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Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon square Neptune, Moon trine Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune, Moon sextile Neptune 

When Neptune and the Moon make music the emotional spectrum can be oceanic. The individual is tapped into the whole sensory orchestra of the collective, mood shifts by the Moon become fantasised by the waves of Neptune, enveloping the individual entrancingly, transporting them to lagoons to pure feeling, euphoria, and ecstasy, and sadness, and deep melancholy. Moon-Neptune individuals have permeable boundaries, they can become cocooned by the mood of the room, leaky and vulnerable. The individual is an impressive empath, capable of reading body language and hidden emotion well. It can be impossible to deceive these people with lies that, ‘you are fine’, because they can feel sadness in your eyes and in your spirit. These individuals can be psychic children, often developing profound empathy as young children, receiving invisible signals and hidden details. The imagination can be wicked with Moon-Neptune. Triggered by emotion, the fantasy world can sketch a murky ocean of darkness, prophetizing chaos and torture. So this vivid imagination can turn self destructive, depending on the mood or environment. The artistic expression can be rich here, any form of creative essence flows from two cosmic waterfalls, music, painting, writing, cinema, glamour, dance, any experience that mimics the creative activity of God. This is the illusion of all illusion, a lunar dreamboat riding into Neptune bay.


Red Letters Misplaced

The false prophets
crowded on the corner

and cried

set up shops
sold their sights
for a couple of coins.

Thirty bites of silver
is worth
     is worth
          is worth?

– rope burn below
the chin

– tables tossed
like trash
in the wind

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The darkness of night is the place of the beloved
So the beloved of Allah
Stood before his Beloved
“In the night except a little” (73:2)
“Glorifying Him at length” (76:26)
For he worshipped his Lord for He deserved to be praised
And so the praiseworthy one, Muhammad, he himself was named.

Your work is not only books and pictures. They are but bits of it. Your work is You, not less than you, not parts of you… These days when you “cannot work” are accomplishing it, are of it, like the days when you “can work.” There is no division. It is all one. Your living is all of it; anything less is part of it. — Your silence will be read with your writings some day, your darkness will be part of the Light.
—  Mary Elizabeth Haskell in her letter to Kahlil Gibran, Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell, and Her Private Journal

Uqbah Ibnu ‘Aamir said,

“Whilst I was travelling with the Prophet (PBUH) between Al-Juhfa and Al-Abwaa, we found ourselves in the middle of strong winds and intense darkness. The Prophet (PBUH) started to recite Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Naas, and said to me,

“O ‘Uqba, seek protection using these two chapters, for protection cannot be sought in a better way than through them.”

(Narrated by Abu Daawood)

forgiveness is a knife — War’s capacity for it is nonexistent being spun from the abyss into an abomination that is set to bring the apocalypse; because if the horsemen had been birthed instead of made the change in their fundamental understanding of humanity would make them unable to accomplish their task.

And she, having spilled onto the asphalt like napalm and risen from the burning fields with a sword, has a job to do.

                                                                      —neon church—

A prophet prays inside a neon church with the Antichrist at her side, her eyes are fixed on the roof of this cheap Vegas chapel that promises elicit lovers a legitimacy to their feelings; a contract that is impulsively signed, and too soon taken back.

A long time ago her hand was forced onto sand, she signed away: her tongue, her heart, her mind, her soul; became the mouthpiece of an absent God that returns to chew on her tongue until it bleeds.

She kisses him the first time beneath these neon lights, her mouth tastes like copper. His

childhood grasped
                              between her spindle and stars, she threads his past, present, future with hers — precise even promises with each incision. These hastily made oaths have no unstitching. Haven’t you heard? It’s the end of days.

The horsemen are coming. Unveiled eldritch monstrosities that have been starved for eons in their sleeping coffins beneath the throne of God, where their mouths had opened and closed with infinite rows of teeth; choirs of angels watching these tools slumber.

Now that they are awake they need:
                                                         broken promises,
                                                         closeted sins,

                                                                                      as sustenance.

The honey-veined pattern of the church’s floor glows neon yellow, the prophet on the tips of her toes whispering words that fall like jigsaw puzzles. He gathers each piece for later, suppressing a shudder when she lets him know War is waiting for them outside.

The Antichrist is awake, and God’s tools have come to pay their respects.

Horsemen & Archangels || Eliot C. ©

I thought of you every single day. I thought about what it would be like to be a million miles away - anywhere but here; I thought about us having a house, with a big, green yard - so we could fall asleep under the stars and remember when it was only just a dream; I thought about us getting a car, so we could drive all over the world, wherever we wanted, ‘cause there’d be no one there to stop us –

We could go swimming in the ocean, because you can do that when you’re free – you can do so much when you’re free, Arnold.

Kevin leans forward, lowering Arnold onto the ground, and then lies down beside him.

I thought of a million places we could go, that wouldn’t be here; and I thought of a thousand things we could do that wouldn’t be this; but I hated it, Arnold — I hated every second of it, because you always bring us back.

He frowns; closes his eyes.

I’m so tired of going back.

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“The holiest of men still need Christ, as their Prophet, as ‘the light of the world.’ For He does not give them light but from moment to moment; the instant He withdraws, all is darkness. They still need Christ as their King; for God does not give them a stock of holiness. But unless they receive a supply every moment, nothing but unholiness will remain. They still need Christ as their Priest, to make atonement for their holy things. Even perfect holiness is acceptable to God only through Jesus Christ.”

The Rev. John Wesley

Empire of Storms insights/ToG 6 Theories: The Yielding, The Lock, Why Cresseida & Rhiannon both wore "crowns of stars" and Why Manon IS related to Dorian and Aelin!

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  • Sirius, reading newspaper: What is this terrible rubbish.
  • James: I bet it's Voldemort.
  • Sirius: *turns page*
  • Sirius, nods: Yep it's Voldemort.

   Selene, Artemis, Hecate…no matter how you call her the great goddess of the moon participates in all the reproductive cycles on earth, she is the sweet unapologetic ecstasy of lovers during the darkness, prophetic intuition and inspiration. The moon is the muse of the restless poet that strives for his eternal body of work, she’s his soulful companion. In the myth of Selene and Endymion the goddess falls in love with the mortal Endymion, she’s obsessed with watching him sleep, kissing him gently in his eternal sleep while his beauty remains incorruptible in time…a love gentle, an eros still sparking…++

Paintings: Selene and Endymion by Nicolas Poussin.
                 Diana And Endymion by Walter Crane.
                 Selene and Endymion by Moritz von Schwind.

SPN: Was Ash a Prophet or an Angel?

My theories about Ash in Supernatural. Why i think he been a prophet or an angel all this time.  I have wrote two fanfiction one-shots using my theory of Ash being an Archangel if you wish to take a look. FFnet [1st X] [2nd X] Ao3 [1st X] [2nd X] 

  • Ash is fluent in Enochian.

  • Ash has the capability of moving between people’s personal heavens.

  • Ash knows how to hide from angels. When he was “killed” in 2x21, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1, angels weren’t around or even mentioned yet. 

  • The sign on his door reads “Dr. Badass is” and offers a choice of “in” and probably “out”.  Why would he be a doctor? Computer Hackers aren’t doctors; however if he is an angel (my first pick would be the Archangel Azrael), he would. Azrael is the Archangel of Death, in a way could be a doctor. 
    (this reason is more of a joke).

  • Ash could be a nickname here is the list of male/unisex names for Ash; Ashley, Ashriel (Azrael), Ashby, Ashford, Ashton, Asher, Ashburn or Ashwin.

    Azrael is the Archangel of Death and Retribution.

  • Around the time after Ash’s death, Chuck Shurley started writing his books. As a writer, it takes time so by the time Season 4 comes around the Winchester Gospel (Supernatural) books was published.

  • Come on this would be awesome way to get Chad Lindberg back into Supernatural.  Ash fans reunite!

“Are you in?”

i cannot @ people still going ‘thank god dc fired snyder and made the new films more bright not gritty like bvs :))’ how!!! how hard!!! is it to realise that bvs came after the destruction of metropolis, the murder of robin, the feelings of rage that turned bruce cruel. bvs was about a world that was broken and torn apart - not just metropolis but it’s heroes as well.

bruce mourning the loss of the wayne employees, his parents and jason. diana mourning from a pointless war that caused millions to suffer. clark mourning his father, zod and the loss of his birth planet and the realisation he is now the last of krypton. clark’s death brought hope back to this world. lois’s love and clark’s sacrifice gave them all a reason to get back up and fight. if you seek his monument look around you. 

the fall of metropolis was a dark time where false prophets like lex tricked the world into following their dark path and clark dying opened their eyes to the light. the bright colours and change in tone in wonder woman/justice league wasn’t done because of the critics, it was done because where there was once cruelness, now there is hope. the world is changing. bruce is changing. diana is changing. clark brought about this change. the justice league is being formed. this was always the path!!!