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How can you like a villain so much?

Loki, to me is not the typical villain.  

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He is very dark and is not a good person…he is a character that isn’t black or white– instead he is a very complicated character that is all grey area.  Because despite all the bad there is a goodness to him.  However, with some other parts of his personality that goodness can get lost when matched with his other urges/quirks. 

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The fact alone that he is willing to help Thor or show how hurt he is when he discovers that his family has essentially betrayed him…shows there is more to his character.  He may not always make the decisions to help out of the goodness of his heart and there may be another motive there, he won’t do something for nothing and would expect to get something out of it.  He is selfish, just as many other characters, even heroes are. But vice versa, he could go about accomplishing his end goal without going through the initial trouble of helping.  Yet, he chooses the option of going about getting to his end goal by ultimately helping Thor.  It is a choice that shows there is something more than just good or evil– white or black– but rather he is falling into that grey area.  We’ve seen this in both Dark World and Ragnarok now.

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He does horrible things. That can’t be denied– he betrays, manipulates, and he commits murder or brings about war.  Now, for me some of these traits are just natural for Loki’s personality– he is the trickster and god of mischief for a reason– something that screams manipulation and trickery as part of his personality.  

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Like Thor being born with his power and it naturally developing further, Loki’s can be similar– warranted the choice to utilize them in certain ways is completely his own doing, but still, there is a natural inclination towards such behaviors, and he only needed a push over the edge for him to use them for darker purposes.  The reason why even with this, he still remains all grey area for me is the reasoning of his being pushed over that edge– Thor and Odin.

Thor, before his personal growth, was a hugely imperfect giant asshole.  To be expected of a warrior who hasn’t had any time for personal growth because he’s never needed to prove himself beyond battle.  Loki’s actions came about not as a hate for his brother who he did, and still genuinely loves, a fact that is clear through all of the films in which the character appears…it is difficult in Avengers but it is still there.

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His actions are almost instead a desperate bid to protect the realms from the war and bloodshed that would inevitably following suite of Thor taking the throne. Yes, there would also be jealously there but jealousy did not erase Loki’s feelings for his family– that was very clear throughout all of the films.  Odin has been well established as a person who doesn’t quiet listen to suggestions that Loki would make as warnings and he could clearly see what Thor was, yet was willing to go through with the coronation with Thor.  So as a result Loki had to utilize his skills in manipulation and trickery to essentially save his home and people, and convince Odin the truth of Thor’s inadequacy as a ruler (at least he believes he is doing the right thing)…having another chance at the throne was also a perk (again he doesn’t do anything without the possibility of getting something out of it).

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Then he discovers that Odin had been lying to him his entire life and that everything he thought he knew was actually lies.  In his mind to gave reason to why Odin would allow Thor to ascend the throne, despite clearly being unsuited for it, over himself who despite being a trickster was more suited to it, being of a calmer mind with a concept of diplomacy– skills that came with being the brother without the brawn and skills of the warrior that Thor possessed.  He was not Odin’s real son, so despite growing up believing he could have ruled (and was the most suited) he never would because he had no real claim to the throne.  His world is literally thrown and shattered into pieces, he questions what and who he is and only has the knowledge of how Aseir see his race as monsters– and by extension him.  It would make sense that he feels betrayed and that Odin, despite raising him not only did not tell him the truth but would not have picked him to rule because he did not really see him as a son, was a monster, and did not trust him.  Odin simply makes maters worse when he states that he had essentially planned to use Loki– that only rubs salt in Loki’s wounds.

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In a sense he begins to throw himself into doing what he feels Odin and others believed of him– becoming a monster.  He also seeks to claim what should have originally been his– a throne.  Only this time he goes about it in a way that would have been similar to Thor (in the first film) by way of war and force– perhaps proving in a sense that he can do it– as Odin was going to accept Thor onto the throne with many of the same qualities.  It begs the question of if Thor would have been an acceptable ruler– as power hungry and undiplomatic as he was, willing to start war rather than think, why is it not acceptable to do the same?  He feels that it is not only a right but also expected of him (a monster). In Dark World, he even expresses surprise and disdain for Odin and his double standards.

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I don’t deny that what Loki does in his attempts to gain control is wrong and evil– but there is more to it then simply being evil.  And his actions don’t take away from the motivations behind them, his inherit personality, and the parts of him that are still good (even as they war with his other less than innocent quirks).

 I like the character precisely for his complicated grey area. 

Everything about his character is complicated– his background– his motivation– his personality– and his power.  You never know what Loki is thinking because he calculates everything he’s going to do and the benefits to himself. There is a great deal of anger and resentment within him. He is often the most clever and intelligent person in the room– a fact that he uses to his advantage. But a lot of his anger and resentment comes from love but he feels compelled to hide or ignore them.  He ignores and hides them because he feels they show weakness and could be used to hurt him even more than he has been– he has come to the understanding that he is better off alone because he can not be certain of others as he once was…he even seems genuinely surprised that Thor still loves him.

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In Ragnarok we saw Loki being fairly lazy as a ruler, mostly because he was only concerning himself over Asgard rather than the realms in which Odin presided over.  Which for me, just didn’t seem Loki esque, particularly “Thor” (film 1) Loki.  That earlier version of Loki would have been a better ruler, having more of the mind for it.

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Dark World Theme
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES, 1991)

The world
Has plunged
Into darkness
And is beginning
To succumb to
The mayhem.
It cannot wake
From the endless
Nightmare that
Only continues
To worsen day by day.
Before it can start
Anew, it must have an end.
I pray there’s a happy
Ending but deep down,
I know those only exist
In fairy tales.
—  World full of darkness // S.T.
My Queen (Thor Odin)

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Warnings: smut, fluff, invasion of privacy. Use protection kiddos.

Words: 1,242 (im not even sorry lmao)

A/N: I had some difficulty with my laptop so it took longer to write this than I anticipated.

The meadow was your favorite place to spend time during the spring. The smell of the flowers helped you to relax, and the scenery was a perfect contribution to your writing portfolio. You were applying for a position as a creative writings teacher at the local rec center in the fall and needed to submit a few of your stories with your application. Nobody at Stark Tower knew of your secret talent except for one person. Your boyfriend.

Thor was amazed by the way you saw things and interpreted them into words.

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