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Relationship Goals - Tank

How about we start the tongue, from the waist down?
I'ma beat it up, till you scream for another round.
I’ve been working out baby, feel all this power.
Girl we all alone, let me hear you moan, louder
. ❈

warning(s): teasing. mild smut, not really.

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“(Y/N), I really do not think you should be going on this date,” Jace sighed, following after you. “it’s just not a good idea, I’m telling you.”

You whipped around, looking up at the taller blonde boy. You give him a smile before raking your fingers through his hair. “And why’s that? I thought you didn’t have feelings for me.” You frowned at him. The two of you were solely a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. The two of you would hookup and pretend like it never happened, though after the few first times, it was confirmed that neither of you wanted feelings involved anyway. And you followed the rules quite well, however Jace didn’t.

“I- I don’t.” The blonde boy dismissed quickly. “It’s just, you’ll be on a date with a mundane and you’ll be around other mundanes. You can’t exactly whip out your stele in the middle of a dark room when there’s a demon attack.” He defended himself.

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Rafael and Sleep

Okay friends to celebrate my two years of running this blog I decided to share some head canons with y’all they’re kinda sad and for that I’m sorry 

  • Rafael has really bad nightmares 
  • He has a reoccurring dream about a woman with dark hair and equally dark eyes screaming while a building is crumbling around her 
  • He always suspected that she was his mother even though he knows he was too young to remember the institute being destroyed by Sebastian Morgenstern
  • If it’s not that dream, it’s being trapped in a dark room while demons are moving closer to him getting ready to attack 
  • He always wakes up screaming before they get to him though 
  • When he was living on the streets, he would stay up as late as he could, sometimes even days on end, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with them and when he finally passed out from exhaustion, he would be too tired to remember them 
  • Then he gets adopted by Alec and Magnus
  • He’s a very good kid and usually listens to them but he is very adamant about not sleeping 
  • At first they’re really confused but they find out why two weeks later 
  • They get him to go to bed at midnight the earliest time to date and just about an hour later, the whole loft is filled with the sounds of blood curdling screams 
  • Alec and Magnus both thought that he had gotten seriously injured- that’s how loud and distressed he sounded 
  • But when they rushed to the boys’ shared bedroom that’s when they realized that their oldest son had more scars than just the ones that they could see 
  • For the next couple of months Max sleeps in Rafael’s bed with him 
  • It helps a bit 
  • When it doesn’t help and he ends up waking up in the middle of the night Magnus and Alec carry the boys into their room and read or sing to them until they fall asleep again 
  • Eventually the nightmares stop 
  • But they are soon replaced with other ones where he dreams that he looses his new family 
July 4th

Today was supposed to be a fun happy holiday(to other people I’m black so not acknowledging the day just enjoying the weather). The past few months have been the happiest of my life ( so I thought). Everything was going perfect and according to plan and life was rainbows and butterflies. I underestimated myself and my power to fuck up every good thing that happens to me. I stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. From today on I’m backkkk that depressed, quiet , introvert with suicidal tendencies is back. Late nights crying myself to sleep working so hard I barely get to rest. She is back and coming to a store near you to buy those razor blades so she can watch the blood run down her leg from her open wounds, while she cries and curses the heavens. For awhile I forgot I was a piece of shit that people hated who depresses people so much she loves to be alone. Back to my bestfriend my dark empty room. My demons will welcome me with open arms. They missed the comfort of my pain and the salty taste of my tears. I am finally home
~The lost one

Part One: Echoes

A Jon/Sansa ficlet in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards. A truth is revealed.



Her home is filled with ghosts.

At night, Sansa stares for hours into the darkness of her room as demons stalk the edges of her sleep-deprived mind before she eventually rises in search of the only person who can understand. She wanders the darkened, frozen halls alone, her feet bare despite the chill, and listens to the echoes of her childhood.

He’s rarely in the same place twice, but they always manage to find each other, drawn together like two halves of the same coin.

Tonight she finds him atop the tower, staring north and painted silver by moonlight. Jon glances at her as she comes to his side and immediately takes off his cloak –the one she’d made for him—and drapes it about her. Sometimes his goodness infuriates her. Makes her wish to hurt him, to tarnish him in some way. It seems so unfair that he should remain so good after everything he’s seen, everything he’s been through when a darkness grows in her heart. The scent of him —leather, horse, polishing oil, and something deeper, something forbidden—warms her, however, and the darkness recedes. Just a little.

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She Talks to Her Demons (Elyza & Alicia) blurb

She talks in her sleep. I noticed one night when the moon was new and the room was dark. Odd shadows played on the walls and I watched them move, hoping they would ease me to sleep. That was when I heard the mumbling. I thought she had woken up and I turned to see her eyes still closed but her mouth moving. I leaned closer trying to make out the words. “Don’t leave me. Just don’t leave me.” Her voice was hoarse, but I could hear pain behind her words. “They are all ghosts now.” She wasn’t mumbling anymore, her words were clear and I could do nothing but listen. “Can’t fight a ghost.” I see her jerk in her sleep and it startled me. I knew she had lost people along the way. I knew she was damaged. I had just never seen behind the walls just how much it impacted her. The way her body twitched to fight off ghosts that would haunt her forever. I slid over and wrapped my arms around her, trying to make her feel as secure as she makes me feel. Her body stops shaking and her words once again go quiet until they stop all together. I kiss her forehead and wish I could take her pain away, even bear it myself. But all I can do is hold her in this dark room and wish the demons away.

i’ve seen a few posts with people discussing how gross it’d be if the writers canonised queer dean during the demon dean stint and they all make really good valid points that i totally agree with but nevertheless i have prepared a small counter argument:


anonymous asked:

I love Josh don't get me wrong. But why is there an influx of 'support Josh Dun' 'we love you Josh' stuff going around??

I know what you mean…the new video it alludes to josh going through hard times similar to the hard times we all assume tyler has gone through because of the deep lyrics 

this can be seen as josh “loosing himself” by the drums being torn away but josh’s refusal to give up and push through…he keeps drumming…hes also stuck in a cold room with dark/demonic toned makeup

kinda glad you brought this up bc ive been itching to say something about it. 

I don’t think Josh is struggling anymore….its portrayed that way in the video because he has been through some hard times…but they wouldn’t make a video about it if he was still going through it although i love that they touched upon this bc i know a lot of people didnt realize that josh had gone through hard times

i had already came to this conclusion a long time ago bc the people who aren’t fans of the music…don’t get it. and i don’t think josh could be in the band and play with as much passion as he does if he didn’t understand….just something to think about