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Big Takeaways from The Silmarillion
  • never swear an oath 
  • no, seriously, you’ll either break it in the most terrible way or adhere to it at immense cost to yourself and everyone you love 
  • incest is bad (but it’s e v e r y w h e r e) 
  • don’t be afraid to get glasses if you need them 
  • stay the fuck away from the sons of fëanor 
  • as a general rule pissing off the valar is a bad idea 
  • if you smell something fishy chances are it’s sauron 
  • if your fate sucks it sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it 
    • that being said maybe try not to kill your best friend or marry your sister 

 And finally, if you want to live: 

  • stick close to galadriel and IGNORE ALL OTHER ELVES
Just a Memo - Boyf riends

Title: Just a Memo

Word Count: 1822

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: None unless you consider dorks being dorks objectionable

A/N: This originally started out as a headcanon so the writing style is more informal-ish towards the beginning.  Also this is my first piece of actual fanfic ever so bear with me here. :’D

Jeremy still sometimes hears the Squip talking in his head.  It’s so faint though, that he’s not really sure if it’s just his own thoughts or if it actually is the Squip.  Either way he doesn’t tell anyone.  Maybe, he thinks, it’ll just go away on its own.  No, the voice says, It can’t be gotten rid of that easily.  But nevertheless, Jeremy continues to live as though there weren’t possibly the ghost of a half-mad supercomputer embedded in his brain.  

One day he notices his left hand moving of its own accord (to do what, he had no idea) and flips the fuck out— but regains control of it immediately after panicking and flailing it around for a second.  This type of thing starts happening on occasion; usually just small actions probably meant to inconvenience him.  That time he caught himself aiming a crumpled ball of paper at the back of a teacher’s head was one of the more notable ones.  Oh, and that time he poured a glass of water on himself probably qualifies as well.  

Jeremy realizes that he really can’t deny the Squip’s presence at this point, but it hasn’t tried to do anything super malicious, so he decides to wait things out before taking any drastic action.  One day he sees his hand reaching for a pen on its own.  Normally he’d jerk it back on reflex and that would be it, but he decides to leave it alone and see what happens.  His hand picks up the pen and starts writing on a scrap piece of paper.  Definitely not his handwriting, he notes with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.  Then it stops.

Y O U R  F L Y  I S  U N Z I P P E D

Jeremy hurriedly looks down.  Shit.  

After remedying the situation, he stops for a moment to direct a mental ‘thank you’ at the Squip.  Hell, that’s probably the nicest thing it’s ever done for him.  And so it continues.  Every so often he’ll notice his nondominant hand moving of its own accord, writing a helpful (or not-so-helpful) suggestion courtesy of the Squip.  The notes are brief— no more than a sentence or two.  He’ll usually follow them if the advice doesn’t seem too fishy.  

One day Jeremy’s at the school library with Michael, both of them studying for an upcoming math test.  Well, Michael’s the one doing most of the studying.  It’s not for lack of trying on Jeremy’s part, it’s just he keeps finding himself distracted by Michael.  It’s not his fault that Michael bites his lip in the cutest way when he’s figuring out a tough problem, or that the sunlight dancing across his face makes him look like some kind of angel, or that his hair looks so incredibly soft and touchable that Jeremy really wants to run his fingers through it.  Man, he thinks, some girl’s gonna be so lucky to have him someday.  

He shakes his head and turns back to the study guide for what must be the fifth time when he finds his hand moving to write a note from the squip.  It’s become a common enough occurrence that he’s not too fazed by it, but he’d really like to make some headway on this problem, so he’ll just check the note once he’s finished.  His Squip-controlled hand sets down the pen and taps on the desk impatiently.  In a minute, Jeremy thinks.  But the Squip isn’t having it apparently, because it slides the study guide off the table.  He curses under his breath and reaches to pick it up when the Squip suddenly forces him to wipe something else off the table.   It’s the note.  

A S K  H I M  O U T  A L R E A D Y.   

What?!  Jeremy has to stifle a snort.  He’s obviously not gay, as evidenced by his massive crush on Christine.  The Squip must be more broken than he thought.

His hand snatches a pen off the table and scribbles on the back of the note.  Jeremy thinks he can almost hear an exasperated sigh in the back of his mind.

Y O U R  O B L I V I O U S N E S S  I S  K I L L I N G  ME.

Jeremy’s face reddens a bit as he crumples the note and resumes studying.  But he still can’t concentrate, thanks to the Squip’s comment.  So what if he thinks Michael’s attractive?  Doesn’t mean he’s gay.  It’s not like he wants to make out with Michael, or hold hands with him, or cuddle with him, or…


Well it doesn’t matter either way.  Michael’s probably straight as a board, and even if he weren’t, he could do so much better than Jeremy.  Not that he’s jealous or anything.  Just stating the facts.  Jeremy’s a just another hopeless nerd, but Michael’s so cool in his own way and he doesn’t even know it.  Guys like him are cool in college.  Guys like Jeremy just fade into the background.  But regardless, he has a math test to study for.  

Less than ten minutes later he finds his hand moving to write another note.  He considers jerking it away but can’t bring himself to do it.

“Dude!  You never told me you were ambidextrous!”  Michael practically jumps out of his chair in excitement.  He leans across the table to get a better look at Jeremy’s squip-controlled hand, which suddenly stops writing and moves to cover the note.

“What— oh,” Jeremy freezes up.  Sure enough, he’d been working a math problem with his right hand while the Squip wrote a note with his left, “Uh, yeah… I guess it just never came up?  It’s really not a big deal.”  A light blush dusts his cheeks as Michael picks up his hand and stares at it in amazement.  Jeremy figures it’s probably best to just let Michael believe this whole ambidextrous thing instead of telling him the Squip is back and has taken to spontaneously writing notes of advice with his nondominant hand.

“Not a big deal?!” Michael cries, “Are you serious?  Only two percent of humanity is ambidextrous, you happen to be one of them, and you’re telling me that it’s not a big deal?  It’s freaking AWESOME!”

“If you’re about to say we should celebrate this by getting stoned in your basement, I’m gonna have to pass.”  Jeremy deadpans as he gently removes his hand from Michael’s.  Have his hands always been this soft?  

“GASP!” Swooning dramatically, Michael clutches his chest and falls back into the chair “I AM HURT.”  

“I’m sure you’ll survive.” Jeremy says with a laugh.  Even if the Squip were right about him liking Michael, he decides it wouldn’t be worth risking their friendship.  The pain of losing moments like these greatly outweighs the possible benefits of confessing— BUT there’s nothing to confess so it doesn’t matter anyway!  He glances toward Michael, who has gone back to his study guide and is doing that cute lip biting thing again…

… Okay so maybe there’s a little that could possibly be confessed.  

Michael gestures towards the note currently covered by Jeremy’s Squip-writing hand. “So what were you writing anyway?  With that hand, I mean.”

Jeremy freezes.  Just when he thought he was in the clear too.

“How do you even take two sets of notes at once?” Michael muses, “That’d have to involve some serious parallel processing capacity on your part.”

Shit-shit-shit-shit-SHIT.  Jeremy lifts his hand slightly so he can see the note.  Maybe it’s nothing he’d have to worry about Michael seeing?  Yeah, he can probably just write it off as a note to himself for later on.  It’s probably nothi—

I  R E A L L Y  L I K E  Y O U  M I C H A E L.

Oh fuck.  

“Uh— it’s nothing,” Jeremy says a little too quickly.  He’s sweating bullets.

“Oh?”  Michael raises an eyebrow, “Well if it’s nothing, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I just—” he moves to snatch the note but Jeremy slaps his hand back over it.

“I-It’s just a memo,” he stutters unconvincingly as his face turns bright red.  Is the Squip seriously trying to set them up?

“Just a memo?” Michael grins wickedly and slaps his hand over Jeremy’s own to wrestle for the note, “Gee, you’re awfully cagey about it for being something that’s ‘just a memo’.”

“AUGH— Come on man!”  Try as he might, it’s a losing battle.  Jeremy’s left hand seems to be actively betraying him as he struggles to keep the note away from Michael.  Goddamn Squip is probably laughing it up right now.  They grapple a few more seconds before Michael emerges victorious with the note.  Jeremy’s face falls and he can feel a pit forming in his stomach.  There’s only seconds until their friendship is ruined.

“AHA!” Michael raises it high in the air like a victory trophy.  “Time to see what dark secrets—” his triumph turns to shock, and his lips part in an ‘o’ shape as he stares at the note. “…Oh…”

“I-It’s not what you think!”  Jeremy laughs nervously, knowing full well there’s no way out of this.  He’s awaiting Michael’s response like a prisoner waiting for execution.

“You sure about that?” Michael begins, blushing hard, “Because, I mean, this seems pretty…” he searches carefully for his next words, “…straight-forward.”

Jeremy’s sure there’s nothing he could do to make this any worse.  But naturally he finds a way.  “…Pun intended?”  He buries his face in his hands as he realizes what he just said.

Michael just stares at him for a moment.  His expression is unreadable.  Then he starts to laugh softly, in that way Jeremy always thought was so cute but now couldn’t be more worrying to hear. “Oh my god… Jeremy.”  He sighs as though he’s been holding his breath for a long time, “You big dork.”  He says as his face breaks into a smile.  

Jeremy looks up.  His heart is racing a million miles an hour it’s pounding so loudly he’s sure Michael can hear it.  “Wait, you’re not…” he trails off.  Mad?  Straight?  Interested?  He’s not sure what he’d prefer at this point.  It feels like he’s floating, ready to drop into freefall or soar into the sky at any moment.

Michael grins, “I really like you too.”

His heart soars.

“I have for a while now.”  Michael admits sheepishly,  “I just thought you didn’t, uh, swing that way.”

Jeremy melts right then and there.  He’s pretty sure he would’ve passed out if he hadn’t been sitting down.  God, how didn’t he see it before?  He can hear a faint “I told you so.” in the back of his mind but he doesn’t care.  Michael likes him too and that’s all that matters.  Jeremy gathers his courage and straightens up, a look of intense determination on his face, “D-Do you wanna maybe finish studying back at my place?”  

Michael takes his hand. “I’d like that.”


Dark Matter Theory Triumphs In Sweeping New Study

“It’s a revolutionary breakthrough that dark matter can reproduce both the relationships between luminosity and galactic speeds and the stellar mass function in galaxies simultaneously, as this new study accomplishes for the first time. By incorporating advanced techniques and more detailed physical models and the interplay between different components, relations that has only been observed, never explained, are finally seen to emerge. If we can throw our cosmic ingredients into a simulation and get out the Universe exactly as we observe it, that’s as big a success for our theories and models as one can ask for.”

On the largest scales, dark matter has been undoubtedly the most successful theory in modern cosmology for explaining a huge variety of observations. From the motions of galaxies in clusters to the separation of mass and light when they collide, from the correlations between galactic positions to the fluctuations in the CMB, from the bending of starlight to the formation of large-scale structure, it’s clear that the Universe needs dark matter. But individual galaxies have always been the most difficult test for dark matter. In particular, there have been empirical correlations – or relationships between two different observables – that have never had an underlying explanation successfully presented. One of the most difficult has been the Tully-Fisher relation, which relates the luminosity to the rotational speed of spiral galaxies. But a new simulation, at long last, has finally cracked that nut by incorporating not only gravitation and dark matter, but the relationship between baryons and dark matter.

The way a galaxy forms stars over its history matters tremendously for what we get today, and by simulating it all together, it adds up to one stunning conclusion: success for dark matter in an entirely new way!

Traitor II

So this is going to be more than two chapters. Also my inspiration for this chapter was the song Lies by Cult to Follow. Enjoy!

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Part I

The next morning, Anxiety sauntered down the stairs for breakfast. He didn’t normally attend meals with the others. But today, he had plans. He was going to show Patton, no, he was going to show Morality, just how little he needed him.

Of course, that was easier said than done, he thought, as he walked into the kitchen and had to repress the urge to flinch as the others looked up. It was easy to fake confidence when he was alone in his room, but seeing them again, it just brought all the hurt back to the forefront of his mind.

He turned to the coffee pot to try and buy some time to try and get his expression under control. But as he filled his mug, he heard a timid voice speak out.

“Um, hey, Anxiety?”

“What the fuck do you want, Morality?” he said flatly without turning around.

“Oh, um nothing, I guess” Morality stammered. He sounded hurt. Good.

“Anxiety, is such language really necessary?” Logic said.

“I don’t know,” Anxiety nonchalantly, turning to stare at the other head on. “Is being such a nosy piece of shit really necessary?”

“Ugh” Prince rolled his eyes. “Are you still worked up about yesterday? Get over it.”

“Sure,” Anxiety sneered, “Right when you get over yourself and your over-inflated ego, you pathetic pretender of a prince. I mean, didn’t it ever occur to you that the code of chivalry probably frowns on things like thievery or invasion of privacy? I have to say you’re starting to look more like a villain every second.”

“How dare you!” Prince thundered, rising from his chair, only to be stopped as Morality grabbed his arm.

“Hey, there’s no need to get violent,” he said alarmed. “I’m sure we can all work this out.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that” Anxiety said darkly. “And for the record, I don’t need to be defended by a lying little traitor. In fact, you should probably just keep your hands and business to yourself from now on. It would solve a lot of problems.”

“Anxiety,” Logic said sternly, “I understand you’re upset, but-“

“You understand nothing,” Anxiety cut in. “You like to pretend you’re so smart, but in reality you’re just some defunct robot spitting out useless facts. Didn’t you ever wonder why Thomas never listens to you? It’s because your so-called logic barely holds up here, let alone in the real world.”

Anxiety took a minute to take in the reactions to his words. Prince looked like he was a half-second away from drawing his sword. Morality was on the verge of tears. Logan was pale and, for once, silent.

Anxiety laughed, letting all his anger and bitterness fill the sound.

“Look at you bunch of hypocrites,” he said. “A prince who acts like a villain, a teacher who’s beyond ignorant. And you.”

He looked Morality dead in the eye.

“You call yourself Morality, and yet you are the farthest thing from moral I have ever met. After all, at least the other two were upfront about their intentions. You couldn’t even do that. It’s pathetic. And just so you know, if you ever come near me again, I will show you exactly what I think of liars and traitors.”

With that he turned and marched out of the room, coffee cup in hand, and sense of dark triumph filling him. They deserved this. He deserved this.

As Anxiety left the room, Patton let himself slide to the ground and whimper. This was, this was so much worse than anything he had been imagining. He’d known that Anxiety would be mad, but he’d thought that maybe, maybe he could still try to talk to him, to explain. But, but, but…

Patton put his head down and shuddered as the tears started to run down his face. His breath hitched as small sob broke through his lips.

A hand hesitantly touched his shoulder.

“Ah, Patton,” Logan said awkwardly. “I’m sure it will be fine. He’s just over-reacting right now.”

“Over, over-reacting?” Patton said incredulously. “You still don’t get it do you? We messed up! What we did was wrong, and awful, and terrible, and, and he has every right to be mad. Anxiety, he’s, he’s our friend, and he was only just starting to trust us, and we destroyed that!”

“Patton,” Roman said with some alarm, but Patton just continued on.

“An-and you know what,” he said, his voice breaking as his eyes filled with tears. “I don’t think we deserve to be forgiven, because we-we’ve been so awful to him, a-and we should have known better, I-I should have known better, should-should have been better, and I am, I am so, so sorry, ‘m so sorry

With that, any grasp of coherency was lost, as Patton began to full out sob as the few remaining pieces of his heart broke. There would be no going back from this, he’d lost Anxiety before they’d even had the chance to build something. And it was all his fault.

You call yourself Morality, and yet you are the farthest thing from moral I have ever met.

Anxiety’s words flashed though his mind, making him flinch. The worst part was that they were right. He’d known that reading those journals had been wrong, and he should have said so for the beginning. But he’d let himself forget that, and for what? Curiosity? Selfishness? If he’d just been good enough to say no right from the start this never would have happened. 

And it was his job to do that. To realize that hey, what we’re doing isn’t okay. And he’d failed. He deserved every bit of anger Anxiety threw at him.

“Patton, stop crying please,” Logan was now kneeling in front of him, looking increasingly awkward.

“Perhaps we did miscalculate,” he said nervously, glancing at Roman. “But if so then it was truly our mistake, not yours.”

“I didn’t stop you,” Patton muttered.

“But you did!” Roman interjected. “In fact, I distinctly remember you snatching a journal out of my hand with the intention of putting it back.”

“Not soon enough,” Patton sniffled, wiping a hand under his nose.

“Perhaps you may think that,” Logan said, “But the fact remains that you did try, and thus Anxiety’s anger with you is unfounded, and he should be made aware of that.”

“I don’t think he’s going to listen,” Patton said dully, “He hates us now, he hates me

“Well then we’ll just make him listen!” Roman said determinedly. “After all, I have quite a few things to say to him right now. I am not a villain!”

Having said that, he turned and strode out of the room, a fierce look on his face. Logan gave Patton one last awkward pat on the back, before standing up to follow him.

“We’ll smooth things out, don’t worry,” he said, although his tone sounded less confident than Roman’s, and undercurrent of worry ran through his voice.

Patton watched the two of them leave. Part of him wanted to follow, to try and make things right. But the other part of him had a sinking feeling that this was only going to make things worse.


Trinity Appreciation.

The importance of this relationship  is not only the different abilities and skills they bring for the greater good or their different personalities which creates for entertaining dynamics. They are a team, yes, but they are also close friends and family. They have built up a lot of trust over the decades, and sometimes have had disagreement, but ultimately they have a lot of affection for one another. Clark is the glue that keeps this Trinity together, I feel.

 I love Clark and Diana as a couple, and their innate optimism and  compassion I think helps Bruce and tempers that loneliness and darkness that surrounds him. That they do this unconditionally is what makes their open heartedness so significant.  For me Bruce sees them as the brother and sister he never had. 

The greatest testament of their trust, love and respect is seen when they ask him to be Godfather to their child in Kingdom Come. The timing of it is perfect too because it is all earned via the narrative of hope overcoming tragedy/ light triumphing after darkness.  Bruce,  of course, says yes. I mean, the idea of training and influencing a Kryptonian/Amazon kid, I can just see a seasoned and older Batman would love that!

It’s also why I think Kingdom Come is such a great story and seen as a perfect finale to the DCU. It ends on a high note and a whole epilogue celebrating the Trinity.

from the beginning; donghan

it felt right to be friends, but what would it felt like to be more than that?

pairing: kim donghan | reader.

genre: fluff

warnings: use of alcohol.

words: 6.5K

author’s note: i have recently started watching produce 101 season 2, and as you can see, it has pretty much consumed me, lmao. so, because i have taken an interest in the show and already have faves, i decided why not start to write scenarios for them ?? i want to thank the donghan group chat i’m including in on twitter for reading this scenario and giving it such good feedback, it really boosted my confidence in writing and made me both smile and cry. i hope you all enjoy this scenario !! happy reading~

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There's always a way ~ A Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

Requested by the stunning @sheridandwyer here’s some noice action with our favourite emo edgelord, with some…ahem…unorthodox methods of persuasion in play 😄 Just for some brief context, this is going to have the viewpoint that Anti and Jack share a body, but Dark will have his own in order to make things simpler and this can be perceived as either platonic or romantic Danti👌Here we go!

Dark was frustrated. It had been weeks, months even, since he’d been able to see Anti. He’d had to endure existing amongst his pathetic excuse for an original, who was incessently calm despite his threats and promises of making him suffer soon. Which he would end up doing…ideally. There was one issue, if Jack suffered then so did Anti.

Courtesy of Jack’s pathetic little fanbase and their influence, Anti was stuck inhabiting Jack’s headspace and it consequently took him a lot of energy to break free and have a glimmer of control. It was a horrid way to live, and it made Dark seeth and bubble with endless rage. So he decided that enough was enough, today was the day he’d make Jack release Anti into his mind. Anti deserved control more than anyone that Dark knew, and he was more than willing to assist.

Today was perfect, he and Jack were the only people in the house. It was with the knowledge that it would remain that way for a while, that Dark sauntered into the living area where Jack was flipping through the TV channels. Jack paid him no mind even when Dark joined him on the couch, but he sighed through his nose when he shut off the TV with a light finger snap. Jack went to stand…but Dark’s smoky tendrils, his aura, forced him to stay put.

‘Did ya want somethin’? Cuz I have things to do-’

Jack’s relaxed state diminished as he gasped suddenly, touching his throat as his voice was cut off. Dark smiled and sighed gently as Jack turned to him with wide eyes and an anticipatory expression.

‘Ahh much better. I’ll get straight to the point, so as not to waste any of your precious time.’

Dark sneered as Jack gritted his teeth, Dark leant towards him with eyes solid black and a voice so sharp that it could probably cut through someone’s soul.

‘I want Anti.’

Jack grunted and clenched his fists with a grimace, he wasn’t exactly surprised. It was all Dark ever focused on, and it was exhausting Jack even more than usual as he kept maintaining his mental block against the glitched demon. Even now…he felt him stirring.

‘I am tired of being the only one like me in this place, your pathetic human mind couldn’t possibly comprehend what it’s like for me. Just…release him to me, for a time. You will not regret it.’

Dark’s toned voice resonated between Jack’s ears, but this wasn’t the first time Dark had asked. He flicked his wrist and Jack shuddered at the return of his voice, he turned to Dark, his own voice plagued with exasperation.

‘No. My answer is always going to be the same. You know there’s nothing you can do to change my mind, I am not giving Anti to you.’

Jack tried to project determination, but he cursed himself as his voice wavered at times. Dark snarled, Jack gulped gently at his demeanour as his physical shell cracked and shook around him; his rage evident. Dark composed himself, a smile in place once again.

‘So resolute…it seems I shall have to change my approach.’

The irishman furrowed his brows and went to open his mouth, but all of a sudden Dark had grasped his wrists and crawled on top of him. A strong tendril wrenched his hands above his head and Jack shook with fear as Dark leant over him. His eyes gleamed with joy at his position of control, he settled atop Jack’s thighs with smug satisfaction. Jack was terrified…was this it? Had he finally pushed it too far?

‘H-hey now Dark uh, let’s n-not rush into anything okay?’

Dark almost shook with satisfaction at the pitiful fear he instilled in Jack, he rolled his eyes with a sneer as he rested his hands on the trapped man’s tummy.

‘Don’t worry your pretty little head too much…as much as it pains me, I can’t hurt you.’

Jack nibbled on his lip nervously, a shudder passing through him when Dark’s hands rested on him. He felt fractionally more at ease, but it only begged the question of what Dark WAS going to do. Said man smiled genially as he let his eyes trail over Jack’s form.

‘However, I do have other…techniques at my disposal.’

Dark tilted his head gently, he knew full well that what he was going to try was…unorthodox. He wasn’t even certain if it would work, as well as the fact that it was almost insanely childish. But he didn’t have any other options. Jack shivered as Dark’s fingertips started to trail gently over his tummy, he found himself repressing a light grin. No way, this couldn’t be happening…right?

Dark smirked heavily. Bingo.

‘Oh Jack…a little sensitive are we?’

Jack felt his blood run cold as the realisation hit him…he was screwed. The corners of his lips twitched and curled as a smile broke free, Dark started scratching over the belly before him; he had hope now.


Dark raised an eyebrow as he grinned widely.

'Oh dear, it seems you are. Not only that…but there’s no way for you to stop me!’

Dark suddenly squeezed and probed at his tummy thus making Jack yelp and descend into rapid giggling, he tried to squirm away but it was no use.

'Nahahahaha stahahahahappihit!’

Dark only snickered as he moved to pinch and rub his ribcage, Jack’s laughter deepened as he squeezed his eyes shut.

'You don’t need to put yourself through this, you know what I want.’

Jack shook his head rapidly as Dark fingers rested under his arms, he looked up at Dark who was staring at him expectantly; but Jack was still determined.

'Ihihi’m nahat givihing hihim to yohou.’

Dark snarled at his annoying defiance, he glared as he rekindled his smirk.

'Very well, I can be patient. We do have all day after all.’

Jack gulped heavily as Dark fluttered his fingers in his hollows, his thin t-shirt offering no protection from the torturously light sensations.


Jack exclaimed through his snorts and cackles as Dark traced endless little shapes and patterns, he relished in the reactions he drew from Jack; he was actually starting to enjoy this.

'If I were you…I wouldn’t be so rude.’

Jack screeched as Dark scribbled under his arms harshly, he could feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes but he was still desperate to hold on.


He thrashed and wailed amidst his laughter as Dark smirked down at him teasingly, his words were making the ordeal ten times worse.

'It must be maddening, having to endure me exploiting ALL of your ticklish spots. What I ask is very simple…comply and it can all be over.’


Jack cursed himself as Dark’s words flooded his mind, they were something cool and focused in the sea of rapid thoughts coursing through him. Would it be so bad…to let him out? Jack shook his head and gritted his teeth as Dark’s movements slowed.


Dark inquired patiently, Jack grimaced as he spoke his next words. Knowing where they’d get him, but he couldn’t give up. Not yet anyway. Jack mustered up a determined grin, making Dark snarl.

'Bihite me yohou emo ahasshole!’

Dark shut his eyes as he inhaled slowly, it was taking everything. EVERYTHING he had not to rip Jack’s throat out and clench his trachea in his cold fist…but he refrained, for Anti. He opened his eyes and growled low from his throat.

'I am going to make you regret that.’

There was no build up, no teasing anticipation. Dark just reached under Jack’s shirt and latched both hands onto his right side, he thought to himself how truly careless Jack was to let slip such…vital information. The latter screamed. The sensation was so powerful it almost was painful, but not quite.


Jack bucked violently as Dark relentlessly scratched and dug into the sensitive flesh, Dark was ecstatic as he spoke clearly through his victim’s hysteria.

'So ticklish, and so helpless. You’re all alone Jack, just give up and save yourself.

Jack was flushed and panting as tears streamed down his cheeks, his lungs were burning and his body was tiring from his struggles and strains. Dark’s words invading him once again.


Jack despaired, he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Especially when Dark leant into him, he whispered delicately…and Jack was lost.

'Give him to me.’

Dark eyes shone with triumph as Jack wailed loudly, his face stretched into an almost insane grin as he yelled out.


Dark immediatly stopped as Jack’s body spasmed beneath him, he grinned as a thin wound appeared on his neck and his skin dimmed to a beautiful pale green colour. There was a loud gasp from beneath him as eyelids fluttered open, black orbs wide and staring.


Dark asked slowly, the eyes blinked before dimming into one green iris and one turquoise. The pupils dilated immediatly as his lips stretched into a mad grin.


Dark yelped before descending into a stream of chuckles as Anti leapt up and tackled him in a tight hug. He reciprocated as Anti’s crackly giggle filled his ears…god had he missed that sound.

'You got me out!’

Anti withdrew and knelt on the couch, Dark let himself stay lying down as he donned a gentle, smug grin.

'I suppose I did, it was a minor feat really…’

He smirked and chuckled when Anti shoved his shoulder, the exciteable man stuck his tongue out before grinning widely again.

'Oh poor Darkipoo…you must be ever so exhausted.’

Anti spoke sarcastically, making Dark laugh loudly again. Dark narrowed his eyes as he flicked them to the TV remote, he grabbed it and threw it to Anti who reached out and caught it with stunning reflexes. They both grinned.


Dark smiled genuinly.


Anti giggled and clapped his hands before flopping and draping himself over Dark, the latter sighed as Anti flipped through the channels of the (now functioning) TV. Dark didn’t know how long they’d have, but he relaxed knowing that he’d always have a certain way…to bring Anti back to him.

done done and DONE! really enjoyed writing this so yall tell me what ya think and have a lovely day/night 😘 mmk luv yous xx

anonymous asked:

im really diggin how stars magic arc isnt just light magic triumphing over dark magic, the tree of hope scene seemed to imply(to me) that they could work together to make something beautiful, sort of a metaphor for the mewmans and monsters relationships

The whole show seem to have “balance” themes.
Star’s most powerful spell yet (alongside the “dip down”) was the result of a mixture of green and pink magic. I definitely like how it’s not a same old “darkness vs light” thing and Queen Eclipsa herself may turn out to be not as sinister as she may seem. 

Makes the show very interesting and arguably unpredictable.