dark skinned cosplayer


Practiced some more on my Princess Allura makeup. For the crown I used a creamy eyeliner in gold & greenish color, and my pink markings are actually lip gloss lol, I tried eyeshadow & blush but the pink wasn’t showing up that well so in cos-testing frustration I slathered on lip gloss and it actually worked :)!

Makeup: Sephora and Maybelline
Wig: Arda Wigs (Ororo Classic)

Random thought:

I LOVE when black/brown skinned girls cosplay as Sailor Moons Princess Serenity!

I mean I know the CHARACTER is Japanese but got that light hair/light dress/light skin is nice and all, but DAMN does it look awesome with that light hair and dress on dark skin (same with the forehead moon, stands out better) just looks so good with the light and dark skin contrasting and complementing so nicely!

Tl;dr Dark skinned Princess Serenity cosplayers are my favorite! They pretty

You know, the problem with race-bending a cosplay is this.

If you make a character with light skin go dark, the cosplayer is praised. However if someone who has light skin takes a character who has dark skin and cosplays them then everyone gets mad. It’s a double standard. 

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark-skinned Blake cosplayers. I feel like it’s difficult to find a cosplay you’d feel comfortable in when you have a darker skin tone that is’t often represented in shows but when you do, you rock it. Dark-skinned Blakes to me are just <3 <3 <3