dark skinned cosplayer


Practiced some more on my Princess Allura makeup. For the crown I used a creamy eyeliner in gold & greenish color, and my pink markings are actually lip gloss lol, I tried eyeshadow & blush but the pink wasn’t showing up that well so in cos-testing frustration I slathered on lip gloss and it actually worked :)!

Makeup: Sephora and Maybelline
Wig: Arda Wigs (Ororo Classic)

anonymous asked:

i dont mean to be rude but u shuldnt cosplay allura if youre white

before i begin, let me just say: you personally are not responsible for anything I’m about to say;  I’m framing how this idea is inherently harmful. 

i understand what i imagine is your view point, theres so few POC or dark skinned characters, that it can be intrusive for white cosplayers to cosplay those as well, especially when theres hundreds of other white/light skinned characters to cosplay. HOWEVER, inherently the argument “you can’t cosplay X because you are white” is rooted in the notion that  skin tone is the sole defining factor of a cosplayer.

and honestly, that belief is harmless to me, since 95% of the characters in media will align with my skin tone BUT! by prioritizing and drawing attention to the importance that a cosplayer MUST be of the same race for certain characters, comes from a place of good will, ends up only imbedding the notion that skin tone is THE MOST defining factor for a cosplayer. 

that belief, again, will rarely impact me, but its from the foundation that skin color defines the cosplay…is how you get cosplayers becoming the “black suki” or the “black kanna” instead of just…Suki and Kanna.  thats how you get cosplayers doing black/brown/yellow face. From the marriage of the prioritization of skin tone, and cosplay, is how the severe, and racist, harassment of  dark skinned cosplayers arises.  because it becomes an embedded behavior to skew the perspective of the cosplay, from craftsmanship and enjoyment of the cosplayer, to soley basing the costume on wether or not the cosplayer matches skin tone with the character. nine times out of ten, harmless to me, nine times out of ten, devastating to cosplayers of color. 

 by illuminating the notion that a character’s portrayal is soley dependent on the race of the cosplayer, creates the ideology that this isn’t an isolated event, but rather the status quo. which over time has turned into that the quality of all cosplays, wether from white cos, or from people of color, are inherently dependent on the appearance of the cosplayer. 

 its not that this one instance/request is the issue, or that it even encapsulates any of the negative byproducts, and you specificity haven’t engaged in any of the long term negative things, an isolated event is never what creates community behavior. its the pervasive repetition of the belief that a good cosplay can only be formed on the foundation of alike skin tones that leads to harm in the community.