dark skinned black girl

And thing is, I liked the fact Cardi was herself and didn’t care what classists and slut-shamers thought of her. I only felt if she were dark-skinned, would she have the same success for being so candid. It’s really sad because I know she has issues of her own but that’s know excuse for what she said in front of impressionable young black girls. So many of her fans are dark-skinned teen girls, and one girl even said she wished she would bleach her skin to look like Cardi. Cardi of course @’ed the girl and told her she was beautiful the way she was. I thought that was nice. But like Azalea Banks, she just contradicted herself by using slurs to degrade girls she claimed to be there for. And of all people, Cardi is light-skinned. So she definitely had no business doing that. 

 I think Cardi knows she’s wrong because she hasn’t mentioned me or the twitter feminists who made threads calling her out, and several people retweeted it. So I know she saw those tweets with those notes. All Cardi could do is apologize like she could have done with her transphobia, but she won’t because instead of realizing she was wrong and gross, she’s just going to ignore it. And I understand you’re ashamed of being seent for your shitty behavior and want to lay low so not to cause more attention. But just apologize and learn from it. I’m tired of supporting someone who constantly let’s me know I’m a “wack bitch who can’t get a man because my pussy ain’t good enough” whenever I disagree with her. And she claims to be so against black male misogyny, but she just mimics the same fuckboy logic as hers. In all her videos, she’s usually with men making sex jokes about black women. So as I said, I wish Cardi luck and don’t mean bad will on her, but enough is enough.