dark rev


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The super soldier returns from a difficult mission, and you witness a side of Captain America that not many can or will see.

“Close to You” (Rihanna)

A/N: I wrote this a few months ago as a self-reminder that it’s okay to be sad and angry. Posting this is my way of letting that moment go. - j. x

“Well done, everyone. Today…” Tony lets out a heavy sigh and rubs his tired eyes. “Today was rough. But we did what we had to do,” he continues, his voice straining with effort. “Let’s get some rest, team.”

Steve waits until everyone shuffles into their respective suites to raise his arm and clap a hand on Tony’s shoulder, wincing at the pain the movement creates. “Hey, I’m going to head out for a bit… Clear my head,” he mutters.

Tony gives him an exhausted but bright smile. “Going to see (Y/N)?”

“Yeah… Yeah.”

“Take the autopilot car. You can’t take the bike in your current state. And it’s late.”

Steve shakes his head. “I’ll be fine. Thanks, though.” He looks past Tony’s shoulder, making eye contact with Bucky. “Will you -”

The brunette super soldier shakes his head at him with a reassuring smile. “I’ll be okay. Go see her, man.”

Sending grateful nods at the two men, Steve backs up and heads to the garage, the light fading from his eyes until they’re dark and empty. He revs up the engine and rips through the dark of night. Tonight’s evening ride is different from previous rides because the bright lights of the city fail to cheer him up as he whizzes through the cars on the streets. The cathartic feeling of the wind whipping through his body doesn’t bring the comfort and thrill it normally does.

It’s only when he comes to a stop in front of the familiar apartment that the light slightly returns to his blue eyes. Gritting his teeth through the pain, Steve chains his motorcycle and clicks it locked. He pushes through the pain of the stairs, letting out a sigh once he finally stares at the dried rose wreath hanging on your door.

For the first time in a long time, a genuine smile cracks through Steve’s stony facade, and he poises his fist over the door.

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  • M. Shadows: i named myself that cuz i'm tha darkest one in tha band
  • M. Shadows: *writes Warmness On The Soul*
  • M. Shadows: *writes Gunslinger*
  • M. Shadows: *pretty much writes Dear God*
  • People: you sure the darkest man ever
  • The Rev: *names himself randomly*
  • The Rev: *writes A Little Piece Of Heaven*
  • People: now Matt, that's what makes you the darkest
  • Synyster Gates: i was drunk *derp*

wage your war – “ I am an ant on the battlefield of the gods. There’s no room for pride or ego, and barely enough room for survival. But I can’t help myself. Who do they think they are? We may be ants, but this field is our home, and we have every right to live in it. ”


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