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Luke dies in his fight with the Emperor before Vader has a chance to save him.

This breaks Vader, to the point where he just fucking leaves the Empire and goes off to find Leia “there is another” Organa and what remains of the Rebellion. 

And he shows up on Leia’s doorstep, to which Leia shoots him immediately. “Okay that’s fair,” he says, wheezing and holding his wired shoulder in pain.

“What do you want?” she says, this time aiming the blaster at his head. “Answer quickly.”

He tosses her Luke’s lightsaber. “This should belong to you. He would want you to have it.” He coughs, “And I want to join the Rebellion.”

Leia lowers her gun very carefully. “Explain.”

“What is there to explain?” Vader stands fully, towering over Leia. “He killed my son. I want the Emperor dead. At this point, I no longer care what government replaces him so long as the man who murdered my son is dead.”

Leia thinks I can work with that.

So you have Leia here steadfastly ignoring Obi-Wan and Yoda’s ghosts who follow her around spouting Jedi nonsense, of which she refuses to listen to unless they let her talk to Luke, who instead turns to Darth Vader to learn the ways of the Force. “Lost, all hope is” except it isn’t.

Because you have Darth “Probably Not A Dark Sider Anymore But Also Wouldn’t Call Him a Jedi” Vader and Leia “Anger Is My Middle Name But I’m Also Firmly In the Light” Organa teaming up and wrecking havok on literally everything. Seriously, there are whole planets on fire.

Vader teaches Leia the Force, and they never bring up the fact that they are related if they can help it (which means, inevitably, that they end up talking about it occasionally: “You look like your mother,” “…What was she like?” v. “I see now why Obi-Wan didn’t train you. You couldn’t be more my daughter if you tried. Poor Bail…I can only imagine what you were like as a child.” with Leia sputtering “HOW DARE”).

 meanwhile Han Solo is following them holding a baby Ben (who, I imagine, is now named Luke) going “guys? guys? i don’t understand. why is darth vader here. leia why haven’t you shot him. leia can I shoot him? leia we should probably not set this planet on fir–okay, so we’re setting this place on fire. cool cool cool”

in the afterlife, Obi-Wan and Yoda are mourning about how ALL IS LOST while Padme and Luke are drinking mimosas and laughing because they knew there was good there all along.

How anointing his nephew a new chosen one could have led Luke to ruin

(This entire post was written for funsies - I am fully aware that there is a huge question mark hanging over Hamill’s use of the term ‘chosen one’ in his EW interview. It is a speculative account of what the backstory for the Skywalkers could look like if Luke were under the impression that Ben Solo was a new chosen one. Enjoy it, but please don’t take it too seriously!)

Luke Skywalker, eager to get everything right and re-start the Jedi Order on the best possible footing following the downfall of the Empire, travels the galaxy in search of Force lore. He finds many manuscripts and ancient texts scattered across the galaxy, and draws them all together into a library. He studies them with the assistance of members of the Church of the Force as he begins to assemble a fledgling Jedi Order. Study of the texts reveals many prophecies and predictions, some of which seem frighteningly prescient - in particular, one text contains the prophecy of the Chosen One, which Luke quickly realises pertains to his father. The same text indicates that the chosen one is, in fact, not a single person but part of an ongoing cycle - balance can never be perpetual, since imbalance and crisis will always inevitably upset the true order of things.

Luke is tormented and frustrated by this, and despite his initial sense of optimism and security he gradually becomes more concerned by the idea that there is an impending darkness waiting to return and destroy everything he and his friends fought so hard for. Dark side cults keep on springing up to fill the void left by the Sith, and no amount of preaching seems to reach them - they refuse to see the dark side as the evil corruption that Luke understands it to be. Luke’s fight against the dark side gradually evolves into a crusade, with Luke and his followers battling dark siders across the galaxy.

Luke becomes steadily more insular and fanatical, more adamant than ever that the light side is the source of all that is good in the galaxy. He feels the responsibility for the galaxy’s wellbeing as a heavy burden he carries on his shoulders, and grows increasingly ascetic and detached from day-to-day concerns. This remains the state of things until he receives word from his sister of challenges with his nephew Ben - she claims the boy is troubled, plagued by visions and unable to control his Force powers. Leia takes Ben to Luke who perceives the boy’s torment - particularly his visions of the light side - as a sign that he has been singled out for a special purpose by the Force. Luke convinces Leia to let him train the boy to control his powers, all the while intending to prepare Ben for his destiny as the next chosen one. Brother and sister keep secrets from one another - Leia doesn’t tell Luke of the darkness she has sensed in Ben, afraid of how her light-side zealot of a brother will respond, and Luke doesn’t inform Leia of the weight of Ben’s destiny, believing she might prevent Ben from going with him if told the truth of his intentions.

Stuck in the middle, Ben feels betrayal from all sides - he feels rejected by his mother because of being sent away from home, and he feels completely overwhelmed and intimidated by his uncle’s expectations of him. He feels as if no one understands him - least of all Luke, who imposes his own views onto Ben instead of taking into account the boy’s feelings and descriptions of his visions. It takes years of intense training and indoctrination before Ben comes to see things as Luke does - perceiving himself as the next chosen one, following in the footsteps of his uncle, and the pre-ordained saviour of the galaxy. He takes this responsibility seriously and selflessly dedicates himself to his uncle’s plans for him.

What Luke fails to realise is that there is a seed of darkness within Ben Solo that grows with the boy’s arrogance. The more convinced Ben becomes of his grand destiny as the next chosen one, the more vulnerable he becomes to the lure of the voice he has had in his head from childhood - Snoke. Snoke teases Ben with whispers of Luke’s lies and deceptions, telling the young man that Luke follows a perversion of the Force that denies its innate dualism. Snoke tells Ben that the darkness within him is part of his nature rather than a shameful secret to be hidden and suppressed - that his power is derived from the perfect balance of light and dark that he embodies, rather than the light side alone. By denying his darkness, Skywalker is denying Ben his full potential and keeping him from fulfilling his destiny and saving the galaxy at large. Snoke reminds Ben of Luke’s crusades against the dark side - battles where whole villages were decimated in the name of the light side - and Ben’s anger and resentment grow.

Under Snoke’s influence, Ben becomes more and more convinced that his uncle is the true evil facing the galaxy - radicalised, he starts to plot the destruction of his uncle’s Jedi Order. He struggles with this choice and won’t take the final step until he learns - in a moment of spectacular clarity - that the biggest deception of Skywalker was his failure to tell him that the Jedi Anakin Skywalker - his grandfather - was also Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. This knowledge emboldens Ben to finally act on his plans and conduct the massacre at the Jedi Temple - with this, he begins his own crusade against cults that believe rigidly in the light side of the Force. In doing so, he is convinced that he is enacting his destiny as the galaxy’s saviour. Ben sinks further and further into his own brand of zealotry, kept on a tight leash by Snoke and subject to incessant praise and flattery that do little to calm the doubt that continues to eat away at him.

Luke, heartbroken, leaves everything behind to go into retreat. Feeling responsible for having unleashed a new dark force onto the galaxy in the form of his nephew, Luke desperately seeks answers that will allow him to divine the true will of the Force and put things right again.

The Star Signs as Different Portrayals of Reylo

Aries - Matt the Radar Technician/Undercover Technician Rey

Taurus - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Jedi Rey

Gemini - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Dark Sider Rey

Cancer - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Undercover Technician Rey

Leo -  Senator Ben Solo/Jedi Rey

Virgo -  Senator Ben Solo/Dark Sider Rey

Libra - Jedi Ben Solo/Jedi Rey

Scorpio - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Jedi Rey

Sagittarius - Dark Sider Kylo Ren/Dark Sider Rey

Capricorn - Ben Solo The Smuggler/Senator Rey

Aquarius - Senator Rey/Dark Sider Kylo Ren

Pisces-  Ben Solo/Rey The Scavenger

RIP Kylo Ren? Nah.

I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone else but… I love how scary Kylo is. Even though there is a man underneath it all–a conflicted dramatic Skywalker–he is still intimidating as fuck and I love it. So yes, of course I will miss Kylo’s mask, the frayed cowl, the villainous decoder voice, the villain swag, the clenched fists, and the lightsaber destroying shit. It will always be iconic.

But I’m SO READY for anti-hero Kylo. And I’ve honestly been ready since day one.

To anyone feeling betrayed that he might become “not as cool” or lose any of his Kylo-esque personality traits I just want ya’ll to remember a few things that might help the transition:

1) I’m fairly certain many of us went into TFA expecting this masked baddie to be just another boring dark sider, a one dimensional villain who we didn’t care about, a one and done. They definitely blew all my expectations out of the water. Everything I got and everything I’m going to get is ALL so much more and so much better than I ever hoped for. Even all the shitty discourse I wouldn’t trade for anything because, well, I got to discuss & analyze one of my all-time favorite SW characters with friends, family, co-workers, and my online SW fandom. I’m prepared for anything, I feel ready to survive this epic (and likely painful) story!

2) Kylo Ren… well, he doesn’t really like being Kylo Ren. The guy isn’t happy in the First Order isolated under Snoke’s creepy overbearing wing. Even his dad, while dying at his hand, remarked just how sad his son’s eyes are, how Ben looked deprived and malnourished. Han wanted Ben to find peace. Being the villain isn’t going to do that. He thinks he wants it, he thinks he needs it for any kind of self-worth… but is villainy his true nature or true calling? I don’t think it is. I think people will much prefer the anti-hero Kylo once we see the transformation… because he will be more confident, stable, determined, powerful, and even more badass imo because he will be fighting for himself… maybe (hopefully) even alongside Rey. NOT fighting for Snoke. I think it’s going to be super interesting watching him go down a grayer path.

3) He’ll still be Kylo. All the snark, all the sass, the puppy headtilts, the gazing into his enemy’s eyes, the ultimate Hux insult generator, the bridal-carrier… he’ll just be a little less of an asshole–you know, showing his humanity, dealing with the aftermaths of his father’s murder, getting closer to Rey, etc.

So even if he heads the way of the anti-hero and we eventually lose our masked villain I will always want Kylo to have that choice to be who he wants. Because a creepy old asshole has interfered with that choice since before he was born. If Kylo chooses to die, rot in a jail cell, or even become a semi-heroic character, just let it be his choice. And that will be more than enough badassery for me, mask or no mask :)

Still facepalming at every idiot who’s all ‘omg Rey is going to the dark side!!!!’ based on her clothing.

She looks like a freaking Jedi, guys. She’s predominantly in very classic off-whites and browns – the darkest item of clothing she wears is brown – plus the grey sash/scarf thingy that might signify possibly adopting the Grey Jedi philosophy from Luke.

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You and others seem upset about mentions of the light and dark in The Last Jedi trailer but there have been a bunch of mentions of those two sides in the TV shows. Obviously it wasn't on their minds in the original movies but they're definitely expanding on the mythology nowadays.

Part of my problem with it is 1) the implications and 2) ignores the Taoist roots

For 1, the implications of the Dark Side being a side instead of a corruption makes the Star Wars universe… suckier. Because throughout the movies, TV show, and all other stuff, the Dark Side is presented as evil, corrupting, and damaging. Anakin goes off the walls when he falls. Dooku aids in the destruction of the Republic and spread of corruption. Palpatine is manipulative. Say what you want, but all presented Dark Siders are perfectly fine with murder and mass slaughter. Which, as a corruption, makes sense. But as a legitimate, and necessary, side of the Force?

That means that balance in the Force requires a degree of mass slaughter and murder. Which makes balance kind of evil. And this ties into the weird dummying down of Taoism.

(Disclaimer: I am no expert on Taoism and Eastern philosophy, so if someone who is wants to comment I am fine.)

Now, I will not deny that Star Wars has always had Christian themes in it, from the virgin birth to Luke’s redeeming of his father. But those aren’t the only themes. The Jedi have a ton of Eastern influences, from the very name ‘Jedi’. The Force is very Taoist in nature. And in Taoism, it’s not a balance of good and evil. It’s a balance of life and death, chaos and order, with imbalance resulting in evil. You need to accept that death is part of life. You don’t need to accept murder and mass slaughter.

Except… balance is apparently between murder and not murder now.

Having a Light Side, and making the Dark Side equal to it feels like a shitty retcon. And it makes the story worse for it in my opinion. I get graying morality, and letting the Jedi make mistakes and have issues. But turning it from an Order that let politics warp their spiritual beliefs into a group that was clearly wrong about the whole basis of their theology from the beginning where they preached balance by not being balanced feels like it dummies down the story and makes things worse.

(Also, the Light/Dark thing seems to arise out of the need to make flawed good guys become bad guys because… good guys apparently need to be perfect now)

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Three sentence fic: something inspired by that Sith!Luke and Vader in a bacta tank art you reblogged earlier?

(This is the art, by @3bsambi)

Good news: I did fill the prompt. 

Bad news: It is not 3 sentences long, and I can’t tell if it makes any sense because I wrote it all at once in a fit of hyperfocus at work, drove home, edited it once, and am now posting it. I have not slept more than 4 hours a night all week. I have a splitting headache. I think I’m a little high. can’t tell if this is bad or good.

Different news: It is 26 paragraphs long. Read the author’s note at the bottom for some explanation re: this AU I just made up. 

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Sweet Omega (Sith!Obi-Wan/Darth Valor x Reader)

Prompt:  “ Hi! I saw that thing about the a/b/o universe and you don’t have to write it but I though like what if the reader and sith!Obi wan met and he realized you were his mate during a battle between them. Idk it’s silly but, I really do love your work! ~C”

A/N: Darth Valor is a character from my fic Struggling Against Me, which you can find on Ao3. I recommend reading that before this if you’re not familiar with Darth Valor. If you have, though, enjoy this A/B/O spinoff!

Originally posted by soartfullydone

The sounds and scent of battle were thick around you as you swung your lightsaber, taking out droids left and right and deflecting their blaster shots as you led your troops onwards. It was only a matter of time until Separatists started to retreat; their droids were no match for your highly trained clones, and you could practically taste the victory as you pushed the front line closer and closer to their base.

“General (Y/L/N)!”

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The Jedi Path: Ch. 1

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: psychological / emotional abuse; not underage

SUMMARY: She’s Ben’s world: the only thing he cares about, the only thing he needs, the only one who matters. That interest used to be focused on Rey’s power, her talent, her fierce, uncompromising will. Platonic, if not innocent, but now—now he still loves her like a protege, but he wants her too. He wants her, and he can’t keep lying to himself about it.

NOTES: Here, have a Jedi Master!Ben and Padawan!Rey AU. :D

I didn’t mark this fic with an underage warning because nothing physical happens between Ben and Rey until she’s eighteen. There is, however, significant discussion of her infatuation with Ben from the time she’s sixteen, so please be aware of that.

@reylotrashcompactor​ has been helping me with this fic for months, and I owe her many thanks for her help. The good news is that I have half of this story already written, and I plan to stick to a 1-2 week update schedule until it’s complete.

There is no abuse between Rey and Kylo in this fic. The psychological/emotional abuse warning is included because of Snoke’s mental abuse of Ben.

WHO ARE YOU? (i’m no one)

- point of origin -

Here is a quiet truth that Ben has always kept close: he’s never alone.

Some powerful, compelling voice whispers secrets in his ear, shows him visions and makes tantalizing promises. When he listens well, the stranger who invades his mind gives effusive praise, telling Ben how strong and good he is. But if he ignores or disobeys orders, he can look forward to blinding pain behind his eyes, so miserable that it makes him vomit and weep.

His mother took him to a dozen different doctors throughout his childhood, desperate to solve the mystery of his debilitating headaches, but none of them ever discovered the source of his pain.

There’s nothing wrong with him, a bewildered doctor once said. Not physically, at least.

Ben has never told anyone about the voice in his head, at first because it ordered him not to. Now he keeps his silence out of fear that he’s mad, every bit as crazy as his family and his peers think he is.

Even when it doesn’t speak, Ben can feel this other presence lurking in the back of his mind. Watching and waiting, although he doesn’t know what for.

Han Solo swaggers off his newest secondhand ship—a (probably stolen) rustbucket that looks no more reliable than the last one. Dad squints against the brightness of Tatooine’s twin suns, strides over to Master Luke, and pulls him into a warm embrace.

He’s warier when he approaches Ben, maybe because he hasn’t visited the Jedi Academy in over three years. Then again, he’s always been too careful around his son, guarded with his words and hesitant with his affection. Never sure of what to expect from his unpredictable child, yet usually anticipating the worst.

Ben wishes he didn’t know these things, but his father’s mind is open to him through the Force, just like everyone else’s. And maybe this is why he has so much trouble trusting: because he can sense the ugly truths lurking beneath people’s facades.

Still, he throws a friendly arm around Ben’s shoulders and asks, “How’s my boy?”

“Twenty-three, as of last month, and much too old to be called a boy,” Ben says. “I’ll forgive you, though; I know you’ve never been any good at keeping up with birthdays.”

Ben means it as a joke, but his voice comes out sharper than intended, and his father’s touch falls away.

Even though Dad doesn’t say anything, Ben can feel the regret radiating off of him. Guilt for foisting his unplanned and unwanted child off on Luke thirteen years ago. Shame for being an absent father long before that. But there’s anger too, because he resents that his son never lets him forget his shortcomings.

“How are you?” Ben asks.

“Can’t complain,” Dad says, and now he’s smiling, an expression that deepens the lines bracketing his mouth.

His father’s hair has gone fully grey, his skin thinner and more wrinkled, since Ben last saw him face to face. And when they walk to the temple, he notices that his gait has finally begun to slow, his stride grown less powerful than it used to be. Ben looks away, unsettled.

Dad joins the Jedi for their evening meal, his overloud voice too exuberant in this subdued temple. The younglings beg for smuggling tales, the older Padawans for details of his adventures during the war. Dad brags his way through dinner, and his storytelling even makes Master Luke smile.

His father doesn’t show it, but Ben can tell how out of place he feels here. A man with no sensitivity to the mystical energies of the galaxy, whose faith rests in what he can see and touch, surrounded by the Force’s chosen few. He covers his discomfort with tall tales and laughter, but Ben can see right through him.

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What do you think its the most "realistic" reylo theory. The one that you say "I can see that happening in the movies".

HI there!

Thanks for the question, let’s get started.

I don’t really think we’re gonna get a kiss or something… You know, fluffy things. People say, in Star Wars, we always get some romance in the second movie. But Rey and Kylo is not like that, they don’t have that dynamic - if they have any at all at the moment. Kylo just murdered Han, left Finn unconscious and so much more, he is everything she hates now. 

Why do I think reylo is gonna happen? Because of the symbolism, because it feels right, because it would be awesome story and bring some wonderful character arcs. And so far, we haven’t seen anything against reylo but things supporting it.

For “the most realistic reylo theory”, I would say we will see some interaction between them. Something will happen like a force bond, a connection. Kylo already has a thing for Rey. As the things will happen, maybe Rey will see him as a human, too, maybe she will understand him and even forgive him (”Well, Rey is very forgiving, so…” -Carrie Fisher). But these things will take long time.

I personally don’t think they knew each other from Luke’s academy or something… But Kylo heard of her for sure (”It is you.”), it is in the novel. How does he know of her? I can’t be sure yet, but that could be something related to Luke and the dark siders. Mark and Daisy mentioned that we’ll be surprised about Luke’s arc and the story, we’ll get something we don’t except, back in SWCO last week. So, it could be something Luke did? Or Snoke mentioned? I don’t know.

But, I mean, look at them…

Yeah, it will happen.

Star Wars summarized by "history of the entire world, i guess"
  • Phantom Menace: something's alive in the ocean
  • *sees Anakin* that's a human person!
  • *sees Coruscant* oh, and here's a huge city, population = everyone.
  • guess what happens next?
  • business, money, writing, laws, power,
  • Society
  • Attack of the Clones: let's divide up the lands so we're both happy. SIKE! they both get angrier!
  • The Clone Wars: crusade!
  • Revenge of the Sith: volcano alert.
  • the Sith just invaded most of the universe. nice going, Sheev! i bet that will last a long time.
  • oh, fuck, now everything's dead.
  • just kidding, here are the survivors. *shows Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Vader, Palpatine* keep your eye on this one *Luke*, because it's about to become
  • *A JEDI*
  • Rebels: *Lothal* is starting to like the idea of a revolution, especially the slaves, who free themselves by killing their masters. "why didn't we think of this before?"
  • Rogue One: *shows Jyn* Space Dust
  • *shows Death Star* Even crazier space dust
  • *Jedha and Scarif's last thoughts* the sun is a deadly laser
  • "hi, everything's great," said some girl *Jyn* who seems to be getting very popular and is then arrested and killed for being too popular, which actually makes her more popular.
  • A New Hope: *Alderaan is destroyed* whoops half of Europe just died
  • Empire Strikes Back: ice age!
  • Want to get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?
  • oops, the rebellion just broke. but while it was breaking, Luke was figuring out how to have good morals.
  • you could make a religion out of this.
  • Return of the Jedi: FIGHT!!
  • *Luke defeats Vader*
  • *Luke throws away his lightsaber*
  • The Force Awakens: "that's bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why," said *Kylo Ren, in his new massacre which might have accidentally started the second galactic civil war.*
  • In general:
  • Jedi: have good morals
  • Rebels: go with the flow
  • Imperials/Dark Siders: fuck you, obey the law

It’s long been my theory that Rey’s parents were Dark siders who abandoned her on Jakku because Luke Skywalker and his padawan Ben Solo were hunting them. Luke eventually caught up to them and killed them, leaving their daughter an orphan. I also think Kylo will be the one to tell Rey the truth about this.

Let’s just say my theory is looking more and more plausible every day.

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uh, the Citadel was to contain former Jedi who DID become Sith/dark-siders/a major threat to society?? not just random people who left the order

Yes, leaving the Jedi Order didn’t mean a one way ticket to the Citadel.

I haven’t watched this arc in a while but if I remember correctly we didn’t get many details on how the Citadel operated under the Jedi control. All we know is that it was a prison to hold jedi who lost their way.

That on its own is not that shady. But when you consider that the Jedi Council had a penchant for “disappearing” prisoners, had the power to act as judge, jury and executor to its own members, and had clearly biased opinions against anyone outside their circle, the idea of a gigantic inescapable prison for “lost Jedi” becomes terrifying.

I see the Citadel as the Jed-only equivalent of the extremely shady Ghost Prison (the one for “common” criminals). The question is, what makes someone lost and who gets to decide that? the answer is the Jedi, and only the Jedi. There’s no trial, with most prisoners simply “disappearing” after their arrest. In both of theses prisons, there’s no real justice.

The Force Bond will bring balance to the Force.


It doesn’t work for just light vs. dark. There needs to be a middle ground. Jedi’s wholeheartedly believe that by using the Forced, They’re emerged within the light not thinking any dark thoughts. But within everyone, there’s both good and at times, evil in a way. We’re all sinners. Anakin was definitely an example of someone within the middle trying to find a balance. The Jedi Order were always on his case about shutting out fears, love, and hatred. So of course he was persuaded by the Dark Side… but of course in doing so, he had to take many lives, which resulted not in a balance of dabbling in the dark, but completely drowning within it.

Luke restored a lot of that as he and many others fought the Empire. But in his mind, it was still light vs. dark side. And look what happened… it failed… again.

Now here we are again. History is once again at the pinnacle… the turning point. That’s why I think Luke disappeared for so long. He realized that it’s not one or the other. There has to be a medium; a balance. As he was gone he read the Jedi Order even more and that’s why he tells Rey, that it’s time for the Jedi to “end.” Because he’s finally ready to make that change and he will be the LAST OF THE JEDI. Rey, she will be a new beginning; of the GREY “JEDI.”

It’s what makes sense. You look at Kylo Ren, and he’s constantly battling light vs. dark. That was his motto: “I feel the pull to the light.” Snoke was all about turning away from the compassion. Kylo believed in killing his father, he would completely be a dark sider. But as we all saw, that’s not what happens at all. He’s weakened not only from his injury from Chewy, but within him. Killing Han, made him so vulnerable and not stronger within the dark side at all. I think we’ll really continue to see this battle in him. What he doesn’t realize is that it doesn’t need to be one or the other, and soon enough I think he’ll join in becoming a GREY/balanced Force user.

We saw a glimpse of Rey dabbling within the dark side as she was battling Kylo in that final light saber scene. I do believe she connected with him using the Force to dive deeper in their Force Bond… and that’s why we really saw similarities to the way she fought to Anakin. She was connecting with a Skywalker (Kylo). But their battle just reminds me so much of Kenobi/Skywalker battle (episode 3). I think together they’ll help restore the balance. She has so much light and he has so much dark; together, they’ll find the balance of the Force. A bit of both.

@gffa has done a series of posts on prequel Jedi that I’ve found super interesting, particularly a recent one on what Jedi do with emotions, and I wanted to toss this into that conversation. I’m not reblogging because that thread would be massive and because this is not central to the point, more like support for a general idea and because I’ve gone on a tangent here on what to do with dark siders (spoiler alert I have no conclusion).

Of course, this is Legends and a lot has been discussed about how Legends is not canon, but it does offer an expansion on canon that I’ve always found super interesting.

This exchange is between Jai a normal Jedi dude and Whie a padawan (not his padawan) in which they discuss flaws and the dark side:

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Kylo Ren and Darth Caedus Aesthetic Comparison

Few Pointers:

- Similar Hair

- Both Dark Siders

- Differences though is that Kylo Ren is conflicted (like he looks conflicted) whereas Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo) is purely determined to be a dark sider.

A Semi-Long Meta about Kylo Ren, Power, and Idealization

I really feel like I don’t see enough talk in the fandom about Kylo’s power. Childish and emotionally-stunted as he may be, his abilities with the Force are at an expert-level, judging from his ability to stop a bolt mid-air from the blaster-pistol Poe fires at him, and then have it stay frozen in place for several minutes. In addition, there’s his ability to delve deep into people’s minds to excavate the information he needs. Rey is an exception because she retaliates with her own Force abilities, but even then, it takes a lot of effort on her part. He was still able to see snippets of what was going on in her head. It’s pretty impressive, simply put, and his influence in the Order is not a fluke; you know he gets a private audience with Snoke and has his own unit (the Knights of Ren) because of his abilities.

Let’s talk about the Knights of Ren for a moment, too.  I want to specifically focus on the use of the word knights. Knighthood as we know it is most often associated with European knighthood in the Middle Ages, where to be a knight was considered a prestigious social rank of the lower nobility. Knights were esteemed because the title was associated with chivalry, gallantry, and heroism. They were well-respected and idealized. 

It’s an interesting term to use, given the antithesis of the technologically-advanced Star Wars universe and the Middle Ages, which are primitive by comparison. How did the First Order even come to use the term? The unlikelihood of knighthood existing as we know it in the Star Wars Universe leads me to believe that the use of the title “Knights of Ren” has less to do with the literal meaning, and more to do with the symbolic meaning. That is, more to do with the ideals of knighthood.

This is important to note, because it ties in oh-so-perfectly with Kylo Ren’s own proclivity for idealization. For a man that worships a grandfather he never met, as well as the actions of said grandfather, specifically the actions that only reflected the Darth Vader identity and not the Anakin Skywalker identity, it is clear that idealization is Kylo’s weakness. The Knights of Ren fit in perfectly with his narrow, rose-tinted view of the First Order, Snoke, and the Dark Side. In his mind, being a Knight of Ren is chivalry, gallantry, heroism. He believes he is fighting for the right side because he values those things, and those values are reflected in the First Order in his eyes. Of course they are only reflected on a superficial level (such as giving his unit the title “The Knights of Ren”), but since he has been under Snoke’s influence since birth, he doesn’t need much convincing and never questions the fragile structure his beliefs are founded on.

For the sake of making things come full-circle, you can now understand how he came to be so skilled with the Force. His ideals make him a perfectionist of the Dark side. He strives to be the best Dark Sider he can be by trying to cleanse himself of the Light. 

“Your son is gone,” Kylo tells Han. “He was weak and foolish, like his father, so I destroyed him.” 

Destroying Ben Solo = cleansing himself of the Light side.

But when Kylo doesn’t meet the standards that he sets for himself and fails the First Order (the paragon of the Dark side), he explodes. 

An example of this is his temper-tantrum when Rey escapes. He was responsible for her capture and for restraining her, and he was the only one who knew she was Force-sensitive, so, naturally, the blame for her escape falls on him. When he destroys her prison cell to crisps with his lightsaber, he is having a moment with himself. He doesn’t take his anger out on any Stormtroopers or demand who was responsible for letting her slip between his fingers. He likely deduced how she escaped on his own, realized his mistake in not keeping her better-guarded, and lashed out. 

He sees the call to the Light as a weakness in much the same way someone might see being tempted by one of the Seven Deadly Sins as a weakness. He reprimands himself for being tempted, going so far as to pray to the essence of Darth Vader as if he’s in a freakin’ church confessional. He wants to be pure like a true, devoted follower of his religion. The reason he ends up doing morally-reprehensible things is because the First Order’s definition of purity includes them: wiping out the Jedi and the Republic, destroying planets- those are the means by which the Light side he sees as dangerous can be defeated. Kylo Ren takes an active participation in it all, because he sees himself as a knight fighting for the greater good.

Time is one of the worst media brainwashers on the shelf.  This month?

This RIGHT HERE is why the “mental health” industry (and affiliated systemized identity-policing known as “psychology”) needs to be treated like the bullshit it is.

“eat slowly!  take more naps!  breath deeply!  don’t do things that feel icky in your body!”  It’s great advice, but you might as well just tell people, “don’t be poor.” Because ain’t nobody got time for that.  Not the working class.

And never mind the corporations spewing lead and other toxic chemicals into our environment, engineering processed foods to be convenient + addictive and selling them as “healthy,” and manipulating the public with advertising 24/7 in ways so subconscious and insidious they should be (and sometimes are?) illegal.  Just spend more time on “you!” “Master your mind.”  It’s post-Calvinist faith-healing flowing through 20th century business-coach-guru bullshit into a convenient system of social control.

And the thing is, “spend more time on YOU” is the right idea!  But it’s not poor mental health and depression that’s stopping people.  It’s power.

Any reasonable person would look at our society and be angry.  Outraged.  We don’t act out our anger due to threat of force.  When we do act it out, we punch at simulacra: talking heads with superficial and imagined power over us instead of corrupt cops and politicians and the bourgeoise.  We fight each other instead of the people truly hurting us.

Pssh.  Mindfulness.  Meditation.  It’s another way to make people self-blame for their unhappiness.  Unhappy?  Monitor your thoughts and feelings for sin and violence and anything irrational or unreasonable!  Still unhappy?  Monitor your monitoring!

Anything anything anything to prevent people from trusting their judgement and taking direct action.

–from a reply by @salamanderinspace in a longer thread

Reblogging here for general relevance to dark siders, and specific relevance to Jedi dogma. Relinquishing your power to experts, and being assured that is the “right thing to do,” is normalized, political, and suicidal.

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