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Who Killed Markiplier Spoilers/Discussion

Okay, I know everyones into Soft!Dark, and I’d love to be onboard as well but I cant shake this feeling.

It started with the line “And i know I trust Celine, And if you trust us, just let me in.” At first, it only rubbed me the wrong way in the sense of “just let me in” and some supernatural entities needing permission before taking control or going into places. But then when I relistened to the line, there was an extra echo that was added on top that stood out more. only echoing parts of the sentence. 

”Trust Celine”
”Trust us”
”Let me in”

It sounds like Damien is trying to add a layer of subliminal suggestion. 

Celene chimes in too when she says “I know he’s a good man, but he’s dangerous now.” but the echo just says “dangerous” (ruling out the idea this is just an extra echo for the last part of their statements, its very clearly implanting the suggestion.)

I might just be reading into it but  @markiplier said more than anything, Dark is manipulative, right? What if he somehow caused the colonel to kill. Either triggered some PTSD or make him snap. So he could get the Colonel to kill for him and just fake emotion through the investigation because he knew that would gain sympathy and get him off the trail. And frame the trigger happy Colonel who would look very guilty if he’s the kind of person who buries his pain and feelings.

So the Colonel takes the fall, and he manipulates you into giving him what he wants.


Yes, I know I’ve been posting many screenshots recently, but I really want to praise this awesome and well-made map, Grand Archives. It IS such a pain in the ass when you play this map first time, since this place is complicated and there are hidden walls and routes hard to find. And they are the reasons make this map such a fun place to co-op!

I took these screenshots before the bug was fixed, so don’t try this now lol. 

I love this map and it feels so great when I succeed helping a host to find every items and routes and beat the boss.

Also, Cathedral of the Deep is a great map, too, but yet this is the best map for me =)

Pretty sad that now I get summoned less frequently as time passes, but it was so much fun being a phantom helping hosts =D!!

I’m a total sucker for fics where Harry is dark and gets sorted into Slytherin, but I’m also really disappointed with how Ron and Hermione are treated in them

So: dark au where the trio is sorted into Slytherin

Hermione, who wants to use knowledge to change the world

Ron, who wants to finally be free of his family’s shadow

Harry, who wants to be great, to be admired, to be free

The teachers adore quick, clever Granger, but Severus worries when he sees the way she eyes the restricted section, how her mind is filled with deadly recipes and the ways to use them

The purebloods learn not to badmouth the halfbloods, not to bully the muggleborns, because Hermione knows forbidden magic, Hermione knows the untraceable poisons and the painful curses-and Hermione knows how to avoid being caught

No one outside of Slytherin pays attention to Ronald Weasley, so quiet compared to his brothers, and that’s a mistake

Ron casts his first dark spell and the power takes his breath away, Ron sinks into the comfort of blood rituals and makes outlawed sacrifices to forgotten gods

Ron wonders how his family could abandon this happiness in favor of a flickering light

Harry, the chosen one, the special one, the abandoned one

Harry looks at the light, looks at the people that did nothing for him, and dives into the dark

Lockhart dies drinking poison, Snape finds the trio huddled around Peter’s body, the aurors that find Umbridge’s remains vomit, and the Wizarding World doesn’t notice

Voldemort rises and does not face an old man and a group of do gooders

Voldemort rises and faces a witch with a brilliant mind and no taste for mercy, a wizard that delights in bloodshed and manipulates people like he moves chess pieces, and the broken, bloody boy that’s won their loyalty

Voldemort falls

So With Everyone Freaking Out Over the SvtFoE finale, I gotta wonder:

Since Toffee’s appeared to have absorbed the souls/life forces of the entire Magic High Commission, does that mean he’s absorbed their powers too?

Because if Toffee now has Hekapoo’s ability to craft dimensional scissors

And Rhombulu’s ‘ power to control crystals

Then what if part of Toffee’s endgame is to get to the crystal dimension

and release all the monsters (and Eclipsa) that have been imprisoned there?