dark tower dream cast


Doing dream casts is way more fun than it ought to be. Anyway,

Cuthbert Allgood

Now, I love his look in the comics - so we’re sticking with the dark hair, dark eyes (and not the blonde, curly version of him). I’ve seen Joseph Gordon Levitt’s name but I just don’t quite see that. I dunno why - probably simple personal preference. My perfect pick? Ben Barnes! He’s way too old by now to play Cuthbert but a girl can dream right? He’s got the look, can pull off the gunslinger attitude but would also rock as the joker (anyone seen this guy smile?)

Since people seem to be so fond of Logan Lerman and he’s too old to be Jake - this could fit him! Let the hair grow out a bit and there you go (just please say NO to the awful awful extensions as seen in that Musketeer movie!).

Yet, despite what the comics made him look like - remember that Cuthbert and Eddie are supposed to be twins (Twinners). So if I go by my previous casting-post, I guess I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and find someone who looks like a younger Henry Cavill, right?


clint eastwood as roland deschain
kenton duty as jake chambers
jared leto as eddie dean
gina torres as susannah dean
mads mikkelsen as randall flagg
james cromwell as father callahan