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Welcome to my comic. Basically I got into a really intense rollplay with @pastelsweetheartgirl and I feel in love with the story line. So now… Surprise!!! I’m making it a comic. I’m hoping to get a few panels done a day or everyone’s day so hope you all can sit tight. This is also going to directly relate to Elizabeth Vixin’s Story so you might want to pay attention. It’ll give you alot of big hints for her comic once I finish this one

Have fun ^.^ ( ps. If you guys wanna be in the comic - you must join @pastelsweetheartgirl rp heartless kingdom or else you can’t. The story is completely based off the rollplay with a couple extra scenes. If you want to be a background character, send me your OC and i will do my best to squeeze you in 😜

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There are also games like Diabolik Lovers??? And Amnesia that have bad ends.

SHIT I KNOW AMNESIA YEAH THEY GOT BAD ENDS lol even some of the Good Ends are Rough, like your other examples, yeah.

like. people like Bad Ends sometimes. that’s part of the genre. /boggles.

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in mystic messenger you can get endings where characters join the evil cult or you get killed or all other fucked up stuff and that says NOTHING about the game itself. they’re just the bad endings that you want to avoid. (or get if you like the dark stuff i guess) like i don’t GET IT (except i do. why appreciate queer media when we can tear it down and be holier-than-thou)

the way purity police are making it less safe for people to make queer media drives me up the fucking WALL

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Have you experienced any apparitions or any form of miracles/manifestations from devoting to Mary Magdalene? I see very common weeping statues of Mary in the churches from around the world.

Mother Mary and Magdalene are practically weeping buddies in art lmao. While I can imagine Magdalene being sad at times, I don’t believe she was one to let her grief take hold of her. 

Hm. Well, when I was about thirteen or so, I decided to meditate in the bathtub in complete darkness (ya know… kids stuff). I was in the tub for about fifteen minutes or so and I began to imagine (envision?) a beautiful woman walking towards me on top of the water. She had long hair and wore red robes. She was very serene and something about her felt kind

I never had a vision since. For a long time, I wondered who she was. I have a sneaking suspicion it was Magdalene though. That God (or at least my subconscious) wanted me to see her. 

psa for non-Americans and non-New England Americans

you know the Salem witch trials? that thing where nobody got burned and nobody was an actual witch but it was still a big deal because 19 innocent people were executed?

well the place we call Salem now was not where that happened. that place used to be called Salem Town. the trials happened in what was then called Salem Village (also sometimes “the farms”). it was an agrarian community with stronger Puritan values that sometimes clashed with the more worldly trading center Salem Town

after the trials Salem Village was so ashamed that it changed its name to Danvers and went on to experience a bunch more dark and tragic stuff. Salem Town said “sweet, tourism!” and jumped on the witch bandwagon and is now a center of pretty nice magic shops, pretty tacky tourist attractions, and pretty pretty historical dance events

Danvers has a laser tag place and they used to have a Denny’s but it closed

the end

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What would the Aquas do if they saw/found a off color or defective Aquamarine?

Aqua would mock her for being defective but on the inside she would feel sorry for the poor thing.

Irene would be completely disgusted with the very sight of the off-color. She wouldn’t even bother hosting a trial. Just execute her without any thought.

Mari would remain silent. She wouldn’t have her killed. But her true intentions are far darker than death.

“Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
A million miles from home, I’m walking ahead
I’m frozen to the bones, I am…

A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way
I’m riding up the heights of shame
I’m waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I’m ready for the fight and fate

-” Iron" by Woodkid

Felt like drawing some dark stuff like the moment “the Champion” was born. I really believe that at some point this happened, as a defensive mechanism.
I hope they don’t do something equally bad to Shiro during the next season or so. He deserves to live and be happy :’(