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A little FenHawke Dark Souls AU something something for @justbooker

Step and another, foot striking stone, a tile shakes loose and shatters on the street below. She runs the line of the roof, from one building to the other, pounding in her chest and an ache in her bones. Breath burning in lungs, sweat on her back and on her brow, sword heavy in her hand. Shield in the other, leather around metal, hand clenched into fist. The fog seeps into the street where he runs under the eerie glow of moonlight. He can see a few steps ahead. She sees the shapes in the distance.

He hears them before he sees them, the rattling inhale and the movement of bones that should not be. The shriek, the cry, the ashes and the embers. She lands heavy in front of him, shield planted down, catching the bolts that fly in his direction. He pushes sore muscles even harder, sweeping out from behind her with his axe, taking both their heads. These shambling corpses stand no match for them. They look at each other, nod, and on they go.

They fight through the narrow corridors of the castle side by side. Her sword bites out from behind her shield. He guards her back. They move systematically from floor to floor, lighting the torches to show the path from whence they came. Up the stairs – she bashes a corpse in the skull and watches as it goes tumbling to the floor far below. He sweeps the axe upwards, catches one in the belly. Block, strike. He moves, she reacts.

At the top she plants her sword in the space between stones. Hands on knees, taking a moment to catch breath, calm shaking knees. Hand on her back, closing his eyes and tilting his face upwards. Swallowing with difficulty, parched but not finished. Onwards they go.

It waits for them at the very top, lounging upon his throne. The flat surface of the roof with the moon behind him, full and bright. The clouds are no match for its glory, cannot hide its light. Spreading arms to welcome these two guests, before he takes up his spear. She dashes one way, he goes the other. Taking its attention onto her, she beats her sword against shield. Metal clanging that has it swinging towards her, its mouth opening and breathing out frost. He dashes forward, slices his axe at the back of its knee. Rage as it swings, nimble as he dashes backwards.

Her turn to strike as she hacks at the giants arm, trying to loose the spear from its grip. Mouth opening once again and she raises her shield. Feeling the utter cold on her arm, gritting her teeth as she hunkers down behind the shield. He strikes again and again, slash and slice, blackened blood staining stone, slick down the haft. He riddles the giant with gory lash after lash. Together they work at its attention, from one to the other, taking every opportunity to strike.

She rolls underneath the sweep of its spear. He dashes forward in the opening. Axe buries in belly and the giant screams at the heavens. Falters and falls, spear clattering away, guts spilling downwards. He keeps it pinned while she moves forward, ends the beast with her sword at its neck. It breathes its last, curling and contracting into itself. A ruined husk, a shell of what once. She lets the shield fall from her grasp, the sword following suit.

She breathes deeply as she pulls the helm from her head, shakes out her hair. He doesn’t hesitate in following her example. Smiling as he closes the distance between them, the barest touch of gauntlet against her cheek as he bends down to kiss her. They both look up at the roar, feel the ground tremble beneath their feet. The dragon rakes the tower with its claws, before beating its wings and circling above them. Hair swirls about her face as he bends down to pick up her shield and sword. Handing them to her, taking up his axe.

Onwards they go.

combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #20: Dark Souls AU; Nick is a boss and Judy is the chosen undead. 100+ times and Judy is still getting destroyed by the as large as a house fox monster guarding the bridge. Since fighting him isn't working, what if she tried talking? But now she has to convince the giant fox monster who she's tried to kill 100+ times to let her pass.

I don’t know anything about Dark Souls.  Like straight up nothing.  So this is probably not going to be what you asked for, but bare with me.


Judy had lost count of the number of times she’s died.

Which, to be fair, was something that happened a long time ago.  After dying and just sort of…coming back to life in a forest, it’s very easy to loose count.  Especially when demons and monsters where making it their goal to just stop her in her tracks.

But she had been dying a lot more than usual.

Some damn monster kept destroying her every time she encountered at the only passage that lead to Kingdom of Zootopia.  It stopped every attempt she had passing, and effortless seemed to crush her in battle.  And just when she thinks she figured out a way to beat them, they end her with a swat.

The monster was like nothing else she has expressed before.  It was massive, the whole opening of the pass blocked by it’s body.  It mostly resembled a fox, but it’s fur was tough and hard like scales, and it’s tail was long like a whip, similar to that of a dragons.  Not to mention the damn thing could breath fire when it so desired, and had a slew of other magical abilities it has used to kill Judy in her attempts.

Judy had tried about everything to get pass.  All of which had failed, and time was running out.  She was willing to try anything, even if it sounded stupid.

“Hello,”  She greeted as she neared the beast.

It raises it’s head at the sound of her voice.  It’s green eyes bare down on her, and for half a second if a magical blast was going to come out it’s split pupils.  Nothing happened, the monster just stared down at the rabbit, only moving an ear every so often.

“How are you today?”  Judy asked like she hadn’t tried to kill the beast everyday for the past…really long while.  “Enjoying the nice weather we’re having.”

“What is this?”  A deep raspy voice boomed in around Judy.  She jumped in surprised, she didn’t even know the beast could speak.  “Light conversation before you try to end me.”

Judy was still for a moment.  Still surprised by the beast voice.

“Uh…no…it’s actually just light conservation.”

“Really?”  The voice asked, and the beast seemed to lift an eyebrow at her.  If it even has an eyebrow.  “The rabbit’s not going to try and outsmart me.”

“Promise not tricks, just talking.”  Judy assured, awkwardly seating down on a nearby rock.  One the beast had thrown her onto at lease thirty times over.  She made no movement to remover her weapons from their places on her body.  She grinned up at the beast.  “So how as your day been going?”

“I could burn to crisp right now,” the beast observed easily.  “I should burn you a crisp right now.”

Judy swallowed slightly as she looked up at the beast.  “That’s probably fair.”  She braced herself for he inferno that was no doubt about to rain down upon her.

But it never happened.

Judy peeled her yes open to find the beast had tilted it’s head slightly.  Looking down at her in confusion and curiosity.  A deep humming sound vibrated through the air.

“In a sense,”  The beast voice, before letting out a heavy sigh through it’s noise.  A puff of smoke billowed at in the action, and the monster grinned widely at Judy’s rather loud swallow.  “Why are you speaking with me now, Carrots.”

Judy opened her mouth to say something, before she registered what the monster had called her.  “What did you just call me?”

“Carrots,”  the monster answered easily.  A clear sound of amusement in it’s voice.  “You are a rabbit, rabbits eat carrots, mammals are what they eat, therefore you are Carrots.”  The monster reasoned, before it snorted and chuckled lightly down at her.  “I don’t know you name, you’ve never properly introduced yourself.”

“Oh…uh, I’m Judy Hopps, the chosen undead.”  Judy stated.  “And what’s your name?”

“Nick.”  The beast answered.

Judy raised an eyebrow at the best. It was honestly not the name she expected the beast to have.  She has expected something more…sinister…or at least something with ‘Destroyer of’ something tacked on the end.  That was how how every other monster and demon she faced was named.  Not just Nick….it sounded so…normal.

“Very nice to meet you, Nick.”

“We’ve meet 237 times.”  Nick pointed out flatly.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know your name then.”  Judy defended weakly.

Nick hummed down at her again.  After a moment he lowered his head towards her.  “Tell me, Judy why are you talking me now?”

Judy swallowed.  That was quiet the loaded question.  She knew she could lie, but Nick would likely know, as he seemed to have an endless list of abilities. Though admitting the truth didn’t seem like a great idea either.

“Change of tactics,”  She offered up with a shrug.  “I was tried of dying, decided to take a day off and talk.  Thought I might befriend you till you let mess pass, or just convince you to let me pass.”  Judy admitted.  “There are a pawful of reasons.”

Again Nick hummed.  He let it vibrate through the air till it settled nicely into the silences around them.  “I’ll let you pass.”

“Really?!”  Judy said, spring up from her spot on the rock.

Nick nodded, pulling his head away from her. “I just need to ask you one small thing.”

“Of course,”  Judy beamed.  Damn, if she realized all she had to do was ask earlier, she could have spared herself months of agony. “Anything?”

“Why did you intentionally attack the first time we meet.”  Nick asked, and there was a slight glow to his eyes.

Judy was silent for a moment.  She let out a sigh.  “I was scared.”  She admitted.  “No offense, but you’re rather intimating and…large.  Every other monster and demon I encounter wants have their go at ending me.  I figured you would be the same, and I was scared, like I always am.”

Nick was silent for a moment.

The sudden he morphed, and shifted into much smaller form.  That of an actual red fox, thin and tall.  The grin on his lips was easy, and his eyes were bright as Judy looked at him in complete shock.

“You may pass.”  Nick said, actually using his mouth to speak. 

Judy nodded and hurried towards the entrance of the pass.  Trying to bet the fox before he changed his mind, or had a chance to grab her and fling her back.

“I wish you luck, Judy.”  Nick’s voice called behind her. 

She turned to see the fox watching her coolly from the passes opening.  She gave him a nodd, before watching him turn and morph pack into the massive beast she first encountered.

Turning on her heels, Judy ran as quickly as she could towards the Kingdom of Zootopia.


AN:  I really don’t know.  I can’t even tell you if I’m close.  This really just sort of ended up being a fantasy AU.

Either way, hope you liked it.

Whoops I lied, here’s another WIP ! (result of the stream)

This one is actually a crossover Dark souls III x Undertale, with Toriel as Rosaria and Asriel as…. A grub. 

I think I want to stick with drawing more things like this, more.. serious and detailed ? I just want my style to look more mature. T______T

This drawing will come with a short (very short) story, so stay tuned /o/~♪

Some color theory and simple shading practice, also an attempt at stylizing, as I tend to draw too detailed/realistic.

So the other day I was looking at the dark souls tag, then I came across @otherwindow ‘s absolutely adorable Lucatiel x Solaire art… and I got hooked gosh dangit.

I know it’s impossible due to the differences in timespan, but dangit, I’m a sucker for optimists x broody ships, and this is no exception.

Just think of this as an AU where Solaire and Luca just adventure the world and meeting interesting people… Including the Covenant Leader of the Warriors of Sunlight himself, The Nameless King, who Lucatiel would suspect to be the Forossan war god Faraam.

dark souls au where the point of your whole journey is to retrive the primordial cereal bowl and give it to either kaathe or frampt who just want to enjoy a healthy breakfast. plot twist where the bowl gives you acess to the ‘Bowl of the first Flake’ and you’ll realize that THIS is the bowl the serpents were after all along and it is protected by cptn. crunch and his loyal milk marines.

I CAN’T believe I forgot to upload UnderSouls!Paps!! Finished him a long ago but got lost in my computer.

He would be a deceptive minion skeleton who is strong enough to be a miniboss and uses magic. Also, he’d be brothers of the pacific monk you met at the beginning, but because of your meddling along the story, he ended up this way. It’s highly possible his brother is not very happy of your wandering… (Mmmyep, that pic is a nod to the Genocide route)