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Scenario Masterlist

This is a list with all my written scenarios. It’ll get updated every few months so keep checking to see if you haven’t read some of my scenarios yet.

Main Masterlist


Goddess ~ Jungkook x Yoongi 
I’m the one you need ~ Jungkook 
Please me ~ Jungkook
Obsession ~ Jungkook
Good Girl ~ Jungkook x Jimin 
바보 ~ Jungkook 
50 shades of Vmin ~ Jimin x Taehyung
What am I to you? ~ Jimin
Copy & Paste ~ Jimin
Blood, sweat and tears ~ Jimin
Fantasies ~ Yoongi 
It’s always been you ~ Yoongi
Not a perfect relationship ~ Yoongi
What could’ve been ~ Yoongi x Namjoon 
Tonight I’m all yours ~ Jin
My perfect type ~ Taehyung
Needy ~ Hoseok
Just friends ~ Hoseok

Darkness ~ Taehyung x Jungkook
Stalker ~ Jungkook {Part1}{Part2}
No great love story lasts forever ~ Jungkook
Drowning ~ Jimin
Made for loving you ~ Jimin x Yoongi
Safe place ~ Jimin
Happy Ending ~ Hyung Line 

There is no place like home ~ Jin x Namjoon
Don’t peek ~ Taehyung

Poly Texts ~ Jimin x Jungkook
Delusional late night conversations ~ Jimin
Poly Texts ~ Hoseok x Yoongi
Everyday texts with your boyfriend ~ Taehyung
TaeKook giving you strength! ~ Jungkook x Taehyung
Jealousy ~ Hoseok

The holy trinity ~ Jackson x Mark
Mine ~ Yugyeom
Studying ~ Jaebum
머물러 ~ Jaebum

Secret ~ Jackson {Part1}{Part2}

Snowfall ~ Jinyoung x Mark 

Safe word series {Jackson}{Mark}{Jinyoung}{Jaebum}
Poly texts ~ Jackson x Jaebum
When he’s needy ~ BamBam
고백 ~ Mark

My one and only beautiful ~ Wonho

Pumpkin carving shenanigans
Late night cravings ~ Yoon Kihyun


Snapchats ~ Kihyun
Poly Texts ~ Shownu x Wonho
Poly Texts ~ Hyungwon x Wonho x I.M 
Poly Texts ~ Minhyuk x Shownu 

Mono No Aware ~ Bobby 

Vernon/OFC: Cafuné

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Friends-to-Lovers

Word Count: 1448

Characters: oblivious!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua Hong

“I’m going to pass out.” she cried, throwing her pen in some random corner of her dorm room. Flopping her belly down on the mattress, she muffled her screams by pressing her face against the duvet. It was currently exam period, and she was just not having it.

Hansol quickly followed, eager to take a break. He plopped down right next to her, so close that the entire bed shifted and bounced her up. “C’mon. You’re super smart. You just gotta relax.” he reassured, bumping her shoulder.

“I haven’t been retaining anything for the past hour.” she muttered, teary-eyed at the textbook in front of her. Throwing her textbook under her pillow, she plopped her head on the comfy cotton. “Maybe if I take a nap on top of it, I could learn through osmosis.”

He made an “are you kidding me?” face before chuckling, and reached over to pull the blanket over her. “I don’t know about that, but a nap sounds like a great idea.” and he grabbed all the books on the mattress and dumped them on the floor.

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