dark skin woman

On one hand a “princess” sans-love interest is cool but on the other hand M/oana is a (relatively dark skinned) woman of color without a love interest so it’s not really a triumph imo…

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Dark skinned woman are so ugly most of the time 😖😖

And you decided to tell me this, why? I don’t care for your racist opinions.

Dear dark skin woman:
how gracefully
you carry the night,
causing every part of day
to pause in your wake.

Dear dark skin woman:
Your surface is as fearless
as I wish I could be,
strong as my mother,
stronger than me.

Dear dark skin woman:
That smile resting upon
the sky that is your face
beams its rays on me
like a cloudless moon.

Dear dark skin woman:
Your laugh commands thunder,
your grief summons monsoons
your speech evokes lightning;
your presence heaven’s boon.

Dear dark skin woman:
I hope your daughters carry
the earth with the same
amount of pride, with the same
light that rests in your eyes.

Dear dark skin woman:
Your kindness, your words,
I will never forget.

—  Nav K

That glow up is serious when you fuckboy free and God is the only thing that gets your energy

Her skin was blacker than mine

Her lipstick red like the wine

Her taste was oh so devine

Her eyes like stars in the sky

Her hair was kinky like her

But also able to be smooth

Just like


Her mind was oh so devine

Her heartbeat in sync with mine

Her hips like oceans exploding

With waves implanted with mines

I hope her walls are corroding

It seems she’s built them so high

Her soul is black just like mine


In us


Her hair is kinky

Like mine

Her skin is ebony

The richest kind