dark world's a bomb

Vader (Gilgamesh)

Brewery : Gilgamesh
Beer : Vader
Style : American Black Ale / Black Ale / Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale
Variance : Brewed with Governor’s Cup Coffee

8 / 10

I’m not sure if you were a fan of Boy Meets World when you were younger but there was a jolly fat (eventually famous) character in the show named Frankie Stecchino. Basically Frankie was a huge pussy and wanted to grow up to be a poet but his dad was no other than Leon Allen White AKA Vader. If you don’t know who Vader is, your childhood probably sucked because he was a big and bad ass wrestler who wore a red mask and finished his opponents with none other than the Vader Bomb. For as bad-ass as he was, this beer stays right up there with him with it’s super interesting flavors and drinkability. This has a nice floral hop start to it with some brightness and bitterness before some smoke and coffee mix in with some delicious roasty-ness towards the middle before ending with more floral hop bitterness to close. The only thing that sucks about this beer is that it’s the last Gilgamesh beer I have for now to review but at least it is a great way to end things. When it comes to black IPAs, this is definitely an interesting take on the style even if the coffee isn’t necessarily as prominent as I was hoping it would be. If you want this to be your first venture into the darker side of IPAs I’d say it’s a good choice because even though there are some bold flavors here, they all blend together nicely enough to make this super sessionable. For you bastard drinking crew members, pick this up and Vader Bomb it down your throat because it’s definitely worth a few bucks and your time. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.

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okay so I'm pretty new here but the glitter bombs thing is pretty dang cute

!!!!!  hello new friend.  i’m glad you like it  !  i…  have a weakness for glitter-y shit apparently  ??  bath bombs,  body bars,  tiaras,  you name it.  maybe it’s an  outlaw thing  to be weak for the shiny stuff lol.  anything is better if you put glitter on it,  my life motto.  get used to being called that bc i won’t let it go uwu