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3 - Snippet: [Untitled WIP] / Pairing: Thomas/Guy (platonic)

He was called to be apart. Everyone is only a year older him in this class at the very most, but he feels threatened by what he doesn’t have and they do. A natural reaction, if an unfortunate one that will forever affect how he lives his life; he simply cannot let go of that feeling of lack, regardless of whether it’s true, or if it even matters or not. There is another boy sitting at the back of the class, short but wiry with long dark stringy hair, completely uninterested in this younger newcomer to his grade. He only sees the boy’s head lift up once to survey the front of the classroom, ice-blue eyes filled with what he thinks is a quiet but passionate wildness briefly meeting his own. In that one instant he finds that boy different from everyone else, and takes an immediate liking to him, quickly pushing his desk adjacent to the other’s and introducing himself: enchanté!


In the Rue Robert-Planquette, he buys newspapers, magazines and candy from a rough-spoken but kind old man from Metz who pinches his cheek and gives his greetings. His visits to this particular location began because one day he saw his father there, on the cover of a magazine. He never tells the old man that particular fact; Guy knows about it, though, and he soon becomes a regular visitor there as well. Next to the shop there is a takeaway and it smells of fried potatoes all day long, though the old man doesn’t mind and he doesn’t either, because he finally has the one friend to go there with. Guy, it turns out - much later - didn’t even notice the smell, so that worked out.


As the years pass and new bodies grow to shield young minds, he begins to notice just how intense Guy can be, not just between themselves but for every aspect of life. Schoolwork, language learning, the choice between cereal and croissant at breakfast - everything has to be meticulously debated or categorized, sometimes (he believes, anyhow) purely for the beauty of doing so. And that makes him nervous, because deep in his mind, he has always suspected that his friend is - in some way or another - insane. It’s the double-barrelled name, probably, first name and surname both; too many names mean too many personalities that go with them. Either that or it’s just the look in his friend’s eyes, switching rapidly between dreamy-unfocused and a wild directionless stare. In fact, Guy was wise to figure out this aspect of his personality at this young age, especially because he’s going to turn out similar as an adult with a lot less of a clue as to what to do about it; at this point, however, it’s just hard for him to know what to say when they’re on their first ferry to Dover and Guy pops open a bag of Skittles, pouring out the lot into his palms, that maniacal glint in his eye as he tells him to taste the rainbow.

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I am having difficulties conveying with mere words how flabbergasted (in a positive way) I am by the fact that the guy who runs one of my favorite blogs is A) a bio-med forensics student B) works for a stock broker and C) is generally attractive and well dressed. I always equate the icon to the user so you understand my shock.

Hahahah well I’m flattered!

I’m glad you’re shocked at the fact that I don’t look like the grinning man xD


“Listen to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a fine time living in the night,
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for our sight.”

Haven’t worn my bob wig in quite a long while. Painted a Joy Division jacket last night while watching silly vampire TV movies. 

Impotently, he watched, his jaw thrust forwards and a cold sweat broke across his bony brow, for he knew himself to be in the presence of Sorrow - and an interloper upon something more personal and secret than he had a right to watch. And yet impersonal. For in the figurette was the personification of all pain, taking, through sliding time, its final paces.
—  Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan.
  • me any time a poem has the word “moor” in it: 😎 yeah yeah oh yeah 🌻 gonna get some 🌘MYSTERIOUS🌀 DARK WHIMSY🌾 up in this 👣projected potential
  • time to turn💫abysses of grass🌌 into various metaphors🏃of isolation⌛️and yearning🔎

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Hey so I know absolutely nothing about Doctor Strange, and I'm curious as to why people are mad that they cast Benedict Mynameistodamnlong as that character? (Sweet Jesus if its the same deal as white washed Khan I am going to be supremely disappointed with mcu).

oh no it’s surprisingly not whitewashing (unlike with the maximoff twins).

no no no the thing is doctor strange is a really terribly racist white boy character in comics who is a Mighty Whitey who becomes a master at ~~asian magic~~ or something if i remember right who has an east asian servant throughout the comics - yes even recently - and just. ugh. i mean i admit he’s kind of a cool character and shit with a recent passing down his skills in his old age arc but his story is drenches in orientalism and racism. 

(you can check fandomshatepoc for more info on that mess tbh i’m not super familiar with his comic self, just some fandom stuff. also i am not east asian so take what i say with a grain of salt.)

anyway a lot of people were hoping the mcu would take out the racist backstory and change it into something better and people had a plethora or actors for fancasts. pedro pascal was popular, though personally i’m more fond of oded fehr who was the other main fancast.

so everyone got super excited about these moc getting fancast but on the whole most people just did not Butawhiteboy Cantbekahn and then marvel cast… Peak White Boy.

tl;dr: the mcu had a chance to take a white character with a racist ass backstory and turn him into a man of color and instead they cast the whitest white boy Butterdick Cumberfuck. cute disappointment and anger especially in the face of whitewashed maximoff twins.

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i think i read the majority of the book in like two days and i hated every minute of it

i love the fact that she killed a bunch of people you wouldn’t think would die because it was so unexpected and heartbreaking and  shattered this image of them being safe because no, no this is a war. wars are brutal and horrible and no one is safe and so many innocent people die and it rips you from this sort of barrier youve made around yourself out of these people and it leaves you raw and leaves everything real

im so glad she showed this to us because so many people dont have this experience and im like 95% she wanted us to understand the pain and the story and the reality of it all 

because this is panem after 75 years of being done with the governments controlling shit and its all out war and yeah i basically word vomitted but im so iNTO HER WRITING OF THESE BOOKS