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Well hi there, and thank you for the compliment. I’m a little less calm than I look, honestly, but at least with questions on tumblr I can take my time to answer them. It definitely helps me get my thoughts together.

And I do have a very long answer for you, and it comes in several parts. Bear with me. 

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snugglerben  asked:

What do you think of the theory of Rey having dark side/Imperial parents who were responsible for releasing an ancient evil (Snoke) from within Jakku? Do you think this could lead to her changing her feelings about Kylo, if she found out that her family had a role in turning him into a "monster"?

I think that’s a great theory and it’s certainly one I’d be interested in seeing. It would certainly give Rey a compelling reason to feel sympathy for Kylo, and would give her a stake in his redemption.

Captain Malavai Quinn - part of an ongoing WIP

Got any Quinn fans out there? :P 

My personal headcanon [SPOILER] is that Quinn is assigned to Prymis (a male sith pureblood, body type 3) by Lord Baras. However, Prymis is a complete asshole (Dark Lvl 3) and slaughters pretty much anyone he meets including Imperials. The Sith Warrior class storyline plays out where Quinn betrays Prymis but failing to kill him, pledges his service once again. Secretly, Quinn absolutely loathes the Emperor’s Wrath, especially after the death of Darth Baras and eventually leaves the crew. He goes back to Dromund Kaas where he meets another Sith warrior (female, sith pureblood, body type 3) and falls in love. Together, they take down Prymis and with his duty fulfilled, Quinn marries his new Lord :3

Why the Dark Side?

There’s something I’ve noticed about people, mainly on swtor but also outside of it: most people below the age of 14 will choose the light side, while those above this age tend toward the dark side (let’s disregard what happens above age 30 for now and focus on those younger).

Why is this?

I would say that the dark side isn’t about being evil. It’s about self-respect and self-confidence, emotion and feeling, strength and power. The dark side is all about following one’s heart and looking out for oneself.

The light, however, gives us a focus on the mind and on others. It’s about being benevolent and being ethical. To be ethical, however, sometimes one needs to be immoral. So one needs to let go of one’s emotions and feelings and focus on what is “universally right.”

But the dark side allows one to never be in conflict with oneself: to always believe in oneself and do what you think best. Sometimes one needs to go against the greater good to save oneself or one’s loved ones; is that really so bad?

Now let’s consider the classic Batman statement: "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.“

Now why is that? Do you start being moral and not ethical? Do you start focusing on yourself instead of those around you? And is that really so wrong?

Younger generations still hold their innocence, their belief in benevolence, in black in white. But older generations understand that a sense of self-respect and self-focus is healthy, and in fact required at times. Though selflessness is heroic, it is often unattainable. This can explain why Jedi did not recruit force-sensitives who were too old: because they already had too much “darkness” in them, or rather, too many emotional ties and not enough selflessness.

So think past your beliefs of what side you should be, and consider what side, light or dark, you are.


“Sorry, master. I was just so excited about my discoveries I forgot myself. I hope he bought it.”

Ben Mendelsohn’s character, and Imperial Admiral, looks soooo badass in the new trailer! 

White on white bad guy dude from something something something Star Wars by Yohann Schepacz aka @oxanstudio

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