SILENCAEON is the name of my new dark ambient music project.

Most people know I’m a big old metalhead in my spare time, but less well known is my love for experimental, ambient, and drone (Not least because it’s great writing music!)

My interest started with Brian Eno’s groundbreaking ‘discreet music’ soundscapes, and developed through the '90s when ambient outfits like Aphex Twin, Autechre, and FSOL were at their peak. Towards the end of that period, darker bands like Sunn O))) and Neurosis started bringing a heavy metal attitude to their pioneering soundscapes, and the darkwave movement began its own modern revival, all of which I revelled in.

So basically, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on here. And if you like any of the music I just mentioned, you might like SILENCAEON too.

The first release, Thorn, is now available at Bandcamp. Stream for free, or buy to download. And enjoy.


Ice cold jams to help wait out these goddamn summer months. Yes to ice cream. Yes to AC. No to outside. No to allergies. Get cold! Stay cool! Yeah! :thumbs up: http://8tracks.com/gorgheavyindustry/cool

  1. Korean Jade - Gel Kiss
  2. Traversable Wormhole - Relativistic Time Dilation
  3. Lussuria - Queen of Swords Reversed
  4. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Refuges from Black Magic
  5. Nurse with Wound - Sugarbush vs. the Swinging Snares
  6. Loscil - Collision of the Pacific Gatherer
  7. Midnight Commander - Isolation Jams
  8. Steve Roach - Outer Weave
  9. Aseptic Void - Psychosis
  10. Starcircleanatomy - Skiagram
  11. Prurient - You Show Great Spirit
  12. Burial Hex - Never Dying
  13. Basic House - La Coccinelle
  14. Azar Swan - Cruel Summer (Bananarama Cover)

“Ascend Unto The Seventh Throne is a heroic and intense foray into dark occult drone music. Influenced equally by the glorious drone doom movement of the 00′s as well as the dark ambient sound of the 90′s. Each track blends guitars and field recordings with synths and effects to make a strong case for the end justifying the means in the name of atmosphere and sound pressure.
Outer Gods are an anonymous Lovecraftian duo specializing in occult drone doom metal with emphasis on extreme darkness and catharsis. Outer Gods put out their first demo in 2012 but several releases have been put out since. The duo is located in Atlanta, Georgia.”

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