dark side of the signs

The dark side of The Signs
  • Aries: Reckless to the point of disaster. By the time they figure out they've done or said too much, it's too late and the damage is already done.
  • Taurus: Unkind and unforgiving to those who once held their trust. They can be so blind to reason and to explanation. They will throw away people they love just to prove a point.
  • Gemini: You never know what you're going to get out of them. One day they'll be ready to help you and love you, they next they'll tell you never to speak to them again.
  • Cancer: They love blaming every problem they encounter on others. Because someone hated them so much, they had to have wished this on them. At least, that's what they're thinking.
  • Leo: They become extremely frustrated and hostile when they don't get what they want. They are convinced they deserve to have it, so if it means they need to break out the fangs, they will.
  • Virgo: They think they know better than you; and they'll tell you all about it. Did you really think you did something well? Virgo will explain just how to perfect it, and how they "could've done it better."
  • Libra: They aren't as harmless as they appear. The worst of them will try to eliminate whatever gets into their way. They don't care how "good" your intentions are- you're wasting their time, and they will most likely find a way to get you out of their way.
  • Scorpio: They don't forget. If you come back around years later trying to be close again, they will guilt trip you and then send you back. You don't want to fuck with these guys.
  • Sagittarius: They don't care about your feelings. If they have something to say, they're going to say it. And if you scream and cry, they're ultimately convinced it's not on them.
  • Capricorn: They will watch, and judge, every single thing you do. If they hate you a little extra, they'll fuck it up and get you in trouble for your accidents, too.
  • Aquarius: They will completely shut you out when they're bored of you. Don't expect an explanation (or any kind of friendly one,) or any sort of "mercy." They'll just sneer at you and walk away.
  • Pisces: They will lie right through their teeth to spare your feelings, and then go and do something they know would break your heart. Only for the pleasure of the moment.
Scorpio & Leo
  • Leo, crying while looking at old photos: Scorpio, walks into her room with snacks: Hey Leo- whoa, what's wrong?
  • Leo, not bothering to wipe her tears: Today is the day my old cat Mikey passed away when he went outside and got hit by a car...
  • Scorpio, nods his head as he walks over to her: I'm sorry for your loss, but it would be better to think that he went to a better place, yeah?
  • Leo, glances up at him: Like a kitty strip club where he meets a stripper named Diamonds and helps her get out of the pimp game? Then propose to her and have kittens?
  • Scorpio: Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night
Lilith Signs

Lilith is an asteroid whose significance in astrology is that it reveals our ‘dark side’. Lilith is the secret wild child within us all that we attempt to keep hidden from the world. The parts of us we wish didn’t exist because they don’t fit a trim, neat image that’s expected of us by the public eye. Rage, stress, and triggering memories can reveal our Lilith’s attributes to us.

Lilith in Aries: Emotionally unstable, fiercely independent, defiance to authority, sensuality, passionate tendencies, need for control

Lilith in Taurus: Possessive, jealous, focusing on materialistic, out of control sexuality, extreme stubbornness, refusing to change, addictive tendencies, lazy

Lilith in Gemini: Mental isolation, nervous breakdowns, anxiety, sexual unpredictability, multiple personalities, manipulative

Lilith in Cancer: Unhealthy relationship with family, ashamed of vulnerability/rejection of vulnerability, out of touch with feminine side, sexual repression, obsessive, temptations, fertility difficulties, authoritarian mother

Lilith in Leo: Overly ambitious, exaggerated sexuality, cold will, arrogant, pushy, stifled creativity, tendency to get involved in love affairs, insecure

Lilith in Virgo: Overworking, health problems, either repressed sexuality or over-expressed sexuality, frustration, anxious, stutter, curiosity, emotional instability, OCD tendencies, prudish

Lilith in Libra: Discomfort in social situations, loner, egoism, snob-like, always feeling unsatisfied, lack of balance in relationships, health problems, widowhood, anti-socialism or too much socializing, feeling life is missing something

Lilith in Scorpio: Interest in metaphysics, unhealthy sexual tendencies, desire to dominate, frustration, passionate power, suicidal impulses, fanatical joy, nightmares, extremist, addiction-prone

Lilith in Sagittarius: Lack of direction, feels different, feels lack of independence, trapped, in search of spiritual guide, accident-prone, breaks all the rules or is extremely limited, difficulties with strangers

Lilith in Capricorn: Either over-worker or lazy bum, REPRESSION, cold, snobby, silent, prone to depression, sadistic, close-minded, trials, feels isolated, feels deprivation, possible widowhood

Lilith in Aquarius: Tense, nervous, lack of friends, death of friends, either over or under sexually active, claustrophobic, desire for independence, surgery, accident-prone, possible divorce, not true to oneself

Lilith in Pisces: Risk of real of symbolic imprisonment, health problems, drug tendencies to escape reality, escapism, searching for perfect fairy tale land, wrong spiritual choices, gift of prophecy, illegality, psychic troubles, many love affairs, a feeling of being different, getting lost in dreams

Our Lilith is not meant to weaken us; it’s meant to show us our weaknesses so we can learn how to channel them into strengths. As we develop as people, the negative traits of our lilith become points of strength for us to use.

Scorpio & Cancer
  • Cancer, sitting on the couch next to Scorpio watching TV, scoots over & crawls on to his lap, kisses his neck: Scorpiiiiiii
  • Scorpio, pauses the show & looks into her eyes: Whoa-- someone is needy tonight
  • Cancer, pouts & bites his earlobe, mumbles: Shut up and fuck me
  • Scorpio, eyes widen:
  • Cancer, blushes:
  • Scorpio, smirks & bites his lips: Alright, just don't regret what you just said
The Dark Side Of The Signs

Aries: anger

Taurus: feeling so-so all the time

Cancer: self pity

Gemini: relying on people’s opinions too much

Leo: the need for constant reassurance

Virgo: overthinking

Libra: controlling

Scorpio: the inability to trust anyone

Sagittarius: they feel like they can’t relate to anyone

Capricorn: never following their heart

Aquarius: feeling the need to be perfect

Pisces: indecisiveness

The Signs as Force Girls (pt.8 of 12)

Scorpio - Barriss Offee

When Barriss became the apprentice of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, no one would have believed that she of all people would be the one beginning to question the system and the Jedis’ role in the republic. Early on and very close to Luminara, Barriss learned to become disciplined, calm and objective on the outside. Therefore not many were able to recognise what was going on inside of Barriss. She would have sacrificed herself for a reason that she would see as worthy. Moreover it is said that Barriss was especially talented in the usage of healing powers. Barris was also closely befriended to Ahsoka Tano with whom she shared a special connection. She always wanted to know what’s going on behind the scenes so she studied eagerly to be prepared for anything. So it would happen that Barriss discovered for herself that her beliefs and ideas of what the Jedi should do and be like did not match the reality. She now questioned the Jedis’ role in the war seeing them as mindless warriors that had forgotten their original mission: Being the keeper of the peace. Not trusting anybody, Barriss came to realize that she could not proceed the way she had until then. So she entered a darker path that would eventually lead to her exclusion from the Jedi Order.  


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LILITH- your dark side

Lilith in Aries:impulse, violence, selfishness, vulgarity, audaciousness, ruthlessness, hungry for power

Lilith in Taurus:indulgence, hedonism, lust, fornication, sexual impulse, pleasure-oriented, careless with money

Lilith in Gemini:manipulation, unfaithfulness, criticalness, restlessness, impatience, superficiality, two-faced

Lilith in Cancer:dependence, neediness, dissatisfaction, fear of rejection, corrupt family, refusal to accept help

Lilith in Leo:egoism, impatience, dictatorial, emotional immaturity, provocative, dramatic, desperate to be noticed

Lilith in Virgo:compulsion, perfectionism, criticalness, hypersensitivity, suppressed/hidden sexuality, obsessiveness

Lilith in Libra:indecisiveness, ambivalence, loss of individuality, dangerously seductive, desperate for affection and praise

Lilith in Scorpio:jealousy, violence, rage, hatred, low self-esteem, defensiveness, manipulation, uncontrollable desire 

Lilith in Sagittarius:temptation, immaturity, ruthlessness, disillusionment, lack of communication, takes on the identity of others

Lilith in Capricorn:materialism, rigidity, superiority complex, stubborn nature, obsession with control 

Lilith in Aquarius:impatience, obsession with freedom, rebellion, fear of being tied down, excessive individualism

Lilith in Pisces:nervousness, self-deception, indecisiveness, hesitance, naivety, submission

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  • Aries: Naive, hopeless optimist
  • Taurus: Massive appetite for revenge
  • Gemini: Can't properly function in social settings
  • Cancer: Gets upset at you for being rightfully mad at them
  • Leo: Dies if they're not in the center of attention
  • Virgo: Doesn't know how to ask anyone for help
  • Libra: Petty and childish
  • Scorpio: Still stuck in their Avril Lavigne phase
  • Sagittarius: Has a false sense of moral superiority
  • Capricorn: Blames themselves for things that are far out of their control
  • Aquarius: Gets angry over irrational things
  • Pisces: Tries too hard to be someone that they're not
The Signs and their dark sides
  • Dark Aries: Someone that brags about how strong they are. Will also cheat their way to the top. And will always have a short-fused attitude.
  • Dark Taurus: Usually a bully. Will steal things with force. Only cares about food and pleasing self.
  • Dark Gemini: Never stops talking bullshit. Mediocre and Shallow. Clingy as hell.
  • Dark Cancer: Over reacts just to gain attention. No control over emotions. Overreactions to small things and would rather stay home then talk to someone.
  • Dark Leo: Thinks they are always right. Will be nice one minute but then passively insults you. Will do his best to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Dark Virgo: Princess like attitude. Always uptight. Their looks go before everything else.
  • Dark Libra: Will stop having feelings for you in a snap. Will laugh at insults and the feelings of others. But also thinks the world is out to get them
  • Dark Scorpio: Purely aggressive and doesn't trust anyone. Will kick you when you're down. Manipulative.
  • Dark Sagittarius: Acts like a complete Know it all. No sense of loyalty. Always exaggerate.
  • Dark Capricorn: Work goes before everything. Won't talk to you and will give no emotion but anger if you try.
  • Dark Aquarius: Tries to stick out of the crowd way too much.
  • Very Irrational and indecisive. Will always think they're right.
  • Dark Pisces: Lacks little will what so ever. Will push people away any way they can. Won't even try and at times skip a lot of plans just to stay and cry.