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Your post in response to that anon about why Kanan is a bad mentor for Ezra was really interesting and reasoned, and it's given me a lot of things to think about. If you don't mind the question, could you talk a bit about how Maul would be a better mentor for Ezra? (Or how you'd like Maul to be a better mentor for Ezra, since we're so unlikely to see this from canon?)

(This is a follow-up to this ask about Kanan and Ezra’s relationship).

I have many positive things to say about Maul as Ezra’s mentor, and one issue. Keep in mind again that I have not seen any part of Season 3 of Rebels, so recent events may or may not further complicate and/or adjust my current opinion. (Edit: and also, please don’t send me spoilers on any events that do happen in Season 3, even if you believe they may/may not change my opinion on things. Thank you, it’s appreciated).

Why I like Maul as Ezra’s mentor:

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