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I'm really emotional. You said Richonne was iconic and you're right. Seeing a black woman, dark skinned like me, being showered with love and affection and now freaking gifts from the white male lead in one of the biggest shows on tv right now? It's groundbreaking. And the message it'll send is amazing.

PT2: “And it’s not in a “oh my gosh the white man is accepting me!” nonsense way. It’s that she isn’t a stereotype. She’s strong and capable, but also gentle and sweet. She’s badass, but also affectionate. She’s independent, but also ready to share her life with the one she loves. She’s dark skinned and more than worthy of love and adoration - and gifts of cats! Lol. THAT’s the message young girls of colour watching will receive. We are beautiful!“

oh anon ;-; oh my gosh. thank you for sharing these feelings with me. i feel the same and i am so so happy. twd has its flaws but if they did one thing right it was bringing rick and michonne together. and portraying them with so much love and passion and such a deep connection that the last thing you think of when looking at them smile at one another is the colour of their skin. but at the same time, when you see the light and dark of their hands coming together to hold each other you can’t help but smile like an idiot and be so happy that a love like this is being shown on such a massive show. i’m so proud to be a richonner oml *sobs*

I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in my skin. I feel uncomfortable by how dark I am. It’s not a new feeling, but it doesn’t come up that often. Its not a conscious, “I don’t like the color of my skin because people treat me differently/I’m different than the norm” its more of a subliminal “oh wow I’m dark. I didnt realize my skin was that dark. Shouldnt my skin be lighter?” Of course I realize it’s an effect of internalized racism, but one I’ve never really seen any personal narrative on. This is one of the reasons representation is so important. People of color are left with these toxic inner voices, and more often than not we don’t have the words or knowledge to understand where these voices come from, let alone begin to unlearn these conditionings.

35 of the most common forms gaslighting

1. “You bring up the race card a lot.”

2. “You’re just too sensitive.”

3. “I don’t let those things bother me.”

4. “Did I say that?”…“No, but you impli—” “Oh, no? I didn’t? Okay.”

5. “What are you talking about?”

6. “They’re just as black as you! I see no difference.”

7. “I don’t see color.”

8. “Race is a social construct. It isn’t real.”

9. *talks about lack of representation for black/dark-skinned women* “I see black women, especially dark-skinned ones, on TV all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

10. “It’s usually black people who say the most racist things about themselves, not white people.”

11. “Black women are the ones who hate themselves, not others.”

12. “Women are the ones who mostly uphold gender roles and patriarchy, not men. In fact, women are the ones who expect us to be masculine.”

13. “Black people kill themselves more than whites.”

14. *relciams misogynoiristic slur for sexually active black women* “But aren’t you ashamed? That isn’t a good word. You should be ashamed when someone calls you that. You’re not that at all.”

15. “We picked the best ones for the position.”

16. “It’s not about skin color, it’s about prettiness.”

17. “You’re just jealous.”

18. “You’re a hater.”

19. “You should be happy that another black woman/man is succeeding instead of bringing up their light skin and/or being half/part-white/non-black.”

20.  "We’re all black.“

21. "We all bleed red.”

22. “You’re obsessed with race.”

23. “You’re just insecure.”

24. “It’s just my opinion/preference.”

25. “If we had a space for white people, we’d be considered racist.”

26. “If we had a beauty blog for light-skinned black women, we’d be colorstruck.”

27. “It’s okay to say black women are beautiful but if we say other races of women are beautiful, you’ll get mad.”

28. “I can’t help who I love. I just don’t like black/dark women.”

29. “I don’t see the issue of letting in non-black people in historically black spaces. We just now let you in our organization that was exclusively intended for white people even though it never specified which people can join. It just says, ‘An organization for men/women.”

30. *says there’s less than 5% black students on campus* “Yes, we do have black and other minorities here! I see more (hyper-visibility) blacks on campus than whites! Look around!”

31. “You’re sexist because you don’t believe men need a Men’s Empowerment Week!”

32. “Rihanna hit him first. If you don’t fight like a nigga (muster up the courage and strength typically portrayed upon [black] men against them), you won’t get hit by a nigga!”

33. “It’s okay for a woman to say and do this, but not a man?”

34. “There’s no such thing as agnostic. Jesus doesn’t accept people on the fence. You got to come to God and Jesus your own way. You either believe or you don’t. You can’t be a Christian and not follow the whole of the Bible. Do you even read the Bible? (even though I’ve analyzed it better than their dogmatic asses)”

35. “If someone offends you, you have to be nice about it. Don’t get angry and yell at them. They won’t listen to you if you’re mean.”

why are there so many aesthetic posts that have closeups of pale hands and limbs but i’ve never seen one with dark skin? oh right, because poc just aren’t “aesthetic” enough

“but what about aesthetic posts with pale-skinned east asian ppl!!!!” that’s still more like fetishization than representation, since half those dark pale / pastel aesthetic posts with photos of east asian ppl are playing into what white ppl this is “asian culture”

and let’s not even get into those fashion lines that so many tumblr aesthetic/fashion bloggers loved so much — you know, the one from Saint Laurent with the clothes covered in prints from old paintings, most of which include scenes of slavery and colonialism

and then there were the Dolce & Gabbana “black mammy” earrings that were just so obviously and disgustingly racist, but that got thousands of notes in fashion posts.

like. just. no. you are literally turning racism into an aesthetic. you’re saying that racism and colonialism are beautiful. i run into this every time i try to find posts for my aesthetic sideblog and im just so fucking done


why is everyone mad at azealia banks for bleaching her skin? i don’t support the action but i understand it. unless you’ve grown up dark skin and have had constant comments about how dark your skin is, have missed opportunities because of how dark your skin is etc, then stfu. all of us aren’t the same. some of you who were dark skinned and made fun of went home and had that reassurance from your parents, mom/dad /guardian that you were beautiful just the way you were. azealia banks didn’t have that sense of security. in fact she said her mother would call her ugly and she didn’t have a father figure.

if you also look at the music industry, how many dark skinned POP stars have become famous? yes you have grace jones, but she was never completely mainstream and even if she was a model she was never coveted as the beautiful one.

people use whitney as an example of a brown skin beauty, which she was…but she had to be WHITNEY. the only other exception that i think has reached mainstream fame was Brandy. But people want to act like colorism doesn’t exist when there is proof everywhere that darker skinned people have it worse socially and economically.

the two biggest black stars right now are both light skin and have light eyes and have endorsements for days. when you point out that neither of them would have the level of success if they were dark skinned, people get so bent out of shape as if it’s not true. hell one of the guys who works in the firm that manages one of these stars said ‘she’s hot because she’s not too dark’. and to those fools that want to simplify it as ‘oh so i guess she has privilege because some white man wants to sleep with her’ NO stop simplifying it when you know these are the executives that make the decisions about who gets the push and the promotion.Even if we don’t use these two stars, how many commercials have always featured a lighter skinned woman/daughter? In movies, why is the woman always lighter than the man? Why is the dark skinned woman always the sidekick?

azealia is a product of her environment. i feel sorry that she couldn’t withstand the pressure to continue to be her, but i’m not going to terrorize her for it. I hate that she called that dark skinned girl tar baby, there’s no excuse for that. But we can even use Lil Kim as an example of someone that doesn’t put down black women but bleaches because of her experience and black beauty standards. you also see so many memes where our own black men make fun of darker skinned women, we don’t have representation in the media, we’re constantly reminded we are the least wanted women…yet people want to get mad at the women that want to do something about it because they want to advance their careers, want to feel loved, and want to feel pretty.

Was reminded of this post, decided to try it out with dark skinned Mink so!

What would Mink look like with blue eyes?

Ooh, so piercing! And what about red?

Nice, very nice. And, ofc, how would he look with green?

….oh…..oh my -clears throat- Ahem! And what about heterochomia, lets say, one blue and one gold?

-nods approvingly- Good, good. How about one gold and one green?

Ooooh! Lastly, how about one green and one blue?


And all of that brings me back to the sad truth that I’m convinced Senator Pamlo, the gorgeous Black woman who had the most speaking lines during the Rebel Counsel scene, is Finn’s mom not because I’m simple-minded and “omg all the Black characters are related11!!” but because LucasFilms and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t gonna cast a dark skinned Black woman, give her lines, and zoom in on her face constantly unless she’s Super Important™ and def aren’t gonna give her a storyline independent of an existing character (bc then they’d risk having to cast more Black people OH MY lol) so she’s GOTTA be Finn’s mom. Their blatant racism makes their plots so predictable. 

Black men beef with each other over skin complexion more than black women. I hardly hear black women perpetuate #teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin the way our lovely, knights do. I hear so many black men ask black women of all shades, “Are you into darkskin guys?”…”You should give lightskin men a chance. Why do y’all hate us?”…”Nuh uh! You need yourself a dark nigga!”…”No! Pick me! Lightskin niggas are cool!” And I’m just like, “WHO cares!?!?”

 No one is concerned about skin color but them and yet they constantly ask us why we as black women hate light-skinned women? You know how many dark-skinned men I encountered that tried throwing shade at light-skinned men and vice versa? I just watched a weird ass rap video on IG where this guy I’m following literally rapped, “#TeamLightskin and she don’t fuck with a dark nigga! I’m winning!” Oh my God! If there’s one group of people who perpetuate colorism and skin color teams, it’s black men. Most of us black women just try to live, especially when we’re dark-skinned. Hell, I don’t even see as many light-skinned women try to dirty-mack dark-skinned girls as much as I see the other gender…


You keep taking me back to the dance floor but I really need to pee  I end up dragging you with me to the toilets to explain the situation and you start passionately making out with me— I am really enthusiastic about this development but am also about to pee on myself— Is2g if you’re not there when I get out of the loo I’m gonna be pissed off
—— I am pissed off

The bass thumps loudly in your bones. Lights flash, bringingthe swell of writhing bodies in and out of focus. The scent of alcohol, sweat and something oh so delicious lingers in the hot and heavy air. You’ve lost your friends amongst the Saturday night crowd but you’re not worried. Your alcohol infused brain has been focused on other things, namely the incredibly hot boy currently wrapped around your body.

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Today I am going to learn you bitches something I’ve just realized yesterday. Ok so buckle up class because today we’re going to talk about Hunnit (The 100) and the lack of social issues in that damn show. So first stop there’s feminism, ( these issues are in no particular order btw) and notice that  you will never, NEVER, hear any of the characters in Hunnit say the words: “I am a feminist.” Oh so this show’s sexist? No you slags this show is not sexist the only reason you’ll never hear those words is because there is no NEED for those words. You see, feminism probably isn’t even a term that exists in that show. Why? Because they all treat all genders equally anyway so there’s no need for a movement demanding for gender equality because the people in the damn 100 don’t do gender discrimination. At the beginning of the show, did anyone disrespect Clarke and question her leadership abilities because she’s a girl? No. They questioned her because they thought she was a prissy bitch but that’s not the point. The point is, the people in The 100 don’t know anything BUT feminism, nobody gives a shit if you’re a girl or a boy or neither they disrespect you because you’re a little bitch and that’s just such a nice mentality don’t you think? There are no gender roles either. It’s like, oh so you’re a girl so you’re going to stay in the drop ship and cook? No bitch we all cook because your sneaky ass is going to poison my damn food. Oh so you’re a man so you’re going to go hunt and leave the rest of us ladies at home? No bitch we all go hunt,  if you don’t bring back enough food I ain’t starving. Next stop, sexuality. Ok now I know no one gives a shit about sexuality but me BUT LISTEN. Listen. The writer/producer/whatever of Hunnit recently said that none of the characters are straight. None of them. Like literally the only straight character in the show is Lincoln’s left nipple. You know why there wasn’t a need for Clarke to come out? Because coming out isn’t even a damn concept in that show. There’s no need for anyone to come out, period. That’s because in the show, they’re at the point where no one assumes that anyone is straight because the only damn reason we assume people are straight is because it’s considered normal to be straight and if you’re not straight then you’re not normal and that’s why you need to announce it. But in Hunnit, it’s normal to love whoever the fuck your heart decides to love and no one gives a shit just don’t die, does that make sense? Clarke didn’t even have to come out, all she had to do was go like: “Damn Lexi yo’ lips look hella’ soft let me test them out with mine” can you imagine if Clarke came out? Clarke: “Lol guise btw I’m bi” everyone’s literally going to say: “Clarke no one gives a shit we’re literally about to die in 0.2 seconds get your shit together.” Oh and look at that, no racism. No one says: “Damn Indra, girl your skin is dark you can’t sit with us” EVERYONE’S DAMN SKIN IS DARK NONE OF THEM EVER SHOWER THEY’RE ALL THE COLOUR OF DIRT ANYWAY. The point here is that if none of us shower, there would be no racism. From this day forth, I will support anyone who wishes to not shower. Oh and also, respect is earned differently isn’t it? Respect your elders. Respect your elders my ass, in Hunnit, the only way you’re gaining respect is if you work towards helping with the safety and survival of your damn people. Clarke is literally 18 or someshit and she has (most) of the respect from her people because she done saved their lives multiple ass times and she deserves it. Look at Lexa, homegirl’s only a toddler and she’s leading 12 clans containing people who’re 3 times her age and she has all of their damn respect because she earned it. None of that, I’m older so you listen to me even if I’m wrong. No bitch, the only way you’re gaining this damn respect is if you earn it, real shit. And where does all of this lead us? STEREOTYPES BITCH THERE ARE NO FUCKIN’ STEREOTYPES. You know why there are no stereotypes? Because stereotypes only happen when we divide ourselves and degrade each other. Ok so like sure the Arkers and the Grounders don’t like each other but literally they both think of each other as evil, nothing else. Oh and both of them think of each other as less than themselves but you’ll never hear an Arker say: “Lol these clothes look like whoever wore them hasn’t showered in ever. Must be a Grounder.” You’ll never hear something like that because 1. Octavia will bust they ass and 2. none of them shower anyway OK THAT’S NOT THE POINT THE POINT IS THERE ARE NO STEREOTYPES. No race stereotypes, no gender stereotypes, no sexuality stereotypes. Miller is gay, like he has a damn boyfriend and you didn’t know until Bellamy mentioned his boyfriend. Why? Because Nathan Miller wasn’t a damn gay stereotype. The 100 is literally a perfect utopia and dystopia at the same damn time like utopia because no social problems holla’ and a dystopia because they’re all trying to kill each other but still that’s irrelevant. But at the end, does this not make you question? Is this really what it takes for people to value each other as they are and not based off of race, gender, and sexuality? Because think about it, the reason The 100 doesn’t have these social problems is because they’re too busy trying to survive to give a shit. No one cares what you identify with, as long as you are a contributing and valuable member of society then you will have the damn respect that you deserve. Raven’s a Hispanic girl and she’s one of the best, if not THE BEST mechanic that they have. But think about it, is the fight for survival the only thing that will finally make us all realize that social problems are unnecessary and stupid? Maybe because in The 100 they’re all prioritizing survival like literally they all wake up every morning and go to sleep every night wondering if they’re going to survive the next 12 hours. Is that why it forces them to value people based on their contributions and not their identity? Do we need to constantly fight for survival in order to realize these things? Right now we’re just so privileged aren’t we? The threat of death is so slim for most of us that’s why we have the time to create these problems and divide ourselves so if you think about it aren’t we just taking advantage of our conditions to create problems for ourselves? I’ve been brought to the realization that the reason we have social problems is because our perceptions of people are too influenced by their identities, even though people’s values are truly based off of their contributions. Boom.


Juuust playing with lighting.

And Fenris.