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Walking out the bookshop like

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Those moments when you read something that’s so fucking badass you need to stop reading and just take a moment to compose yourself because you’re shaken to the core


Happy Wedding Senshi & Shitennou

Fanart by MOMOKO (I have no links to original works. It was scanned from a book I bought. But I have to link all of MOMOKO’s works to her name already.)

Photoart from  ELOPE TO THE EARTH

By “relaxing with a book” I actually mean that I’ll be crying and sweating and having heart palpitations and basically just stressing the fuck out but y’know details

tbh whenever i see speculation in the kh fandom about whether or not vanitas is gonna be in kh3 and if so what side will he be on in the inevitable clash with xehanort and will he get a redemption arc or not all i think about is how i can’t imagine things with vanitas playing out any other way than

Nah but when you start to reread one of your favourite books and their world is just so comforting and reassuring that you sort of just sigh