dark green theme because of her name

Danger lvl

  • for zombies: High (She’s agile, brave and… Well… Shoots fireballs. I guess that’s all I have to say)
  • in general: Medium (Unlike most of the dangerous fusions, she’s not dangerous because of her personality or emotions. She’s actually chill and friendly. The thing is that… The fact that she and her cape are always on fire is a real problem)

Stability lvl: Medium (Green Shadow and Solar Flare share some things, and the fact that they’re very close helps the fusion. However, Green Shadow is very calm and reasonable, while Solar Flare is a jolly ball of trouble, and that’s a divergence)

Forbidden because: her flaming cape has already brought some problems to L.E.A.F…. Like… She started a fire in the HQ once =/ But she’s allowed when out of the HQ

Here we have another fire-themed fusion for the plants =P The first Forbidden Fusion I’ve drawn!

(Today we learned that I SUCK AT DRAWING PEASHOOTERS)

I’m not sure about this one tbh… What do you think?