Y/N would play with me.” I dragged myself away, my first thought being why she popped into my head but I shrugged it off. I feel a strong hand on my shoulder and so I turning to him. “Changed you mind about revving me up, Mistah J?” “Who is this….Y/N?” He asked as he pulled me closer, his hand grazing my cheek. I placed my hand over his. “S-she is just…” I trailed off, getting lost in his blue eyes. “Just?” He asked, his hand now placed under my chin. He squeezed gently, pulling my face closer. “Just a friend.” He threw me back slightly, a laugh slipping through his red lips. “Just a friend eh? Just a friend. She’s just a friend. Why don’t you go play with your little friend then?” He turned away, going back to the desk. I opened my mouth to say something when he shot towards me, a file flying off the desk. I backed up a little. “Harley. My dear. You’re free to leave.” He stressed with a grin. He walked towards me and I continued to back away until I hit the wall of his office. He pressed up against me and again I felt sorta weak at his touch. He pressed his lips to mine and I reached up to pull him close, one of my hands ruffling his green hair. As if on cue I felt the somersaults in my stomach. This man had a power over me, like a drug I craved more and as he pulled away. I pulled my tongue between my teeth in a smirk. “I could never leave you Puddin’” “I know that my queen. Now off you go.” He stated plainly, shooing me away. “But-” “Harley.” He shouted, looking at me sharply. I dropped my head and strutted out of the room. I just wanted to have some fun, a little adventure. I walked along the halls, dragging my hands against the wall as a I walked. A sense of boredom quickly overcoming me. I thought back to earlier and my brief moment of doubt as I watched a girl who I had spent months with walk away from me. I felt that same thing when Mistah J didn’t wanna play. Y/N no matter what made time for me. We were cell mates, it wasn’t like we had much else to do. I wondered if she was okay. We’d broken her out but she went off on her own. Saying nothing good could come from being with the Joker. That he was a “bad influences” but aren’t we all? We were locked up for Godness sake. Not like we’re saints, normal isn’t meant for us. We’re the bad guys, the stuff of nightmares. For the first half of our acquaintanceship she literally referred to me as the Joker’s girlfriend. As I got to the entrance of the hideout I stopped my skipping. Rain fell heavily and out I walked. I just stood there, as the cold water slipped down my body. “Harley, the boss is calling ya.” The voice broke me from my thoughts. “He just told me to leave.” The man shrugged and s I skipped back inside. Heading back to his office, he waited tapping his foot. “Come to daddy.” He called out and if by magic all thoughts of Y/N vanished. I strutted over, leaving a trail of water in my wake as I took my place on his lap. “Whatcha need Puddin?” “You’re wet.” He stated, this being the first time he looked up since I entered the room. A soft giggle made it’s way into the air. “I have a question for you and it’s about your….little friend.” The sudden interest in Y/N was surprising. Didn’t know it was possible for him the be jealous. I kissed his cheek gently. “I love ya sugar, she was just a cellmate.” Was it a lie? Maybe. “My little doll.” He held my face, patting my cheek gently. “Do tell me more.” The joker held my gaze. “Just my cell mate, kept me sane while I was locked up in the nut house.” I giggled, thinking about her once again. Why was she on my mind so much? “I thought you weren’t comin’ for me so I had to make a friend eventually Puddin’. “You doubted me. Oh my little gem, tut tut tut.” He shook his head, his silver teeth now on show. “She was special, I liked her.” “But..do you miss her?” The green haired man asked, tilting his head. A smile hit my lips at his question now having an excuse to think about her. I nodded. “Maybe we should go get her then?” “No!” I answered sharply. It was just, I knew Y/N well enough to know she hated the Joker. And thats ignoring the fact she told me a million times. She hated that I was with the Joker mainly. Always dropped hints that I should leave him. I would be better off with someone else and no matter what I said she argued. At first I just rolled my eyes, ignoring her as I did tricks on the sheets that dangled above. However one day, after telling me I deserved better, she kissed me. My mind instantly went to my Puddin’ but that thought vanished quick as can be as I got in to it. The guards stopped us, a few catcalled. I physically attempted to shake the thoughts away. I liked, no I loved the joker right? I shifted, getting off his lap. “Why? Why wouldn’t you want to go collect this friend of yours?” “I-” “Wait!” He interrupted. “I don’t care, we’re getting her.” It was in that moment I felt sick. He wanted to go after Y/N and I couldn’t stand the thought. I knew she wouldn’t go with him and if she didn’t, he’d take her by force, after all he’s the King and he always gets what he wants. “No!” I yelled again, backing away. “Leave her alone.” A maniacal laugh left his lips. “Ah Harley, my precious little angel. Seems you’re quite the smitten kitten.” I thought on his words. He was right. One thing I knew was that I liked Y/N, more than I wanted to believe. “I guess so.” I commented. “I don’t want you to go get her.” Standing up, he walked over to me. His arms snaking around my waist, I felt a dull arousal but instead of focusing on him this time my mind drifted to her. “Whys that? Don’t you want her to join the fun? We’ll have a ball together.” I placed my palms against his chest pushing. “I wanna have fun. With her. Just her.” Again he laughed an amused smirk crossing his face. “Then go. No ones stopping you. I know you’ll be back. You can’t resist me. You live for me Quinn.” I turned and walked away, knowing if I stayed much longer he could be right.  Now I was free. Now I knew what I wanted. It was Y/N. So off I went into the night in search.

Catching a glance, I shifted on the metal bonnet. She strutted out a club, took me a while to track her down. That girl was amazing at laying low. “Hey Puddin, miss me?” I called out, waving slightly as she looked towards me. A frown forming on her face. “Harley?” She replied making her way over to me. “The one and only.” I slipped off the car, instantly running over and wrapping my arms tightly around her. Her arms slipped around me too, giving me a gentle squeeze. It was genuine affection like she wanted to hold me forever. “You on a job or?” “Actually I’m here for you. Y/N pulled out of the hug. Pushing a stand of hair out of her face. “Me? What does that dick want with me?” My gaze dropped. I was still confused as to why he let me go so easily. Was it because he was convinced I’d go running back to him? “Nothing. I…left him.” “Y-you what?” Her Y/E/C eyes widened. “I left him.” “Seriously? I’m so proud of you sugar.” “One more thing.” I started pulling her close once more. “I think I like you.” She laughed and for once the sound of laughter didn’t chill me to the bone, not even in a good way. I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling our lips together. Her lips were so soft. “Harley.” Y/N mumbled after I’d backed away. There was a smile on her lips. “I think I like you too.”

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I personally think the whole "Light vs. Dark" thing COULD have been interesting, since it's not just a Jedi/Sith thing, like, Light is more based on inner peace and shit while Dark is more based off of emotion and is easier to misuse and corrupt yourself with? Idk I mean the Sith are just. The worst. But hey, #NotAllDarkSiders lmao

#NotAllDarkSiders I’M WHEEZING

i personally think that the balance and no emotion take is specifically a jedi thing, and that “gray” jedi aren’t so much half-dark sider as they are force users who disagree with the jedi way.

it’s not that they’re morally gray or their alignment is half evil - they’re not half light, half dark. they’re still light siders, they just don’t follow the jedi doctrine.

the dark side is inherently corrupt, in my opinion. to use the dark side is to be evil.


There’s a track from Black Hawk Down called ‘Ashes to Ashes’ which almost has a, has a Middle-Eastern sort of vocalist. It’s very… there’s a deep, deep, dark base which suggests the underbelly of terror, and it also has this very romantic quality to it. And I felt like that was just very Pine.

Tom Hiddleston, when asked what would be Jonathan Pine’s song. [x]

Strike A Deal | Part 2

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Authors Note: Umm… this gets a little dark. Tiny bit based on how Hades traps Persephone. 

Trigger warnings: Bit of gore. 

Hakyeon sighed, his brother’s pining for this mortal was driving him insane. His temples were aching from their draining conversation. He loved his younger brother dearly which is why he agreed to leave the heavens and descend to his brothers domain to give him the advice he begged for.

“I’m tired of waiting brother. I want her in my arms this instant. I am the only one who deserves her. Those savages with their disgusting hands on her… I should tear them apart limb from limb and have them all slave for all eternity,“ Ravi complained.

Hakyeon pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, interrupting a new tirade before it began.

“I am only interfering this once, do you understand? You know how much I loath interacting with mortals.”

The younger’s eyes lit up in delight. Hakyeon always did come up with the best plans in times of a crisis.

“Brot-” Hakyeon held up a finger to silence his brother and continued. 

“Tomorrow the planets align, you will be able to rise to the mortal plain.  I will plant one of my narcissus flowers in the mortal world and you have to be waiting. When she smells the alluring odour of the narcissus she will be directly above your domain. Then use your power to open up the barrier between the underworld and her world and take her. She will be stuck with you until the planets pass again. Whether she consents or not to stay with you after is none of my concern. I will only be involved until here, understood?”

The God of the Underworld chuckled darkly, “Tomorrow my sweet,  I will take what belongs to me”

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Fable is a fun series because it has a lot of range to the emotions you get out of just the lore.

Examples include:

  • All Chickens in Albion have naturally steel reinforced feathers, making them totally safe to kick around at your leisure– this is a fun family activity for the average Albionite, as it does not do anything to the chicken other than slightly relocate it.
    • Chickens [some anyway] in Albion are capable of understanding human language and communicating in a complex enough manner that they will march single file while clucking/singing “The Farmer in the Dell” [it sounds like the imperial march from star wars].
    • They are smart enough to determine their own destiny and rebel for however long that lasts. 
    • They HAVE killed before
    • You need a literal giant bone cutting cleaver to just get through the feathers. These are present in all Albion homes.
  • Every adult and child in Albion is afraid of the dark based on a fairy tail about the shadows whispering you away from home.
    • The stories are real
      • But the shadows really only whisper your soul out of your body, enter it themselves and turn you into a Hobbe
      • There is no such thing as a lighthearted fairytale in Albion
        • ever

So obviously it’s a great series.

12th Doctor Night Cap.... Some More Phone Sexiness...

After a bit of a discussion with one of my dear followers  @samuraiwarrior I was encouraged to post my extensive pictures of PCap as the 12th Doctor.

Since this is quite an extensive collection I thought I would use this opportunity to organize my folders so I can find things a bit easier.  Because there is nothing worse then knowing you have a great picture but you can’t bloody find it because you forgot where you put it.  (yeah that has happened to me many many times)  

These phone pictures said so much between 12 and Clara without saying anything at all.  Probably one of the more important phone conversations in season 9.

But also this phone conversations that showcases Twelves gorgeous cheeks,artistic fingers, delicious fluff and luscious lips…oh and let’s not forget those sexy dark curls at the base of his neck.

Isn’t using the phone sexy…well maybe not for us but it definitely makes the 12th Doctor look sexy.

Nighty Night and Kissy Kiss my dear followers.  


Writer-director Lonnie Martin sent over the trailer for his latest effort, The Last of the Manson Girls. The dark comedy is based on journalist Paul Krassner’s drug-fueled investigation of the last members of Charles Manson’s followers.

Due out in early 2017, the film stars Cindy Marie Martin as Sandra Good, Sarah Taurchini as Brenda McCann, Jen Bevan as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, and Elliott Kashner as Paul Krassner.

Convinced there’s more the Manson murders than meets the public eye, counterculture journalist Paul Krassner embarks on an LSD tinged investigation of the last of Manson’s disciples: Sandra Good, Brenda McCann, and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme. What he finds could change how the world sees the 60s… if he lives long enough to tell the story.

We’re Going to Like It Here

Author’s Note: This is a Herman Kozik imagine based on Dark Nights by Dorothy as requested by the ever lovely @lokis-mayhem as well as request 4 for MM6. This is also part one of what is going to be an 11 part story based on Dorothy’s album ROCKISDEAD. So if this starts out a little slow, that’s why. Hope you all enjoy! This imagine is rated T. (Gif found on Giphy so all credit for it goes to the one who uploaded it there!)

We’re Going to Like It Here


Don’t send me no angel
This city’s too cold
Cause I need a man with a black heart of gold
Don’t give me no lover
If he ain’t got the stones
Cause I need a man who will fight for his own

I’ve seen dark nights (woah-oh)
Dark nights
But only the darkest light can deliver my love
I’ve seen dark nights (woah-oh)
Dark nights
But only the darkest light can deliver my soul


The car chokes and sputters fifteen miles away from my destination and as I watch plumes of white smoke roll from under the hood I know I’m fucked and with an oath I fight to get my ancient hunk of junk to the shoulder.

I bounce my head off of the steering wheel in time with the sound of the hazard lights. My hand fishes blindly for my cell phone and lifting it I groan cursing the fact that I let the battery drain.

‘Damn it, damn it, damn it,’ I mutter and lifting my head I look into the smiling face in my rearview mirror.

“Well Tuck looks like we’re walking,” I say and giving a shake to his body and a happy bark my three year old black lab vibrates with excitement. I should have figured he wouldn’t mind the walk.


The sweat beads down my back, but with Tuck by my side happily prancing as we walk down main street, I don’t mind it much.

“What do you think Tuck? Nice little place we’ve landed isn’t it?” I ask running a hand over his fur as I kneel down to set up his pop up water dish, and while he laps away I brace myself against the wall and steal a glance at my watch. “Made pretty good time. Now if we can just find a mechanic, we’ll be one step closer to climbing into our own bed tonight.”

“Well aren’t you beautiful,” a voice rolls through the air and narrowing my eyes behind my sunglasses I turn in the direction it’s coming from, and before I can say anything I’m watching a grown man with a wild tangle of messy dark hair kneeling down to run his hands over Tuck, who delighted by the attention, rolls over for belly rubs.

“That he is,” I say catching the man’s attention and he smiles, wide and easy as he gets back to his feet.

“Hello gorgeous,” the man says pulling his sunglasses from his face, “what’s his name?” Most people would be put off by the attention being paid to their dog, but not me. That’s one of the most important things I look for in a person, is how well they treat Tuck.

“This gorgeous boy,” I say motioning with my finger to draw Tuck to my side, “is Tuck. Say ‘hi’ Tuck.” Tuck gives a happy bark making the man grin.

“And you’re name sweetheart?” he asks as an afterthought as he sets to petting Tuck again.

“Lexie, Lexie Austin.”

“It’s nice to meet you Lexie, I’m Tig, and I’m guessing you must be new to Charming,” he says and nodding I slip my hands in my back pockets.

“That we are, just moving in, but we had a bit of car trouble outside of town,” I say earning a quick chuckle.

“Your lucky day, I happen to work at the best, and only, garage in Charming. Why don’t I walk you both over, we can get a truck out to pick up your car in no time,” he offers and before I can say anything he’s taking the leash from my hands clipping it to Tuck’s collar, and he’s leading the way.


I revel in the coolness of the Teller-Morrow office, drinking deeply from the bottle of water the woman who introduced herself as Gemma offered me. She reminds me of an amazon. Beautiful, fierce, and no nonsense as she works up paper work.

“What brought you to Charming?” Gemma asks looking up from the stack of papers in front of her, eyes shrewd as they look over me. She’s sizing me up, not only do I know it, I don’t mind it. I’ve done my fair share of moving, I’m used to this routine.

“Work, but for the most part, change,” I answer honestly.


“You’re looking at the newest emergency room doctor at Saint Thomas,” I say with a grin.

“Is that right?” she asks pulling the glasses from her face, she studies for me a while, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I was under a microscope. “Looks like the guys are back with your car. If there’s anything you need out of it now would be time, oh, and Doc, we’re having a bit of a get together tonight, you should come.”

“I’ll think about it,” I say offering a smile as I press back out into the California heat.


I probably should have stayed home and settled in as I have less than four days before starting at Saint Thomas, but as I’ve adopted a new outlook on life I find myself walking with Tuck by my side through the gates of Teller-Morrow. I could hear the music from half a block away, and my feet stop when I take in the sight of scantily clad women hanging all over men in leather, and I realize, to a precarious mixture of humor and disbelief that I’ve found myself at a biker party.

“Only you Lexie,” I murmur to myself with a shake of my head. “Stay close Tuck.”

“Lexie you came!” Tig’s voice is slurred as he approaches, a whiskey bottle in hand and because I feel the familiar pitch in the pit of my stomach I slap a smile on my face.

“Gemma said I should,” I reply which earns a tight hug and sloppy kiss to the cheek.

“Let me get you a drink,” he says but before I can graciously decline he’s distracted by a petite brunette in fishnet stockings and very little else.

Feeling completely out of my element the anxiousness begins to build, drawing Tuck closer to my side. He gives a soft whine and dropping my hand to his head I murmur.

“I know boy,” I say taking a deep breath, “we’ll be okay.”

“Nice dog,” a voice from behind calls out and turning I find a man with spiky blonde hair and blood on his face smiling at me. His grin is quick and easy, but all I can focus on is the blood.

“Your face is bleeding,” I say and he laughs stirring something in me.

“Tends to happen when I get into the ring with Happy,” he says brushing a hand over Tuck.

“Looks like you’re going to need a couple of stitches,” I say taking his face in my hands. His eyes widen in surprise for a second as I turn his face towards the light. “I’d say half a dozen will do just fine.”

“You a doctor or something?” he asks teasingly.

“As a matter of fact I am.”


Can’t take the fire (can’t take the fire)
‘Til you’ve fallen from grace (Woah-oh-oh-ooooh)
Cause I need a man
A man who’s got blood on his hands
And the truth on his face

I’ve seen dark nights (woah-oh)
Dark nights
But only the darkest light can deliver my love
I’ve seen dark nights (woah-oh)
Dark nights
But only the darkest light can deliver my soul
Dark nights
Dark nights


My back rests against Kozik’s wall, Tuck’s head in my lap as Kozik sits across from me, long legs crossed at his ankles as we talk.

“When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?” he asks and letting out a sigh I shrug a shoulder at him.

“You have an awful lot of questions Kozik,” I say and he grins nodding.

“You interest me,” he says but there’s something in his tone that makes my stomach flutter.

“When did you decide you wanted to become a biker?” I ask trying to change the subject but all I manage to do is make him laugh as he shakes his head at me.

“Nu-uh, I’m asking the questions here,” he says and with a groan I roll my eyes.

“That isn’t fair, you’ve been asking the questions all night. That’s how you found out my first kiss was with Timmy Fisher when I was in the third grade,” I say drawing more rich laughter from him. “It’s my turn…”

“Fine, fine,” he says and holding up large hands as if in surrender. “You win, ask away.”

“Oh,” I laugh rubbing my hands together, “you’re going to regret telling me that.”


Hours pass, bleeding into one another as we talk about anything and everything, it’s only when Tuck lets out a yawn and soft whine that I look to the clock, eyes growing wide.

“It’s four in the morning,” I say in disbelief.

“You have a curfew or something?” he asks teasingly and shaking my head I press to my feet.

“No, but I do have a house to unpack and get settled before I start work on Monday, and I do want to try and fit some sleep in there,” I say getting Tuck all leashed up.

“Let me give you a ride,” he offers pushing to his feet, towering over me.

“We live three blocks away Kozik, besides, Tuck’s all the protection I need,” I say rubbing a hand over Tuck’s soft fur.

“Well, I’ll walk you,” he says and as if to put an end to the discussion he simply plucks the leash from my hand and leads the way.


Our walk is quiet, but pleasant as the only noise is from our footsteps on concrete.

“This is me,” I say motioning to the cute little house tucked on the corner, stopping where the sidewalk meets the walk way to my front door.

“Do you have something against me walking you to your door?” he asks and I shake my head leading the way to the door and unlocking it I unclasp Tuck from his leash letting him loose, listening as his paws clack over the hardwood.

“It was nice meeting you Kozik,” I say extending my hand which he takes, only he doesn’t shake it; he just holds it, a smile spreading on his lips and before I can ask what he’s grinning about, he’s kissing me. I blink rapidly when he pulls away.

“What did you do that for?” I ask watching as he walks backwards down my path, sending a wink my way.

“I’ve wanted to do that all night,” he calls, “welcome to Charming Doc. Can’t wait to see you again.”


With the sun shut out by the blanket I’ve hung, I settle onto the air mattress in the middle of the living room floor, my thoughts on Kozik and the kiss. My fingers dance over my lips, and looking over at Tuck I smile.

“I think we’re going to like it here Tuck.”


Well I’ve seen dark nights (woah-oh)
Dark nights
But only the darkest light can deliver my soul


Another species intended to be found early game and thus not intended to be too overpowered, but I wanted it to pack a fair punch while also being reasonably speedy, so consider it the rebellious relative to Kanto’s Raticate. Had very fun with naming them, shoutout to the regulars in Pokemon Showdown’s art chatroom for helping me name the last stage. I decided to give its back spines the color pink as well to go along its head spikes, but I’d welcome any thoughts on making them dark gray as the base stage’s bangs. 

And speaking of bang, also played with the thought of giving this thing Self-Destruct/Explosion, but I’m still undecided if that’s justified or not. Names comes from Edge + Hedgehog, and Punk + Porcupine (with an “a” thrown in to ease the pronounciation).

Notable moves: Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Double-Edge, Spike Cannon, Low Kick, Pin Missile, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Spiky Shield, Taunt, Swords Dance.


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As most of you know I’ve started to write a Mark series called Dark based off of twilight. But however it wasn’t coming out the way I hoping it would. So I sadly had to delete it. 

I apologize to the person who requested the story idea. I will make it up being writing a Mark series that is 10x better and I will include a smut just for you.

I’m not really good at writing stories based off fantasies moves and I appologize for that. 


I’ll make it up. promise