dark tall and handsome indeed

Child me in the 90’s at cartoon BatB: Gaston is such a jerk, and dude, he’s not even that cute he’s just so dumb and mean and LeFou is super dumb and goofy and good for Gaston for falling and dying omg

Late 20’s me at BatB live action: Gaston is indeed so tall, dark, and handsome just look at that long beautiful hair but even more so is LeFou’s he’s also gorgeous and adorable and so gay and honestly he could redeem Gaston with True Love’s Kiss™ or something and that would be enough right?

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I've been looking at the prompt list and stopped at three that just screamed at me: 400 and 402 for Sherlolly and 406 for Warstan, pretty please? Love your work! :)

This is the first of three (the others will be posted seperately). Pre-asip…veryyyy pre-asip. beware for Holmes brothers feels. tw: mentions of drug use.

400. “I’m not actually the person you were set up on a blind date with but I was eating alone and you asked if I was someone else and wow you’re cute so of course I said yes and now you think my name is something it isn't” ~ from this list

“So, what’s his name?” Mary Morstan asked, her head buried in her friend’s wardrobe in search of an outfit that made the aforementioned friend look as though she was actually meeting a human male for a date.

“Kevin Nichols,” Molly Hooper answered after a quick glance at her phone. She shoved aside some of the many thick pathology tomes and medical textbooks from her bed and sat down, watching Mary, “I’m meeting him at a little Italian place tonight. Angelo’s.”

“Nice,” Mary smiled, pulling out a t-shirt to examine. A moment later, it was shoved back in with a grimace, “do you have anything that doesn’t have cats on?”

Molly frowned, “I’ve been a little too busy studying for my future to worry about buying something to impress some bloke, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah, alright…” Mary shrugged, rolling her eyes slightly. She delved back into the wardrobe with determination, her voice muffled as she asked, “so, how are you going to recognise ‘some bloke’?”

Molly fumbled for her phone, skimming through the many texts her bind date had sent her, “erm, well, he says he has dark curly hair and blue eyes. He’ll be sitting in front of the window with his phone on the table.”

A moment’s silence followed in which Mary expected her friend to continue. When she didn’t, the blonde’s head emerged from the pile of clothes to look at the trainee pathologist.


“He says he’s very handsome,” Molly replied simply as though it was an answer to all further questions. Mary snorted.

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