dark souls 2 confirmed

A thing I liked about Rosaria’s Fingers in DS3 is that they encompass all the other four games in the franchise through its members:

  • Yellowfinger Heysel represents Demon’s Souls with her Xanthous Crown, resembling the Old Monk (not to mention the Crown is now almost identical to its original form in that game)
  • Longfinger Kirk represents Dark Souls 1, and whether or not it is actually Sir Kirk, Knight of Thorns or just someone wearing his armor and name, Kirk is still serving a fair lady to ease her pain by offering her the spoils of his invasions.
  • Creighton the Wanderer represents Dark Souls 2, being literally Creighton the Wanderer. It confirms that Creighton bested Pate in their conflict, and that Creighton is indeed from Mirrah, much like Lucatiel.
  • Ringfinger Leonhard represents Bloodborne, wearing clothes that highly resemble the Hunter’s attire and possessing moon-themed weaponry.