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The Star Signs as Different Portrayals of Reylo

Aries - Matt the Radar Technician/Undercover Technician Rey

Taurus - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Jedi Rey

Gemini - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Dark Sider Rey

Cancer - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Undercover Technician Rey

Leo -  Senator Ben Solo/Jedi Rey

Virgo -  Senator Ben Solo/Dark Sider Rey

Libra - Jedi Ben Solo/Jedi Rey

Scorpio - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Jedi Rey

Sagittarius - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Dark Sider Rey

Capricorn - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Senator Rey

Aquarius - Senator Rey/Dark Sider Kylo Ren

Pisces-  Ben Solo/Rey The Scavenger

fic i probably should write

Luke dies in his fight with the Emperor before Vader has a chance to save him.

This breaks Vader, to the point where he just fucking leaves the Empire and goes off to find Leia “there is another” Organa and what remains of the Rebellion. 

And he shows up on Leia’s doorstep, to which Leia shoots him immediately. “Okay that’s fair,” he says, wheezing and holding his wired shoulder in pain.

“What do you want?” she says, this time aiming the blaster at his head. “Answer quickly.”

He tosses her Luke’s lightsaber. “This should belong to you. He would want you to have it.” He coughs, “And I want to join the Rebellion.”

Leia lowers her gun very carefully. “Explain.”

“What is there to explain?” Vader stands fully, towering over Leia. “He killed my son. I want the Emperor dead. At this point, I no longer care what government replaces him so long as the man who murdered my son is dead.”

Leia thinks I can work with that.

So you have Leia here steadfastly ignoring Obi-Wan and Yoda’s ghosts who follow her around spouting Jedi nonsense, of which she refuses to listen to unless they let her talk to Luke, who instead turns to Darth Vader to learn the ways of the Force. “Lost, all hope is” except it isn’t.

Because you have Darth “Probably Not A Dark Sider Anymore But Also Wouldn’t Call Him a Jedi” Vader and Leia “Anger Is My Middle Name But I’m Also Firmly In the Light” Organa teaming up and wrecking havok on literally everything. Seriously, there are whole planets on fire.

Vader teaches Leia the Force, and they never bring up the fact that they are related if they can help it (which means, inevitably, that they end up talking about it occasionally: “You look like your mother,” “…What was she like?” v. “I see now why Obi-Wan didn’t train you. You couldn’t be more my daughter if you tried. Poor Bail…I can only imagine what you were like as a child.” with Leia sputtering “HOW DARE”).

 meanwhile Han Solo is following them holding a baby Ben (who, I imagine, is now named Luke) going “guys? guys? i don’t understand. why is darth vader here. leia why haven’t you shot him. leia can I shoot him? leia we should probably not set this planet on fir–okay, so we’re setting this place on fire. cool cool cool”

in the afterlife, Obi-Wan and Yoda are mourning about how ALL IS LOST while Padme and Luke are drinking mimosas and laughing because they knew there was good there all along.

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You and others seem upset about mentions of the light and dark in The Last Jedi trailer but there have been a bunch of mentions of those two sides in the TV shows. Obviously it wasn't on their minds in the original movies but they're definitely expanding on the mythology nowadays.

Part of my problem with it is 1) the implications and 2) ignores the Taoist roots

For 1, the implications of the Dark Side being a side instead of a corruption makes the Star Wars universe… suckier. Because throughout the movies, TV show, and all other stuff, the Dark Side is presented as evil, corrupting, and damaging. Anakin goes off the walls when he falls. Dooku aids in the destruction of the Republic and spread of corruption. Palpatine is manipulative. Say what you want, but all presented Dark Siders are perfectly fine with murder and mass slaughter. Which, as a corruption, makes sense. But as a legitimate, and necessary, side of the Force?

That means that balance in the Force requires a degree of mass slaughter and murder. Which makes balance kind of evil. And this ties into the weird dummying down of Taoism.

(Disclaimer: I am no expert on Taoism and Eastern philosophy, so if someone who is wants to comment I am fine.)

Now, I will not deny that Star Wars has always had Christian themes in it, from the virgin birth to Luke’s redeeming of his father. But those aren’t the only themes. The Jedi have a ton of Eastern influences, from the very name ‘Jedi’. The Force is very Taoist in nature. And in Taoism, it’s not a balance of good and evil. It’s a balance of life and death, chaos and order, with imbalance resulting in evil. You need to accept that death is part of life. You don’t need to accept murder and mass slaughter.

Except… balance is apparently between murder and not murder now.

Having a Light Side, and making the Dark Side equal to it feels like a shitty retcon. And it makes the story worse for it in my opinion. I get graying morality, and letting the Jedi make mistakes and have issues. But turning it from an Order that let politics warp their spiritual beliefs into a group that was clearly wrong about the whole basis of their theology from the beginning where they preached balance by not being balanced feels like it dummies down the story and makes things worse.

(Also, the Light/Dark thing seems to arise out of the need to make flawed good guys become bad guys because… good guys apparently need to be perfect now)

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What do you think its the most "realistic" reylo theory. The one that you say "I can see that happening in the movies".

HI there!

Thanks for the question, let’s get started.

I don’t really think we’re gonna get a kiss or something… You know, fluffy things. People say, in Star Wars, we always get some romance in the second movie. But Rey and Kylo is not like that, they don’t have that dynamic - if they have any at all at the moment. Kylo just murdered Han, left Finn unconscious and so much more, he is everything she hates now. 

Why do I think reylo is gonna happen? Because of the symbolism, because it feels right, because it would be awesome story and bring some wonderful character arcs. And so far, we haven’t seen anything against reylo but things supporting it.

For “the most realistic reylo theory”, I would say we will see some interaction between them. Something will happen like a force bond, a connection. Kylo already has a thing for Rey. As the things will happen, maybe Rey will see him as a human, too, maybe she will understand him and even forgive him (”Well, Rey is very forgiving, so…” -Carrie Fisher). But these things will take long time.

I personally don’t think they knew each other from Luke’s academy or something… But Kylo heard of her for sure (”It is you.”), it is in the novel. How does he know of her? I can’t be sure yet, but that could be something related to Luke and the dark siders. Mark and Daisy mentioned that we’ll be surprised about Luke’s arc and the story, we’ll get something we don’t except, back in SWCO last week. So, it could be something Luke did? Or Snoke mentioned? I don’t know.

But, I mean, look at them…

Yeah, it will happen.

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Three sentence fic: something inspired by that Sith!Luke and Vader in a bacta tank art you reblogged earlier?

(This is the art, by @3bsambi)

Good news: I did fill the prompt. 

Bad news: It is not 3 sentences long, and I can’t tell if it makes any sense because I wrote it all at once in a fit of hyperfocus at work, drove home, edited it once, and am now posting it. I have not slept more than 4 hours a night all week. I have a splitting headache. I think I’m a little high. can’t tell if this is bad or good.

Different news: It is 26 paragraphs long. Read the author’s note at the bottom for some explanation re: this AU I just made up. 

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The Force Bond will bring balance to the Force.


It doesn’t work for just light vs. dark. There needs to be a middle ground. Jedi’s wholeheartedly believe that by using the Forced, They’re emerged within the light not thinking any dark thoughts. But within everyone, there’s both good and at times, evil in a way. We’re all sinners. Anakin was definitely an example of someone within the middle trying to find a balance. The Jedi Order were always on his case about shutting out fears, love, and hatred. So of course he was persuaded by the Dark Side… but of course in doing so, he had to take many lives, which resulted not in a balance of dabbling in the dark, but completely drowning within it.

Luke restored a lot of that as he and many others fought the Empire. But in his mind, it was still light vs. dark side. And look what happened… it failed… again.

Now here we are again. History is once again at the pinnacle… the turning point. That’s why I think Luke disappeared for so long. He realized that it’s not one or the other. There has to be a medium; a balance. As he was gone he read the Jedi Order even more and that’s why he tells Rey, that it’s time for the Jedi to “end.” Because he’s finally ready to make that change and he will be the LAST OF THE JEDI. Rey, she will be a new beginning; of the GREY “JEDI.”

It’s what makes sense. You look at Kylo Ren, and he’s constantly battling light vs. dark. That was his motto: “I feel the pull to the light.” Snoke was all about turning away from the compassion. Kylo believed in killing his father, he would completely be a dark sider. But as we all saw, that’s not what happens at all. He’s weakened not only from his injury from Chewy, but within him. Killing Han, made him so vulnerable and not stronger within the dark side at all. I think we’ll really continue to see this battle in him. What he doesn’t realize is that it doesn’t need to be one or the other, and soon enough I think he’ll join in becoming a GREY/balanced Force user.

We saw a glimpse of Rey dabbling within the dark side as she was battling Kylo in that final light saber scene. I do believe she connected with him using the Force to dive deeper in their Force Bond… and that’s why we really saw similarities to the way she fought to Anakin. She was connecting with a Skywalker (Kylo). But their battle just reminds me so much of Kenobi/Skywalker battle (episode 3). I think together they’ll help restore the balance. She has so much light and he has so much dark; together, they’ll find the balance of the Force. A bit of both.

Unseen journeys of the Jedi: Thoughts on “Twin Suns”

Like some other fans, I immediately felt surprised and even a bit underwhelmed by the climax of “Twin Suns” the first time I watched it. But after listening to Rebels Recon and re-watching the episode, I realized what a challenge the writers must have had to allow Ezra’s journey to progress while not interfering with the events of “A New Hope”.  

Unlike “Star Trek”, there’s no time travel in “Star Wars”; you can’t go back in time to alter things, there are fixed points in the story. And with the Bendu’s warning about knowing secrets, the audience is aware that it isn’t time yet for Luke’s journey to begin. It is impossible to keep the storyline intact if Ezra brings Obi-Wan (and Luke) into the fold at this point. 

From Obi-Wan’s POV, I think he knows that if Luke and Ezra were to discover each other at this point in time, it would endanger not just themselves but everyone around them. He manages to heals two wounds in this episode, first by getting Ezra back safely on his track and then closing his saga with Maul by killing the Dark Sider once and for all.

I’m glad the writers chose to create an episode based not on what the audience anticipated but what was most appropriate for the saga. It takes risks but I’m pleased when writers focus on the story’s legacy, especially one as vast as the “Star Wars” mythology. Though Luke and Ezra play different but crucial roles in the saga, their similarities stood out to me in this episode. 

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Time is one of the worst media brainwashers on the shelf.  This month?

This RIGHT HERE is why the “mental health” industry (and affiliated systemized identity-policing known as “psychology”) needs to be treated like the bullshit it is.

“eat slowly!  take more naps!  breath deeply!  don’t do things that feel icky in your body!”  It’s great advice, but you might as well just tell people, “don’t be poor.” Because ain’t nobody got time for that.  Not the working class.

And never mind the corporations spewing lead and other toxic chemicals into our environment, engineering processed foods to be convenient + addictive and selling them as “healthy,” and manipulating the public with advertising 24/7 in ways so subconscious and insidious they should be (and sometimes are?) illegal.  Just spend more time on “you!” “Master your mind.”  It’s post-Calvinist faith-healing flowing through 20th century business-coach-guru bullshit into a convenient system of social control.

And the thing is, “spend more time on YOU” is the right idea!  But it’s not poor mental health and depression that’s stopping people.  It’s power.

Any reasonable person would look at our society and be angry.  Outraged.  We don’t act out our anger due to threat of force.  When we do act it out, we punch at simulacra: talking heads with superficial and imagined power over us instead of corrupt cops and politicians and the bourgeoise.  We fight each other instead of the people truly hurting us.

Pssh.  Mindfulness.  Meditation.  It’s another way to make people self-blame for their unhappiness.  Unhappy?  Monitor your thoughts and feelings for sin and violence and anything irrational or unreasonable!  Still unhappy?  Monitor your monitoring!

Anything anything anything to prevent people from trusting their judgement and taking direct action.

–from a reply by @salamanderinspace in a longer thread

Reblogging here for general relevance to dark siders, and specific relevance to Jedi dogma. Relinquishing your power to experts, and being assured that is the “right thing to do,” is normalized, political, and suicidal.

I keep having occasion to quote tweets, but to wit:

Hey, you know what would really be handy for rooting out the traitor in the Iokath story?

Maybe a companion who could like, read people’s true loyalties and see through whatever masks they wear to hide themselves as some kind of force ability.

Someone who’s entire shtick was that they could root out spies and traitors, someone who’s growing power sent Darths reeling with the ramifications of how this power could unravel their greatest schemes and ruin them, someone who could be persuaded to work with either a dark sider OR a light sider and it wouldn’t feel like to big of a stretch to have them work with the Alliance.



I was just thinking about the trading card snippet about how Snoke has banned anyone within the Order from speaking Kylo Ren’s birth name, and it occurs to me that this is a tactic straight out of the cult leader playbook. Cult leaders (one that springs to mind is David Berg from the Children of God) often demand that their followers take new names because 

1) power of renaming reinforces god-like status of the leader and 

2) the new name is part of the narrative of the ‘old’ life being dead – you’re a different person now, your family are no longer your family (we are), you can’t go back there. 

I know a lot of people prefer to read Kylo’s name and dark sider identity as self-chosen, but personally I think they’re part of Snoke’s manipulations. I hope we find out more about how Snoke became Supreme Leader in VIII and why he has so much power and influence. 

Also I hope he’s really two feet high.

How does Rogue One effect the future of Star Wars, Rey’s origin [new theory, she’s not related to the Jedi nor the Sith] and Episode VIII? [Warning: SPOILERS]

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, I can’t believe how many of you guys read my previous post, so thanks, it’s greatly appreciated :D 

I’ve been writing this up ever since I saw Rogue One, and I’ve delayed posting it, partially because of spoilers and yes, you have been warned, this is full of them. But I also wanted to be able to discuss with you all what you felt about the film. I’ll be covering areas concerning Rogue One’s relevance to Episode VIII, my new thoughts on Rey’s origin, and will also talk about the direction Disney may be heading, based on the plot points and overall risks they took with R1. 

The first thing to say is that the most important topic, as far Episode VIII is concerned, is the representation of the Force in Rogue One. In TFA, we got introduced to characters that were force-sensitive but not Jedi nor Sith [Maz Kanata and, one can argue, Kylo Ren]. Lor San Tekka was a believer in the Force, a member of the so-called Church of the Force, but he was a religious man, not a force-sensitive himself. TFA began to expand our vision of the Force, stretching it beyond just the light side and the dark side. It was not, however, the central part of the story. But in R1, the writers go much further, with the introduction of Jedha.

I like the fact that it is a moon; a clear reminder of Obi Wan’s famous line “That’s no moon” in ANH. Rather ironic, considering the fact that the Death Star’s main source of power actually originated from a moon. 

The Temple of the Whills was considered to be possibly the first Jedi temple by members of the Church of the Force, but I think, based on VII and Achto, we can rule that out. We do not explore the Temple of the Whills any further in the film as it was destroyed by the Empire, but I think this was deliberate tactic on the screenwriters part. Mainly because it was not relevant to the overall story arc of Rogue One, but also because I think we will be exploring the Whills and the real, original Jedi Temple further in Episode VIII, where it becomes more relevant. Still, they are showing us that these temples do exist, and this clearly ties into TFA and episode VIII. There is an overlap in lore going on here, despite there being completely different writers for Rogue One. These films are connected, do not be fooled.

There is also a connection here to Lor San Tekka, because the The Temple of the Whills was thought to be sacred to those of the Church of the Force. It’s important to note that at this time, even with Obi Wan, Yoda and Darth Vader still alive, the Jedi have already become part of myth and religion, which makes the idea of the Jedi still being viewed as myth in TFA slightly more believable. The Whills are even more mysterious than the Jedi. The Force is depicted more as a myth, a religion than it is an actual, physical power. In TFA, it was hinted at. In Rogue One, it is made abundantly clear. 

 “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.”    

Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe are similar to Lor San Tekka; they want to bring balance to the Force, but they are believers, not force-sensitives. They protect the Temple, but all that is left there are the crystals, which are all being taken away by the Empire. The Whills themselves are no longer there, their history is surrounded by mystery and even the Jedi don’t know much about them it seems.

But they are important. The Whills were first mentioned by George Lucas in his first draft of Star Wars [episode IV], years later in the novelisation of RotS, ten years later in the first page of novelisation of TFA and now in Rogue One. 

I think there is a connection here to TFA and this idea of the Force will continue to expand in Episode VIII. We may even see that there are actually many who believe in the Force, even if they are not force-sensitives themselves.  Perhaps we shall see that belief is just as powerful as the power of the Force itself. I think the whole story of Rogue One heavily implies this. The idea that faith is more powerful than any sort of physical power. The kyber crystals actually represent this idea and although they are used for the Death Star, they have potential to do so much more. It gives Jyn and the rest of Rogue One faith and hope. 

Kyber crystals also play a major part in the film, although surprisingly, there is little information given about them, apart from the fact that the Empire had been mining for them on Jedha and other locations. There is a lot of technical information available about them; how they were wrongly used in the Death Star, how Jedi would pick a crystal and it’s colour would change etc… But as far as Episode VIII is concerned, if the rumours about Luke constructing a lightsaber are true, we will be learning more about Kyber crystals and their history in episode VIII.

What I find particularly fascinating is the fact that the crystals are also called ‘Living Crystals’ and this ties back into TFA. The title, ‘The Force Awakens’, almost implies that the Force is a living thing, and this emphasis on the crystals further alludes to this. There is a very nice shot in Rogue One where several Rebels examine the crystals in fascination, even though they don’t understand their hidden power, or how to unlock such power. The crystals are also important when it comes to interpreting a certain Force Vision in TFA and also a specific character. 

A little like wandlore in Harry Potter, the crystals react to light side force sensitives, and naturally change to a specific colour when the said light sider constructs a lightsaber. Dark siders have to actually manipulate and bend the crystal to their will in order to construct it into a lightsaber. 

This is important for when we interpret the Force vision Rey experiences in TFA. Based on how much importance has been placed on the kyber crystals in Rogue One, I personally now believe that the saber itself is actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who made the lightsaber or even who used it. It is the crystal inside which is the crucial point. I believe that the crystal, which has Force energy within it, called to Rey, and the way that she reacted to it, as in when she touched the lightsaber, is unique to her and her alone. And with good reason.

Nobody else, not even Anakin, Luke or Obi Wan, has had a reaction like Rey has to the lightsaber. As I said in my previous post, the lightsaber ‘called’ to Rey. It has never done that for anyone else. And I actually think that it’s got a lot to do with the kyber crystal inside and it’s possible origins, which we currently know nothing about.

But what, for example, if it originated from Achto? We know now that Force temples were built above ground which had Kyber crystals hidden underneath.

I must confess that I don’t watch the various sw tv programmes, so my knowledge is limited, but, on a logical level, why would kyber crystals suddenly become so important in the films [specifically Rogue One] unless they had some relevance towards the future installments?

One possible theory I have is that Luke will eventually explain to Rey why she managed to force pull the lightsaber to herself. If we go even further, he may even explain why kyber crystals cause certain people to relive memories and experience visions. Or perhaps, why this particular crystal reached out to her through the Force. And when I say certain people, I do mean it.

I think that there is a very good reason why Rey is the first force sensitive, on screen, to react to a kyber crystal in the way that she did. She clearly isn’t just a force sensitive, she is something infinitely more complex and new. Although it’s completely just pure speculation, I think that she may be related to people who had a certain power over the kyber crystals - perhaps they had the potential to unlock unknown power from the crystals, something that went far beyond the lightsaber, the Deathstar, beyond what any Jedi or Sith were capable of. 

The crystals are connected to the Force, that much is clear, but I think that it goes further. The vision that Rey experiences involves her hearing the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi, and unlike the other voices, what he says is new and most importantly, present. This is not a voice of the past, but a voice speaking directly to Rey.

“The ability to defy oblivion can be achieved, but only for oneself. It was accomplished by a Shaman of the Whills. It is a state acquired through compassion, not greed."

So Qui Gon Jinn informs Yoda. He explains, according to the novelisation of Revenge of the Sith, that he learned how to become a ‘Force Ghost’, a state of eternal consciousness, from a Shaman of the Whills.

The Whills were beings who had a close connection to the Force, and it is these beings who I think might possibly be the first known Force Sensitives in the galaxy. That’s just me speculating though, and it would fit in with TFA, as I’ll explain later.

The Whills also charted the history of the galaxy, as shown at the beginning of the novelisation of TFA. Note that they are Force Sensitives but separate from the Jedi. In fact, they are referred to as ‘beings’, so we don’t even know if they are entirely human.

The Temple of the Whills in Rogue One is also called the Temple of the Kyber, which actually tells you a lot, because it means that the Whills and Kyber Crystals are closely linked together.

Obi Wan is the most featured Force Ghost in all the films, and I think, logically, Rey’s connection to the crystal [her force vision] equals to a connection to those who are in a state of eternal consciousness, because Kyber Crystals are connected to the Whills. ‘Whills’ in the earliest draft of the original SW film, according to George Lucas, was another word for the Force.

So what am I getting at here?

Again, this is really stretching it, but could it be possible that

Rey herself is actually a descendant or part of the Ancient Order of the Whills?

 She is clearly a Force-sensitive, but perhaps her origins are neither from the light side or dark side, but from something infinitely more ancient….. It would explain a lot about that Force Vision, for if she was a ‘Whill’, then it would explain why the kyber crystal inside Anakin’s lightsaber called out to her, in a way that it hasn’t for any other Force Sensitive in the current films.

Perhaps she has the power to unlock other Force abilities from the crystals, and this is what Luke and herself are discovering, according to the rumours about some scenes in Episode VIII.

And as far as Kylo Ren is concerned? What if the real reason he wanted to find the map was not because he wanted to confront his old mentor, but because he too was searching for the First Jedi Temple, something Snoke has no interest in? What if he was after Kyber Crystals? We know that he only managed to get a cracked, damaged one. And what if the ‘First Jedi Temple’ which I think we can assume is Achto, is actually a reference to the Whills themselves?  

Rogue One expanded the universe of SW, showing that things were not as black and white as we assumed. The Rebels were not exactly goody two shoes, and we were introduced to characters who had their own agendas. We even got another traitor, this time in the form of Bodhi Rook. Cassian Andor has rather questionable morals and I think it’s interesting to compare him to Finn, who defected because he didn’t want to kill for the First Order. If the Resistance is to become more like how the Rebels are depicted in R1, then I think Finn must reach a point where he starts to feel conflict over the fact that the Resistance does terrible things as well, and that it is hard to find complete political correctness in any organization. It could also lay down background for why the First Order is so opposed to the Resistance and the New Republic. This of course relates back to Adam Driver’s recent analysis of TFA, comparing the Resistance and the First Order to two opposing, terrorist groups, both rather extremist in their actions. R1 only further confirms this I think, and if Laura Dern’s character is going to be as morally ambiguous and problematic for Leia as rumours have circulated, then I think we could possible see  a ‘Winter Soldier’ type of situation, where Poe, much like Cassian, has been given his own set of personal orders that the others of his team don’t know about. Heck, it might even be Finn himself, although I see him as a very Captain America-like figure, at least where his morals and beliefs are concerned. He has moral integrity, but also an incredibly strong sense of honour. The fact that Hux’s brainwashing program on him didn’t work proves this. In many ways Finn is the very opposite of Cassian, who was a spy, and that makes for interesting narrative since they are both, technically, on the same side. 

And then there’s of course the elephant in the room, which is that everyone dies.

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone in TFA is going to die, but it is interesting that a lot of so called good guys in Rogue One have checkered pasts and over the course of the film, they have to come to terms with that and accept each other for who they truly are. And it is only when they do so, that they understand that there is something bigger than them at work. The Force greatly implies this. The only reason Rogue One succeeds is because of the fact that they are, in fact, rogues. 

They go against the establishment, which, in this case, means the Rebel Alliance, and act on their own set of morals, as Cassian shows when he says that he wants to help Jyn in the third act of the film. This is actually a rather Luke Skywalker like thing to do, as Luke also went against the advice of his mentors, and saved his friends and, eventually, saved, not killed, his father. 

Rogue One is a much more adult movie than TFA, and for one very simple reason. The characters in R1 are adults with history, unlike the new characters in TFA who I would say are more like young adults. Hence the themes that are covered are more complex and their conflicts are more over a sense of world-weariness, something which we could connect to Han Solo.

I think that if Disney is willing to go this far with R1, there’s nothing to suggest that Rian Johnson won’t be allowed to do the same for the remaining two episodes of the new trilogy. And I’m pretty convinced that it’s going to be about the Whills.

It’s also rather telling that the Guardians of the Whills get their own theme in Rogue One. The first three notes of it’s theme are exactly the same as those of Across the Stars. Take from that what you will.


And it’s the last track on the soundtrack. But perhaps I’m just pushing it a bit too far now :P

Uh-oh. Looks like Scargate isn’t totally over, but has, like young Ben’s scar, shifted. Now some folks are just legitimately upset or confused that the filmmakers have purposely prevented Kylo, “unrepentant Dark Sider” and “main villain”, from looking “goofy” or monstrous or disfigured, and I’m just like

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

It definitely seems like Rey saying “balance” and then Luke saying “it’s so much bigger” (?) is not an affirmation but a correction, or a contradiction.  As in, we’re not talking about balance, we’re talking about resolution, which is certainly what the poem at the start of the novellization foreshadows.  Dismantling the idea of a binary force to resolve-to-grey.

But I don’t think it’s Grey Jedi.  Even if “Grey Jedi” could be fit better into the conflict (I’m not sure they can,) “it’s time for the Jedi to end.”  So we’re talking about no Jedi, no Sith, and a unified Force.

I have mixed feelings about this, as a Dark Sider.  I mean, resolution is completely ideal.  It’s the dream.  But historically the Jedi created and enforced the split.  The Sith reacted to it.  So… this “post-Sith” world has to take some important things into account.  Dark Siders clinging to their identities deserve reparations and space to practice their traditions.  And process their trauma.

Predictions: 30% of the footage in the trailer will not appear in the movie and none of this is relevant.

If you want to talk about how skewed Ben’s perceptions really are, case in point: when he’s talking to Anakin’s Vader mask about suffering from the ‘temptations’ of the Light Side. Like, seriously, it kind of amazes me that more people (that is, people who are familiar with the Star Wars movies as a whole; if TFA is your first exposure to Star Wars, I can understand you not catching this) don’t twig to something being seriously wrong here when he talks about the Light Side ‘tempting’ him, and just chalked it up to typical ‘drunk on his power’ villain talk.

Because that is not even remotely what the Light Side does. It’s the Dark Side that traditionally tempts Force-users. What does Yoda say of it? It’s quicker and more seductive. Which would suggest that the Light Side is not something that is particularly seductive or easy to maintain.

The Light Side at the core, when you strip away the dogma of Yoda’s Jedi Order, is all about restraint and moderation. It does not offer the same visceral self-gratification that the Dark Side does. Someone indulging in the Dark Side might give in to anger and commit acts of destruction, and derive pleasure from it, but Light Siders don’t do that, because it goes against the Light Side. The Light Side is, essentially, the straight and narrow path. It’s not something that is easy to maintain; it is, in fact, much easier to fall away from than it is to maintain. It is not tempting. You have to work at it.

So Ben, supposed staunch Dark Sider, is feeling the Light Side of the Force tugging at him in spite of everything. What does that say about him? Well, as regards to his base personality, quite a lot, probably. And why, in spite of everything, does he frame the Light Side as a ‘tempting’ influence, and, by implication, the Dark Side as a natural baseline?

Well, the First Order appears to operate along the same lines as a cult. Finn was taken from his family as a baby, was never allowed to see them again, was stripped of his birth name (his identity) and given a number, and was indoctrinated in the ideology of the First Order. Ben was first taken up by Snoke when he was still a child. An impressionable child. The novelization of TFA (I know this from reading anghraine’s posts; I’m currently reading the novelization, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet) states that Snoke had his eye on Ben pretty much from infancy, and had been influencing him from that point, probably through the Force.

So Snoke makes off with a child, a very troubled child (“Too much Vader in him”, anyone?) whom he had been grooming and manipulating from the very beginning, and now he has unimpeded access to him. He can pour whatever ideas into this kid’s head that he wants. He’s probably the one who encourage Ben’s Vader idealization, if not the origin of this idealization. He can keep him off-balance, keep him from really thinking about his situation, and we do see plenty of signs of Ben being off-balance throughout the movie. The Dark Side is supposed to be about indulging your passions to the extreme, but we don’t really see Sith indulging in the sort of wild, destructive temper tantrums like what Ben exhibits (And yeah, I know, Snoke and Ben are never really explicitly spelled out as Sith, rather than as some other faction of Dark Siders, but with all the Vader idealization, Ben probably thinks of himself as Sith). He’s very emotionally immature, and that is probably the direct result of Snoke’s manipulations of him—keeping Ben immature serves the dual purpose of keeping him dependent on Snoke for validation and keeps him from really thinking about everything that’s happened to him, keeps him from ever questioning any of it.

And in spite of all of this, he still feels the call of the Light Side.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if there isn’t an extraction plot somewhere in the next two movies, I’m going to be very disappointed.

So why Mara Jade?

I need to be enlightened here. Because I’m assigned to write an article on EU characters.

Why is there such a demand to see Mara Jade in the new EU, in some arguments, even Star Wars Rebels for whatever reason?

And I’ve only so far know Mara Jade from Heir to the Empire.

So what’s with the demand for her? Is it the Emperor’s Hand background? I guess she might be an interesting look into the non-Sith Dark Sider culture?

So why Mara Jade? Is it cool factor? Is it interesting character traits?

And what role could she even have in new EU?

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Send “😍” and I’ll talk about one of my favorite aspects about your muse.

I actually really enjoy Evelyn’s aesthetics. She has a great look and I love her vicious attitude. She’s an interesting dark-sider that is, in her way, trying to do the right thing…sometimes. Basically it’s been fun to see art of her and read about her adventures and interesting AU’s. I just like her.

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I personally think the whole "Light vs. Dark" thing COULD have been interesting, since it's not just a Jedi/Sith thing, like, Light is more based on inner peace and shit while Dark is more based off of emotion and is easier to misuse and corrupt yourself with? Idk I mean the Sith are just. The worst. But hey, #NotAllDarkSiders lmao

#NotAllDarkSiders I’M WHEEZING

i personally think that the balance and no emotion take is specifically a jedi thing, and that “gray” jedi aren’t so much half-dark sider as they are force users who disagree with the jedi way.

it’s not that they’re morally gray or their alignment is half evil - they’re not half light, half dark. they’re still light siders, they just don’t follow the jedi doctrine.

the dark side is inherently corrupt, in my opinion. to use the dark side is to be evil.