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I’m a big fan of Philip Pullman’s series His Dark Materials and I always really liked the illustrations at the beginning of the chapters. I thought they would make great wall art for my Sims! 

And even if you don’t know of the books, they still make some rad wall art! They are also base game compatible!

His Dark Materials Chapter Art 

12 black and white illustrations

base game compatible

custom swatches and thumbnails

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Coloring Tutorial for Shadowhunters S2

Hello pals, I’m gonna show you how to achieve a quality coloring for Shadowhunters Season 2 despite the horrid lighting of the show this season. 

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  • This will not magically work for every scene, adjustments need to be made. This is just here to help you learn and gain some tips.
  • If you have any questions just let me know.

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The Awesomeness That is Star Wars 


modern&dark plots based on animated movies

HERCULESmuse a is a rookie cop who’s just looking to prove themselves in the department, especially considering the rumors swirling around that the only reason they managed to pass the exam was because their parent is the former chief of police. desperate to show their worth, muse a volunteers to take on the biggest case the city’s seen in years, a drug ring that’s going to lead to drug bust right within the city. surprising many people, including his older and bitter partner, muse a has a knack for finding out what’s going on and begins to put together the pieces of the case - which doesn’t bode well for the kingpin who wants to flood the city with their drugs. enter muse b, a wise and street saavy escort who begins to cross paths with muse a multiple times on their different assignments. muse a is taken by muse b’s humor and intelligence and independence. muse a finds themselves taken with muse b, their energy starting to drift more on them than the case. unknown to them, muse b works for the very kingpin they’re trying to take down.

ANASTASIAmuse a was born into a wealthy political family, the youngest child in a long line of people who had the courage to speak out against what was wrong - and in return, earn a long list of enemies along the way. one evening after speaking out against a violent one, the entire family of muse a finds themselves as the victim of an attack on their estate. muse a and their grandfather attempt to escape the burning house, but are separated, muse a swallowed up by the crowd. hoping the child is safe, the grandfather continues on, thinking that muse a will find them eventually. however, years go by and nothing. meanwhile, muse b is a petty thief and scammer who looks to make quick cash in the easiest way possible, and happens to come across a paper that boldy claims five million dollar reward for anyone who can restore muse a to their family. with a trick up their sleeve and enough knowledge about the former family, muse b knows that money is as good as theirs, all they need to find is the person to play the part. in comes muse a, who’s spent the last ten years of their life in a dark cloud, the only memory of their life being their first name. 

FINDING NEMO – since muse a’s child was born, they’ve been a nervous wreck. the birth of their child led to the death of muse a’s spouse, and because of that, muse a has been desperate to hold onto their child and keep them as close as possible. when their child turns five and it’s time for them to go to school, muse a is forced to let go of the reigns a little bit, despite their best intentions. what they’re not expecting is for their child to be kidnapped during the first time away from home. the police can only do so much, but muse a can’t sit back and do nothing, taking matters and clues into their own hands and setting out to find their child. on the way, they end up picking up a forgetful yet charming hitchhiker, muse b. initially just planning on driving muse b to the next exit, muse a finds themselves saddled with muse b who can longer remember where they were going, but begins to provide help to muse a in their journey.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITYmuse a and muse b are both classmates in the same university, but the two of them come from entirely different worlds. muse a is a scholarship student, spending every waking moment working and dreaming of the career they can’t wait to start. muse b is a legacy kid, riding on the family’s name and doing just enough to get by, looking forward to partying more than studying. the two of them are pledging for the same club/fraternity/sorority, and as a result of meeting each other, immediately get off on the wrong foot. jabs and insults come off their lips easily - perhaps a bit too easily. due to an altercation in the middle of campus, the two of them soon find themselves on probation, kicked out of the dormitory where they lived, and with nothing left to support them. with everyone now expecting them to fail and the two of them the laughing stock of the entire campus, they end up having to put their differences aside and work together - and even live together. 

I curl up inside the egg..?

So I was playing a loosely ruled game based on dark souls and we had arrived at the nest of a giant crow. Now, all the others players had played dark souls except me, so they knew what to do & decided to let me have a crack.

Now, I was a pyromaniac so I had pretty much just thrown fire at everything we’d faced up to this point, so:

DM: The crow flies away, what do you do?

Me: I observe the eggs

DM: They look about the same size as a human curled up

Me, (oblivious to the hint): I crack open an egg and curl up inside?

Everyone else starts cracking up and screaming ‘why?’ at this point

DM: an unborn crow falls out - the inside is warm, nothing happens

Me: I get out and try to cook the other egg

Everyone stares at me at this point, unbelieving

DM: You cook the eggs just as the crow comes back. It looks sadly at its murdered children and looks forlorn, letting out a sad cry

The Dwarf Paladin: Jesus I curl up in the nest

I then realise my mistake and attempt to uncool the eggs

The crow eventually took us to the next area, but I feel like I should have been punished more for this

she tells me,
“your eyes, they shine bright like the galaxies;
their many colors dazzle like stars,
and they hold so many secrets, so much beauty.
but my eyes, dark and void of color,
are like the black holes,
sucking the light out of everything,
ugly and selfish.”

and i object.
“black holes?
yes, your eyes are exactly like black holes.
not because they are ugly or selfish,
but because when i look into them,
i can never look away.
i’m in awe of the vastness and complexity they hold.
their gravity is so immense that they catch me off guard
and suck me into their universe –
your universe.
and though the galaxy is large and bright,
the black hole lies at the center.
you are at the center of my heart
and i am hopelessly caught up in yours.”

Fable is a fun series because it has a lot of range to the emotions you get out of just the lore.

Examples include:

  • All Chickens in Albion have naturally steel reinforced feathers, making them totally safe to kick around at your leisure– this is a fun family activity for the average Albionite, as it does not do anything to the chicken other than slightly relocate it.
    • Chickens [some anyway] in Albion are capable of understanding human language and communicating in a complex enough manner that they will march single file while clucking/singing “The Farmer in the Dell” [it sounds like the imperial march from star wars].
    • They are smart enough to determine their own destiny and rebel for however long that lasts. 
    • They HAVE killed before
    • You need a literal giant bone cutting cleaver to just get through the feathers. These are present in all Albion homes.
  • Every adult and child in Albion is afraid of the dark based on a fairy tail about the shadows whispering you away from home.
    • The stories are real
      • But the shadows really only whisper your soul out of your body, enter it themselves and turn you into a Hobbe
      • There is no such thing as a lighthearted fairytale in Albion
        • ever

So obviously it’s a great series.

All that plot and character and music and tenseness in the latest ep, and of course what I get out of it drawing-wise is “man wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pearl and Peridot accidentally shined their gem-flashlights into each others’ eyes”

imagine a kingdom keepers tv show tho

the plots of the books wouldnt be the entire main focus, theyd be more like… yknow how seasons of shows have like story arcs n stuff? like that, so wed get a few Story episodes pertaining to the events of the books, but wed get filler episodes in between where stuff happens that we dont see in the books

the DHIs solving puzzles, battling overtakers, hanging out on the outside and strengthening their friendships as well as dealing with non believer parents, VMK stuff

stuff like willa and philby studying together, finn and amanda hanging out, “behind the scenes’ with the overtakers plot stuff, etc

itd add even more depth to the universe and flesh it out even more and i want it so bad