dark vice

Issues (Jax x Reader)

“You know smoking is bad for you” You causley said as you flipped through your magazine on the couch. Jax jumped up from his spot slamming his hands down on the coffee table making you also jump in surprise.

“Can you stop being a whiny bitch for once? I have had enough of your shit lately”

“Well excuse me for being a bitch that cares about your health. Smoking a few a day Jax is nothing but your hitting a pack now and that’s ridiculous” You spoke while crossing your arms . Jax stared you down and said

“You know what’s ridiculous is that a grown ass lady is bossy me around like I’m a two year old. I’m a grown man who don’t need your stupid ass opinions. I can take care of myself”

“Well honey this lady happens to be the one you picked as your old lady so you don’t like it? That’s your fucking problem. I’m trying to look out for what’s best for us as a family” Jax rolled his eyes, finishing his cigarette.

“Family yeah that’s what you’re looking out for” Jax scoffed as he went to turn to leave the living room.

“What’s that suppose to mean Jax? What else would I being doing?” You asked as you walked closer to him so you could be face to face. Jax let out a loud laugh, his eyes darken before he spoke

“It means you are looking out for yourself. If this kills me you’re going to have no one to bring home all of this money for you, so you can go off and spend it on bullshit” His answered hit a nerve. You were never one to back down from a fight but having Jax speak this poorly to you wasn’t setting right.

“Say it Jax we both know you want too” You yelled making sure your voice wouldn’t crack on you. He wasn’t going to see you weak that’s not what an old lady was.

“You’re acting like a croweater. All you want at this point is this cut that’s the reason your still here in this life. For the cut not me, and damn well not for my child” You looked up at Jax with tears in your eyes. Did he really think that’s all you were? Some stupid croweater that was only there for the cut and not the man behind it. Not wanting to be this close to Jax anymore you pushed your way passed him. Walking out of the room Jax followed you.

“Where do you think your going?” He asked as you picked up your coat from one of the chairs.

“Out” Jax grabbed your arm before you got to the door stopping you

“No your not” Jax said making you come closer to him, the normal smoky smell mixed with cologne that always warmed your heart was making you sick.

“I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” You snapped back harshly pulling your arm out of his. With not even a glance towards Jax you walked right out of the door. When it slammed shut Jax sank into the chair putting his head in his hands wondering what he just did.

After a few hours of driving around Charming you decided to go back home. It wasn’t safe to be out alone even more so now that it was dark out. Being the Vice President Old Lady means you have a big target on your back at all times. Parking your car outside, you took a deep breath getting ready to face Jax. One look at your face anyone could tell that you have been crying and you knew Jax would feel bad like he should.

Jax looked up from his seat at the kitchen table when he heard the door open. Seeing it was you he quicky popped up making his way towards you. Taking your hands you try to pull away but Jax was too strong for you.

“I’m sorry darling for fighting with you. I know you’re not a croweater and I should have never compare you to them because I know and so does everyone else is that you’re here for me and not this cut. There’s been so much club shit going on lately and I took out all of my angry and stressed out on you. For that I’m sorry I know you’re just trying to take care of me” You looked at Jax you could also tell that he had been crying. He was never one to admit when he was wrong so you just thought you would come home and act like none of this ever happened but he had other plans.

“Jax I’-” you went to say but he cut you off. “ No you don’t say sorry I’m the one that acted like a complete dick and mistreated his old lady. So I made a few calls and what would you say about you and I going to the cabin for the weekend without the club”

“Jax I would love too but you do know you still need to make up for this a bit more. It really hurt when you said those things about me.” You told while leaning into his chest.

“I know darling” With that Jax laid a kiss on the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you. Happy that he had someone like you to put up with his famous Teller temper.

Show You Mine, Show Me Yours

In the dark of night
Come with me
Let’s shed our cares and fears
Strip down to our very souls
We can be our true selves here

In the light of day
Unstinting and bright
We hide behind shades
And don masks afraid
All secrets will be revealed

The difference in light and dark
Isn’t always so stark
Light isn’t necessarily bright
It dims sometimes, it falters
And fades into dark
Let’s fade into each other
And face the world stronger

Your light will find my dark
And vice versa; we will blend
And it will be beautiful
Because darkness and light
Are better united
The dark makes the light
Stand out–look at the night sky
Yet the starshine can’t beat
Yours and mine

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Will Genji ever connect to any of his past lives before Korra? I know Korra lost all of them, but Korra did regain her bending just from crying on a cliff, so anything is possible.

Lol so let’s talk about this. I think it IS possible.This is going to be a very long post, so stick with me. I’m going to go through a few points and then share my theory.

A) Watch the first 30 seconds of the video below. Korra meditates in the Tree of Time and remembers that Raava told Wan that light cannot exist without darkness etc. that Vaatu would always exist in her and she in him. Right before Korra meditates to the ethereal / astral plane where the Avatar Spirit is, you hear an older male voice say “Find the Light in the Dark.”

What is this voice? Who is it? I don’t think we’ve heard those words spoken by Wan before, so how can Korra be remembering something she didn’t witness?

B) Light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa. It’s canon that when Raava or Vaatu destroy the other, they will inevitably regenerate inside of the victor. There is always a little bit of light in Vaatu, always a little bit of darkness inside of Raava. Neither can truly be destroyed. In other words, there is a connection between the two beings that link their identities and destiny to one another for all of time.

C) Raava permanently fused her essence with Wan’s at the Harmonic Convergence before Korra. They became one entity- the Avatar Spirit. Yet, they maintained separate identities - Raava spoke to Wan and to Korra and had an idea that she was a separate being. Being fused with Raava meant the Avatar Spirit could never truly die, and it was reincarnated into humans for thousands of years after to create the Avatar Cycle we all know and love. But Raava’s spirit is inextricably linked to the tiny bit of light inside of Vaatu. In a way, Wan being linked to Raava meant he was tying his spirit and destiny with Vaatu as well.

D) Watch this video of Wan’s last moments - see how Raava / his spirit leaves his body? It’s a golden light that dissipates into the air.

Isn’t it similar to when Korra “purified” or “pacified” Vaatu? When Raava was destroyed by UnaVaatu?

This golden light / essence stuff, what is it exactly? It’s apparently not destruction, because we saw it when Wan died, and nothing died/was destroyed then, right?

E) Now, brace yourself, and watch when Korra loses Raava and her connection to her past lives:

Raava was apparently torn from Korra’s essence or spirit, and she is now being attacked by Vaatu. Each strike appears to take away a connection to a past life - we watch the past Avatars dissolve into golden light.

But wait, if Korra was severed from Raava, how is it that she feels the links to past Avatars disappearing? How can she see them being destroyed/why does she visibly show signs of distress and pain? It’s clear she was still somehow connected to Raava or her past lives to SEE/FEEL them being destroyed. I.E. she was still somehow linked to Raava despite Raava being materialized outside of her body.

F) What kind of crazy energybending is Korra doing? We’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before.
One explanation is that spiritual energy is simply amplified during Harmonic Convergence, amplifying a person’s innate spiritual energy (see Jinora’s enhanced abilities). But also think about this - despite not being the Avatar anymore, she still meditated into that astral plane place.

We’ve only seen Aang get to this place before when he was trying to enter the Avatar State.

G) So what does it even mean to purify a spirit? Eventually, Jinora somehow did some crazy spirit shit and illuminated Raava’s energy inside of Vaatu. Korra managed to extract Raava from Vaatu, and then she purified Vaatu and his weird golden spirit bits floated into the sky. We’ve seen Korra use that technique to purify spirits before - Sometimes we saw them turn “happy” again and go on their merry way. Other times we saw that disappear into golden dust. It was said that pacifying spirits via waterbending actually meant altering and affecting their spiritual energy. The technique “involves changing a spirit’s negative energy into positive energy, restoring its internal balance in the process(Avatar Wikia). So what exactly does this do…? It obviously doesn’t “kill” anything… does this mean that spirit cannot die, but their energy can be transformed?

H) Vaatu was cleansed and is “gone”, but a bit of him is permanently inside of Raava regardless… Thus he is inside of Korra, regenerating slowly.

I) Despite being “destroyed”, the new Raava emerges from Vaatu with all of her memories intact. She remembers EVERYTHING! I.E. the little bit of her inside of Vaatu is connected to all things happening outside of Vaatu.

#MyTheory -

1) The human side of the Avatar (Wan, Korra, etc.) and the spirit side (Raava) were permanently fused together at the first Harmonic Convergence and formed the Avatar Spirit. I would argue this inherently changed the spirit/essence of Raava. Raava is always linked to the itty bit of herself inside of Vaatu, that bit of her was also permanently altered. Think about it like the Cloud - changes to Raava’s spirit will always “update” inside of Vaatu.

Raava was separated from Korra and “destroyed”, but nothing about her CAN be destroyed because she ALWAYS exists inside of Vaatu. Raava’s memories, the Avatar Cycle, and the connections to past lives always simultaneously existed inside of Vaatu and could never be destroyed.

2) Spiritual energy / Spirits cannot die, but their energy can be transformed. The golden light we see when Vaatu is purified, when Raava is destroyed, when the past Avatars disappear? That’s not death or disappearing - it’s the energy being changed into something else.

3) When Korra meditated in the Tree of Time, she was connecting to her innate spiritual energy. While doing so, she heard that male voice. I think it was a past life, probably Wan, reaching out to her from the bit of Raava inside of Vaatu. Despite being separated, a bit of Korra/the Avatar Spirit still existed inside of Vaatu. Think about what the voice said: “Find the Light in the Dark.” It was advice. It was Wan encouraging Korra to reunite with the bit of Raava (AND the bit of herself/the Avatar connected to Raava) inside of Vaatu.

4) It’s clear that Korra and Raava CAN be pulled apart, but I think there is enough evidence to say the link between Raava and Korra transcends their physical forms - despite being separated there was still something there. Korra and Raava “reconnected” to each other after the battle with UnaVaatu to make themselves one whole entity again, but in reality, their separation was just an illusion.

So, I think the Avatar’s past lives/Avatar Spirit was never actually destroyed. That information still exists in the world due to the nature of Vaatu and Raava’s very being, due to spirits never really dying, and because I think the Avatar Spirit is an indestructible force that binds Raava and Wan together for eternity. The separation of Raava/Korra was an illusion because Raava/Korra still existed inside of Vaatu. They can’t connect to past Avatars because neither of them know how to “reconnect” or “find” the past lives inside of them and they think they’ve been destroyed. (Raava’s never had this happen before, it makes sense she wouldn’t know how this works.)

This leaves it open - maybe Genji will be able to recover the connections after all.


Another in Cassandra Jean’s virtues and vices series! Julian, representing charity, gives every piece of himself. Emma, representing diligence, works hard to find her parents’ killer and to protect her friends.

Is there ANY way mark and emma will develop any feelings for each other either how couples act or like Bff or something like that I totally ship Emma and Mark — shadow01demigod

Anything’s possible. I think Mark and Emma have an interesting relationship, certainly.

Does Emma play the violin? — fandomingwastedmysociallife

She doesn’t. :)

Super quick but essential question: Is it necessary/beneficial to have read The Shadowhunter Academy stories before reading Lady Midnight!? — kbrady5168

I would say beneficial but absolutely not necessary.

Hello cassie! I thank you soo much for answering this it means a lot to me. I’ve been wondering, sing lady midnight is coming out in 2016 and there’s gonna be 3 books, does that mean that the last hoyrs are gonna come out till 2019? Thank you! I love you! And your characters soo much!! -irela — nephilim-not-a-mundane

Nope - we’re not waiting for Dark Artifices to be done before the Last Hours starts coming out. It won’t be 2019 unless I get run over by a bus or something.

Hi! I love all your books and they have immensely impacted my life, and I truly appreciate the diversity they have. I just finished reading Born to Endless Night( by the way it was so amazing, I can’t even describe how perfect it was)and it mentioned that the Seelie Queen was missing and there are a lot of dark rumors as to what happened to her. I was wondering if this is a clue to what is going to happen in The Dark Artifices. I can’t wait for Lady Midnight!!!

Absolutely, clever you! The Dark Artifices are much more about faeries and the world of Faerie than any previous Shadowhunter books, partly because of the connection through Helen and Mark. It’s been an opportunity for me to explore places we’ve never been — the Unseelie Court, the world of Faerie — and play with very old magic and myths _ ley lines, the Wild Hunt, the magic of faerie love and faerie promises.

It’s been fun and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

So I love the lore about SOULS in Undertale, and how each color has their own virtue. That led me to think of corrupted SOULS, such as Chara might be, would their soul still hold the same virtue and the same color, or would that too be corrupted? 

Some SOUL theory under the cut!

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Some facts about how Gods work in this story:

There are two courts among Gods. The Court of Light, and the Court of Darkness. A God can either be born from the light or the dark, and this will decide which court they will belong to. 

The courts live in peace with each other. However, marriage between courts is forbidden for all Gods must be equal, and their spawn would be more powerful than any other God with both light and dark inside them.

What’s important to know is that not all Gods from the Court of Darkness are “bad”, neither the ones from Light “good.” There’s always a little darkness in light and vice versa, life isn’t that black and white. But there are two kinds of energies that binds the universe together. They need each other to exist.

Some Gods create planets and life for pure amusement. Not all, some truly care for their creations. They even have something called “The Grand Game”, in which a few Gods create their own planets at the same time and watch who’s mortals evolve the quickest, or destroy themselves. The other Gods may bet money on their favorite gamer’s. Highwatch is where the Gods discuss important matters of mortal affairs, or just lounge around, eating treats and drinking wine all day. (basically Mount Olympus from Hercules)

When creating planets, usually the God in charge chooses a few others to help, to make sure everything goes as planned, since the creation process is extremely complex and one minor mistake could mean destruction. Again, If a God from the Court of Darkness does this, they can only choose other Gods from their own court to help.

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Ask box is empty? Well if you insist... I have this 'universe' per se that I've somehow developed 3 different stories for 3 different characters within it. I decided to keep them all their own separate stories, but I thought it would be fun to have them crossover with each other. 2 of them are good friends and the 3rd is a complete stranger to them. How could I go about crossovers without worrying about 'spoiling' the other story or how I could add 'hints' to make the reader go 'OMG IT'S THEM!!'

I think this could loosely be termed an ‘anthology series’, where setting, lore, and world are host to a series of relatively connected stories that may or may not cross paths. I’ve seen two general uses of the term anthology series: in this sense, different stories with different characters taking place in the same setting, or a series of stories with a similar feel or theme created as a set by the same artists (think Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy, or the American Horror Story tv series).

As to how you might go about fitting your stories together, there are many ways that you might approach it. If you’re worried about ‘spoiling’ one or the other, think about how interconnected your stories are. Is there any reason for the events of one story to be rehashed in the other? If it’s simply a matter of one character moving from a protagonist role in one story to a secondary role in the next, then it probably won’t be an issue. You could squeeze in sneaky references to the events of the other story if you like, but going overboard on that sort of thing can feel a little ‘on the nose’ as a reader.

An example: I’ve recently read a couple of stories set in the same universe. In the first book a character is reading a philosophical treatise written by a well known lawyer in that world, and discusses his philosophies with another character. The lawyer character is mentioned by name, but he lives in another country and essentially is just a celebrity-esque person in this world, and very tangential to that particular story.

In the second novel in the series, the lawyer character is the love interest of the protagonist and his philosophies, and personal struggle between his opinions and the law that he practices are central to the plot.

This character’s philosophy and opinions are central to his character, they are what he’s famous for in that world, but having two other characters discuss them and him doesn’t spoil the plot of the second book, because the plot isn’t simply ‘this character has a philosophy and practices law’, it’s ‘this character’s philosophy clashes with his law practice and he is struggling to rectify those differences by changing the system from the inside’.

As well, when I read the first book I wasn’t aware that this character would feature in the second, he seemed very much like a nice background detail that fleshed out the world, coming into the second book and having him walk onto the page in the second chapter, I felt exactly that ‘OMG IT’S HIM’ jolt that you described. He was integrated into the world, the characters had a reason to discuss him, and later when he took centre stage, those details I already knew about him became much more complex and fraught.

Another example I can think of is the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Several of his works converge on this hub of fictional realities, and are linked by characters. Most notably, I think, is the villain Randall Flagg. He was also the main antagonistic figure in the book The Stand, and takes on a greater role in The Dark Tower.

You can read The Stand with no knowledge of The Dark Tower, and vice-versa. But if you read both, then the links between them and the meaning behind some of Flagg’s actions take on a greater dimension. It’s not only having the ‘ahah, there he is!’ moment, it’s recontextualising what the reader knows of this fictional world, and opening up the question of how far it goes, how many worlds might Flagg be sticking his nose into, and where might he turn up next?

A final example is Holly Black’s books, Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside. The three make up a trilogy of urban fantasy novels, but only Tithe and Ironside share a cast and a continuous plot. Valiant has a number of characters who ‘cross over’ from the other two novels, but it is essentially a stand-alone in the middle of the trilogy, set in a different city and focusing on a different major conflict.

So, in creating ‘cross-overs’ seamlessly in your universe, I’d suggest thinking about the following things:

  • Where in their timelines do the characters interact? Has one character’s plot concluded when they meet up with the other? Or are their plot timelines intersecting in the middle of the action?
  • Why are the characters meeting up? Is one doing the other a favour? Are they just running into each other accidentally? Are they minor background characters appearing in a scene?
  • Treat the crossover character appropriately for the role that they occupy in the plot they’re visiting. Your protagonist doesn’t know that this other character is the protagonist of their own story, they will think of them in terms of their relationship: friends, lovers, allies, enemies. Conceptualise the crossover character in personal terms, not in regard to their outside narrative.
  • You shouldn’t need to ‘hint’ that there’s a crossover going on, simply show the character as they are, in the context that they’re occupying, and when they shift into the main focus in their own narrative, the readers will make the connection themselves. It’s much more satisfying to go ‘wait, I remember them!!’ than to have the author go ‘by the way, you’ll remember them from …’
Legit Tip #175

Writing in the Gray - or, how to approach “morally ambiguous” characters.

Some characters are easily identifiable as heroes, or villains. However, these days, there is a lot more fiction that is including “gray” characters who have ambiguous morals, and who for all intents and purposes can’t be identified as falling on either side of the spectrum. 

So, who are these characters? They are those characters who are out for themselves - who get involved in a story because they have something to gain by getting involved. Think of the many, many characters in Game of Thrones who aren’t necessarily good or evil, but who simply have something to gain by throwing in with the ongoing chaos. 

Now, first and foremost, there are a few things to understand when it comes to “gray characters” - 

They may do bad, even reprehensible things. 

The already mentioned “Game of Thrones” is filled with what I think of as gray characters. Jaime Lannister is a good example. I wouldn’t consider him a villain - not at this point in the series, though he starts the series by committing a villainous act. 

Your gray character doesn’t have to throw a kid out of a window, of course, Perhaps your gray character is a con artist, or a thief. (However, if you have a character like this, I highly suggest you don’t gloss over these details of their background, as so often happens with these types of characters.)

Gray Characters are largely self motivated.

Rather than being motivated largely by “plot” reasons, gray characters will largely be motivated by their own desires. Your heroes may want to save the world and your villains may want to commit genocide, but your gray character may just want to save their own neck or make a lot of money or get a sweet title by marrying a Lord. 

The more villainous a character’s behavior, the more you must do to humanize them. 

In the case of Jaime Lannister, George R. R. Martin does a lot of work to humanize the character and to let us get to see who he is as a person. A lot of this work is done by pairing him up alongside Brienne of Tarth. So think of ways to humanize your “gray” character and to remind your reader that they aren’t a villain. 

I’m not saying that you should be excusing their villainous actions, mind you. This is actually the opposite of what you should be doing. It’s not your job to excuse their actions. It’s your job as the reader to show the complexity of human nature and to remind the reader that even people who do horrible things can still be capable of, say, loving their child (Cersei Lannister).

Remember that Gray characters can move into the light or into the dark - or vice versa. 

Just because a character starts with ambiguous morals doesn’t mean that they have to remain ambiguous. And often a character who starts out as purely a hero character or a villain character can become more interesting by becoming a gray character, or vice versa - a gray character can become interesting by developing into a hero or a villain as needed for plot reasons. 

The already mentioned Jaime Lannister began purely as a villain character, but became a gray character as the story developed. Meanwhile Cersei was more of a gray character, but is becoming more of a villain in the current status of the show. (Sorry of this analysis is GoT heavy if you don’t watch GoT).

All in all, just remember that gray characters represent the middle ground of humanity. 

Where our heroes are all the best aspects of humanity condensed to their brightest point and villains are all the worst aspects of humanity condensed to the darkest, you can think of gray characters as humans at their most human


The moon of the Scorpion is extreme and erratic in almost all ways. Their hearts and minds are one, feeling emotion, intuition and caution in all their endeavors. They have a way of knowing the secrets of the underworld, while hiding away their own to seek control in their waking life. It may take a fiery soul to understand the passion and vigor that vices this dark moon.