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Could you write a HC about how the rfa+v reacts when MC gets a bad case of pneumonia and has to be hospitalized?

Pneumonia is literally the worst. 
I’ve gotten it pretty bad a few years now


  • He’s petrified 
  • he’s honestly never been so scared in his entire life 
  • Of course, he knew that MC was sick, but it had just been the flu which normally didn’t do much more than making you feel miserable, right, so why had it gotten so much worse? 
  • And why was it that none of the medicine they’d been given was helping at all? 
  • They’re more important than his classes. 
  • The only reason he was really trying at them was because of them, so he’d bring as much with him as he could and would work from the chair next to their hospital bed, afraid to leave their side from too long, and when visiting hours ended he’d go home and wait until he could go nad see them again 


  • They’d looked to be getting better, and then things had taken a turn for the worst. 
  • MC’s breathing had gotten more labored and their coughing had only grown worse, despite the medicine they’d been given and she knew that, as much as it scared her, the best thing to do would be to take them to the hospital 
  • When she first goes to visit after they’re stable, she brings them their favorite drink from the shop and they sit and talk for hours before she has to go back
  • She’s already waiting when they’re released, ready to take MC home and take care of them to the very best of her ability. 


  • Even with the best doctors, they’d only gotten worse
  • He was incredibly reluctant to send them to the hospital. 
  • Hospitals are full of disease, they could just end up sicker is they went there, surely it would be safer for MC to stay with him at home and he could get any medical assistance that they required, still he wasn’t going to put them in more danger because he was stubborn so he allowed them to be transported there
  • The RFA has never seen him so obviously distressed before 
  • He throws himself into his work
  • He visits every day


  • He doesn’t show up to rehearsal or reply to any calls that day
  • Work could wait when MC was so sick 
  • He doesn’t really know a whole lot about medicine and had insisted they go to the doctor, but they refused, saying they were fine. 
  • Now it was clear that they were not as he stood beside the hospital bed, glancing down at his phone, a mix of texts and calls from the director that he knew he should reply to and concerned messages from the RFA demanding if MC was okay.
  • He placed the phone back into his pocket
  • If he’d been more insistent, then maybe they’d be out of the hospital. 
  • Still he’d stay by their side, giving them whatever they needed


  • He stops talking to everyone in the chatrooms 
  • They’d known MC was sick and that they’d been getting worse recently and suddenly Seven wouldn’t reply to anyone’s messages 
  • He doesn’t tell anyone about the fact that they’re in the hospital because he can’t bring himself to pick up his phone. 
  • He refuses to leave their side once visiting hours are over and MC begs for them to let him stay
  • The day before they are released, he leaves without a word and returns to the chatroom with apologies and cheerful 707 persona intact, cracking jokes and leaving excuses that everyone knew were jokes, but he refused to tell them any more
  • He didn’t come to pick MC up either, but MC was shocked to find when they got home, that the entire place was clean and Seven was asleep on the couch 

                           “Shirai ryu dog.”                                                                                                                 “Lin Kuei scum!”


So I saw this post by @ravencacaww​ about punk Jumin and the next second I was doodling this lolol
I’ve started with just Jumin but then I though that this style would totally suit Zen with his smoking and motorbike and everything so in the end I’ve drawn them both as punks~ Well why not? xD
If someone could think of a proper AU or maybe even write a fanfic featuring them like that I would feel blessed lolol
(Also, if anyone’s curious: Zen is holding a cigarette in his left hand, that’s why there’s this barely visible on this background smoke; also, he’s holding a microphone in his other hand ‘cause this suits him and well Jumin is also holding one just ‘cuz I had no idea how to fill his background so well maybe they had a quarrel again and they decided to solve it by karaoke since both their voices are ideal for singing? Who knows~ XD)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE

first attempt with markers!! lighting SUCKS but i hope to scan it proper soon.

i wasnt sure what to have him saying when i first started drawing this, then taako let out this beautiful line during the ep i was listening to at the time and well.

thank you. just thank you taako.