dark ryu

first attempt with markers!! lighting SUCKS but i hope to scan it proper soon.

i wasnt sure what to have him saying when i first started drawing this, then taako let out this beautiful line during the ep i was listening to at the time and well.

thank you. just thank you taako.


So I saw this post by @ravencacaww​ about punk Jumin and the next second I was doodling this lolol
I’ve started with just Jumin but then I though that this style would totally suit Zen with his smoking and motorbike and everything so in the end I’ve drawn them both as punks~ Well why not? xD
If someone could think of a proper AU or maybe even write a fanfic featuring them like that I would feel blessed lolol
(Also, if anyone’s curious: Zen is holding a cigarette in his left hand, that’s why there’s this barely visible on this background smoke; also, he’s holding a microphone in his other hand ‘cause this suits him and well Jumin is also holding one just ‘cuz I had no idea how to fill his background so well maybe they had a quarrel again and they decided to solve it by karaoke since both their voices are ideal for singing? Who knows~ XD)

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what i think would happen if jumin falls sick.. like admitted-into-the-hospital sick…

The Zodiac Signs as Smash Bros. characters

Aries: Captain Falcon

Taurus: Lucario

Gemini: Rosaslina

Cancer: Robin

Leo: Ryu

Virgo: Shulk

Libra: Mario

Scorpio: Samus/ZSS

Sagittarius: Pit/Dark Pit

Capricorn: Bowser

Aquarius: Fox

Pisces: Mewtwo