dark sandy

During a dive off the coast of Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, photographer Sergio Sarta was scanning a volcanic, dark grey, sandy seabed when he saw a bright-colored organism—a fire urchin with a pair of tiny Coleman shrimps. The fire urchin has quills that are very toxic to humans, and the shrimps avoid this danger by seeking out safe areas between the quills.

Going back through the blogs I’m currently following is sort of sad and strange all at once; for example I’m following over 20 variations of Pitch, but only two out of said 20 are still active.

I follow two Bunnymunds but I’ve never seen either actually post things, just what other people reblog from them

Three Sandies, only one is sort of active (not including Dark!Sandi)

Where did everyone gO?? COME BACK, I MISS YOU

Ocean house aesthetics:
  • Gryffindor: a tree-lined empty tropical beach reached by hiking through miles of green forest, bright-blue clear water, exploring the forest around it and swimming our far to larger rocks and snorkeling in the warm water, returning to shore to dry off around a small fire
  • Slytherin: rough, dark blue and white frothy water with waves crashing on a dark sandy shore, ice cold ocean water and air, daring people to race into the water and come out shivering, picking up sea glass and telling ghost stories as the sun goes down, drying off in the back seat of a car and heading off salt-stained to a black-tie event
  • Ravenclaw: still, still, dark water with a beach made of shells and cliffs, sitting and watching the water with a notebook in hand, taking photographs of the water and staring out at the horizon while a storm comes in, diving into the water to feel how old the sea is, reading a water stained classic
  • Hufflepuff: driving an old wooden sedan onto a golden beach with warm frothy water and tidal pools, splashing in soft waves and taking Polaroids, racing down the beach and falling into sunset-colored water, building giant sand castles, a summer picnic in white loose clothes with peanut butter sandwiches and bubbly lemonade
Cliff and Ellen and Christopher

We passed by Holly Ridge Lane
Shrouded in scrub pines and time
A nodule of unsussed muscle
Twitched in remembrance, disturbed
By a faint sting of chlorine in my eye;
By a time when hand-me-downs hid
Neon swimsuits while drying laggardly
The sun, made for us.
The love enveloped us.

Christopher’s ears guarded from
Menacing moisture, Cliff’s smile,
Infectious and loud
Filtered through the blinds,
The smell of fresh pantry grain
On the current of a gentle breeze
As Ellen returned, glistening -
Sweat on her tanned brow,
Smile inviting ease.

In my summer snow globe of eternal joy
I leave you; before that darkness came.
Sandy soil settles to root you down
On beloved Holly Ridge Lane.



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