dark titan


Newsarama released preview pages and cover for Teen Titans #12, tie-in to Dark Nights: Metal.

I need to talk about the cover (by Stjepan Sejic, judging from the style, Newsarama had it uncredited in a bundle with other event-related previews). I like his reinterpretation of Damian’s outfit, incorporating elements you could see on high-ranking military officers and royals of old days, which certainly fits with Damian’s image of himself as the heir of two powerful legacies.

Second thing, that big head in the background is one of Dark Batmen, Batman Who Laughs. I was expecting him to be a jokeresque Batman but I look at this guy, then I look at his companions

And I’m like….anyone else suddenly started thinking of these guys:

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The Titan’s Curse: Artemis is captured and forced to hold up the sky. Apollo is ordered not to intervene. Apollo disguises himself as a hobo and gives Percy important directions for his quest.

The Dark Prophecy: Apollo is made human and forced to undertake a series of incredibly dangerous quests. Artemis is ordered not to intervene. The Hunters of Artemis just so happen to be in the right place at the right time to save Apollo’s life.

[Translation] Dark Side of the Moon.

Levi’s Character Song by Kamiya Hiroshi - Full song available here.

Translated by pammu_28 on twitter, posted here with their kind permission ♡.

Even if we try to change the current world
There is one certain thing
We have no way out

Outside the wall is hell
And inside is full of deception
We only have to accept them
And fulfill our duties

Don’t you try to use your insufficient brain?
Overwhelming emotions will get you killed?

To pierce through dark side of the moon
We have to be faster
And sometimes unhesitatingly cruel
You are not wrong. Do as you want to
There is no answer here
Just make your own decision with no regrets

To survive here
You need to be trained
by painful remembrance
More than educated by words

Avoiding sacrifice and peril
might end up achieving nothing
Prepare yourself for it

To expose hidden side of the moon
keep calm, don’t scream
and look through any situations
Without result, there is no right thing
Therefore, just for the last moment
Live your life in the way
that leaves no regrets behind

Gallant soldiers fallen behind my back
The thoughts they left give me power
Someday we will certainly
destroy the impeding wall and break free
I dedicate my life for it

(repeat *)

The translation for Erwin’s song is also available here!