The final L&B wallpaper for 2015 is a lovely crossover, spanning all-things Souls since 2009! Huge kudos to @baruyon for doing such great lines and @the-orator for the gorgeous coloring job! Folks who pitch in $10 to the Patreon can snag this as a wallpaper and hi-res download, and if you haven’t yet, you can also read the on-going Dark Souls comic! 


Dark Souls - The Characters of Dark Souls II

Notorious for being a game with a difficulty curve like a brick wall, Dark Souls is the creation of  FromSoftware, and released by NamcoBandai in 2011. The popular sequel, Dark Souls II, follows in its predecessor’s footsteps as a horror survival RPG wherein the player assumes the role of an undead human who must slay other, more powerful undead to capture their souls. The game itself is famous for its level of difficulty- it has no automatic health recovery, each death leaves the player with lower base health, there are limited potions, and most enemies can kill the payer in a few hits.