Little DS confession: as someone who doesn’t like Lord Gwyn and doesn’t get all emotional when his theme plays during the Soul of Cinder bossfight, I still hope we’ll get to hear something good about the guy because despite him being a dick to almost everyone and above all, his own kids, some of those same kids REALLY respected him. The Nameless King left his Miracle, Sunlight Blade, in his father’s tomb before leaving, possibly as his last hommage to someone he once/still admired, Gwyndolin DIED to protect what was left of Anor Londo after a life of reclusion and despite having never been officially recognized as Gwyn’s son (since there are no statues of him anywhere.) I don’t think that Gwyndolin was an idiot who threw his life away to honor the memory of a shitty parent :/ Gwynnie even told Yorksha what he was told so that the Gods’ legacy could live on through her. And let’s not forget Gwyn’s 4 loyal knights! Only time will tell.

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Imagine being a boss in dark souls

You’re this millennia old god devouring, universe ending, legend, you’re literally so powerful that no one comes and challenges you anymore like it’s just the way things are. No ones like “man I bet I could take aldrich and dethrone him” because that’s just not a thought that crosses anyone’s mind. Your powers are beyond compare.

Then one day this skinny loincloth wearing ass naked little shit named fartmancer or something comes through with a pyromancied +7 great sword and tanks you in like three minutes. Your attacks don’t even phase him. Spells that have felled armies in one swoop are casually barrel rolled. Weapons that have slain gods are being raised against this dude and he’s just eating every hit like it’s breakfast.

Then when you die like the bitch that you apparently are??? he takes your hundred thousand souls and then loses them to a sentient pile of piss outside. They’re not even gonna be spent they’re just gone forever. And he doesn’t even care. They meant nothing to him.

What a fucking shit shoot that would be right?