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Spoilers ahead

Asuna’s Rapier - Her rapier was left behind when she died because she and Kirito shared an inventory, due to their marriage. All of her items became Kirito’s when she died. It remained out of storage because a vacancy had just opened in Kirito’s weapon equip slots due to Dark Repulsor shattering. 

ALO Dual-Wielding - Actually, no sword skills exist in ALO pre-Aincrad. Swordplay in ALO is achieved basically the same way as it is IRL - swing the pointy thingy and hit the enemy. Swinging two pointy thingies isn’t a problem because, as sword skills don’t exist in the first place, a sword skill is not mucked up when two swords are used as it would have been in Aincrad. This is different after New Aincrad - as explained by Kirito in the anime.

Elucidator and Dark Repulsor

Hello SAO fans!

I am about to begin to to make Elucidator and possibly Dark Repulsor as well if I time.

Does anyone have any stats on how LONG the swords should be? I was thinking about just making them accurate to my own body but if I could make them replicas of  the SAO swords I would like that better :)

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A big THANK YOU to the SAO community ahead of time! :D

Don’t hate me for asking a question :3


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So here are the photos of the finished sword, based on TES V: Skyrim’s Skyforge Steel Sword.

The entire sword is hand cut, carved and painted made of MDF, spray and acrylic paint and faux leather.

I am working on Sword Art Online’s Elucidator and Dark Repulsor next as well as another Skyforge Steel Sword. All three will be available to buy when they are complete.