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Notes on Darkiplier from the charity stream, in case you missed it:

- He is a separate entity of Mark, but he admires what Mark has done.

- He’s like Warfstache and doesn’t obey the laws of physics.

- Dark takes inspiration from G-Man, wearing a human skin and trying to figure out how to ‘puppet’ it properly. As such, he’s meant to be ‘off’ when talking to someone.

- Confirmed social manipulator, wants to use and manipulate the people around him.

- Mark stated that the ‘glitches’ seen throughout FREEDOM and the brief splices of him screaming was not him trying to break free. That was Dark’s façade of being calm and collected breaking.

- Mark jokingly said that Dark doesn’t have a shadow, as in the FREEDOM video, Dark is on the right and Mark is on the left, with only Mark being in direct light and having a shadow. As such, it’s up to you on whether or not that’s just how you want to portray him or not.

- The theory of Dark trying to poison Chica via feeding her chocolate was an accidental thing, but again, that hasn’t been outright denied so if you think Dark’s that fucked up then that’s all on you.

Feel free to add more if I forgot and/or missed any!

NGC 660 is featured in this cosmic snapshot. Over 40 million light-years away and swimming within the boundaries of the constellation Pisces, NGC 660’s peculiar appearance marks it as a polar ring galaxy. A rare galaxy type, polar ring galaxies have a substantial population of stars, gas, and dust orbiting in rings strongly tilted from the plane of the galactic disk. The bizarre-looking configuration could have been caused by the chance capture of material from a passing galaxy by a disk galaxy, with the captured debris eventually strung out in a rotating ring. The violent gravitational interaction would account for the myriad pinkish star forming regions scattered along NGC 660’s ring. The polar ring component can also be used to explore the shape of the galaxy’s otherwise unseen dark matter halo by calculating the dark matter's gravitational influence on the rotation of the ring and disk. Broader than the disk, NGC 660’s ring spans over 50,000 light-years.

Image Credit & Copyright: CHART32 Team,Processing - Johannes Schedler

Time And Space

So this has been nagging me...

Ever since Mark started talking about Dark on the charity stream (which is great by the way watch it) (also I was super hyped to learn more about this great, interesting character) I’ve been questioning my theories about Darks a bit. At first I thought, since Mark and Dark were supposedly the same entity, that Dark hijacked Mark’s subconscious but shared the same desires as him. And that was why I thought he (Dark) had fallen for the character in some way.

But Mark said he and Dark were separate entities, so that couldn’t be right. So you have Mark, taking you on a date, supposedly for romantic themes (cause that’s what a date is right?). And Dark shows up (from his alternate timeline/multiverse…?) and takes control of it. But that got me thinking. 

Mark said Dark is all about manipulation right? So he’s a demon (or something else) pretending to be human to gain your trust. Mark also said Dark wants to take advantage of you for his own reasons. Another thing he talked about was how Dark takes pride in Mark’s achievements and somewhat envies him.

But what I’m really getting at here is, why would Dark need your trust? To gain power of some sort like Anti? No, Mark said he wasn’t like Anti. So there must be some other reason to keep you around. 

I think Dark wants to keep you around because you mean something to Mark. Love is a long time thing. If Mark cared enough to take you out on a date you must mean something to him, right? And Dark wants to “take” you so he can, not necessarily use you for evil, but to take love off of Mark’s achievement list.

But hey, that’s just me writing a long Tumblr post while concentrating on multiple other things. A YOUTUBE THEORY.

Think again.

I have seen and heard of Darkiplier being turned into some fangirl’s dark fantasy, or turn on.


He is literally the opposite of Mark- his shadow. While Mark is a kind, thoughtful, loving fellow, Dark is 100% of a manipulative monstrosity of a being. Consider this- Have any of you guys heard of Coraline?

Do any of you recognize her?

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The Other Mother, from Coraline- she twisted Coraline with her love, and pulled her in, like a spider, luring in her prey,with calm, selective 

You know who that reminds me of?

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He lures you in, with a calm, hypnotically deep voice, calm, collected, like he’s talking to a good friend, who was hurt. He is luring you in, with calm, slightly seductive manners. Do you not sense the creepiness? The edge in the encounter?

Do you not sense the lack of emotion? The stiff movements? The almost-robotic workings?

Do you not? Still kinda turned on?

He is literally- If you don’t do his bidding, he will probably do this-

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Show you his true form- like a spider, luring you into his web of sticky, syrupy soothing words. He is really a- a monster- He isn’t human. He is an exo-skeleton of– 



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This has been a PSA.

Now that Mark has said he wants to focus on Warf and Dark backstory or lore I am so curious.

Does dark have humanity, anything relatable something like a bunch of good villians have. What’s darks motive, i know he envys Mark but does he hope to get as big as Mark? Does he have any ablities?

What the hell is Warf? Is he a reporter, a murderer, some entity that happens to be a weird pink man.
Does he have ablities? Why is his mustache pink? Does he have a speech impediment? Is he better or worse then Dark in sense of good or evil? 

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It’s so funny because I SWORE that Tomione would be the line I never crossed, but it turned out to be the place that, once crossed, you can never go back from. Tomione is a guilty pleasure that I’m not even remotely guilty about. Like … the darkness. OMG. It’s often horrible and sociopathic but also crazy intense, super hot, and just … almost always the most amazing reads ever!!!

Tomione authors know what the hell they are doing. I will never write this pair because I couldn’t dream of coming close to their perfection!

Random Fic Recs:

Pygmalion, A Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly, A Nose That Can See by @colubrina
Linen Rope by @brightki
Nightmare by @provocative-envy

But seriously … you aren’t even living until you read both  Aca-demic Arrangements (my very favourite fic ever) and  Persephone by @dulce-de-leche-go because holy shit. I can’t even with the perfect. 

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well oh gee, i can’t buy this set of 150+ glow in the dark stars because it’s an add-on item 

looks like i have to buy volume 7 of MHA and Whisper of the Heart to get these stars, oh dear, what a shame

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do u have any solid, genuine friendships u rely on if u have a hard time?? i know ur rlly close to ur mom which is great! im just hoping not all ur friends have taken u for granted, u seem super nice :(

no… just my mum and dad. i think i started closing myself off permanently in all my relationships after my best friend in high school blamed me for her mental health problems…. and that was right after i had opened up to her—or to anyone for that matter—about my own issues lol. it’s still one of the most traumatic experiences of my life…

but yeah, like i love my friends and i have a handful of people i can casually talk to when i’m having a hard time, but i no longer trust anyone with my truly deep, dark moments. it’s easier that way.


it’s the phandom prommmmm! oh my gosh! thank you to the host of this wonderful event ❤️ and thank you to dan and phil who brought us together and allowed this to even be a thing.

i apologise for the awful quality of these pictures, it’s dark outside and so the lighting was really bad 😕

my stunning date is @gayandphan her selfies are the most beautiful pieces of art. she’s wonderful inside and out and i love her v, extremely, a lot. she’s my sunshineeeeee ☀️

.:Your Best Friend:.

Heya! It’s your best friend, Mauve! He’s the most beautiful flower you’ll ever come across! Isn’t he sweet and friendly? No other flower can be as trusting and accepting as this one!
Mauve knows that you’ve had a hard trip falling down this dark hole. He’s most eager to be a great friend and help you journey through these mystical caves! Now, be sure to pay attention to his instructions. According to him, lots of nasty and vicious monsters live down here, and they can attack! Be sure to learn how to FIGHT - you’ll need it!

Prince Avery is seen on the left. He is a deva, with the ability to glow a sweet light in the dark. He is the single son of the royal family in the Fairyground. His mark is a purple heart with two blue orbs. He loves flowers, and because of this, the entire castle is covered with thousands of beautiful blooms. 
Avery is a very shy monster. He finds it very hard to make friends, especially since all the monsters know that he is a prince and thus HAVE to respect him. His title embarrasses him and he would much rather live as a regular kid. Besides his glowing ability, Avery is skilled at light magic and botanical magic. Plants flourish in his care, and he loves playing with the small light orbs he can create. 

Now that pokemon Gen 2 came out there’s a lot of kids playing it again at my theatre again!!

So when it’s slow and they’re near the counter I go and ask and if they’re excited for their movie. (And since Lego Batman is currently out) They usually reply with, “YES!!!! I’M WATCH LEGO BATMAN!!!”
To which I match their excitement by responding, “AAAWEEESSOOMMEE!!! OKAY! SO guys!!! IF BATMAN HAD A POKEMON, Wwwhhhich pokemon would he have???”
And ohman they get REALLY into it

I had this one girl think super hard and then go, “OH!! HE HAS AN UMBREON BECAUSE IT’S A DARK TYPE AND HE LIKES DARKNESS!!!!” Her bothers kinda nodded in awe and agreement

This one other kid thought outside the box and replied, “OH OH OH I KNOW!!! HE WOULD HAVE A ONYX, BUT ONLY IT’S MADE OUT OF KRYPTONITE SO HE CAN KICK SUPERMAN IN THE BUTT!!”

All great answers but literally none think to say, “A Zubat!! Because bats, duhh”
(Which is what I usually tell them after they take their guesses)
and it’s freaking hilarious how hard it looks like their minds get blown over it ohmygod

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Is there a book (or novel) that literally changed your life or in any kind "opened your eyes"?

I think it would have to be Linda Addison’s How To Tell A Demon Has Become Your Friend

It’s a simple book (in terms of writing style) but it’s dark and scary and it was the first horror book I read by a black woman and I realized “wow I can be black and do horror.” She’s the firs black person to win the Bram Stoker Award for that book and it was sold to me because here’s this black woman being unequivocally herself and is being awarded for it and she’s lowkey and literally everything I want to be.

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Are you gonna post more of the Lost Eden DL? If so for who do you plan to do so for?

I might. (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾*  I don’t know who’s route I’m doing next. I’ve completed Yuma and finished Kino’s dark. I might post some prologue stuff since I’ve finished translating common prologue and have half of Kino’s main prologue (not to be confused with his dark prologue).