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Getting through a 'downswing'

Following [this post], I’d like to write about what to do during a magical or spiritual downswing.

A downswing is a period of magical or spiritual “night”, when abilities and powers seem to be dampened or lost, and the natural connection is weakened. A spiritual dark night is to be expected in the path of any practitioner. A downswing can last for days or weeks.

I am currently in a downswing where I am required to take a magical “break” and not force my abilities. So here’s a list of stuff to do while in a downswing, to keep yourself spiritually aligned and focused on positivity.

MEDITATE on positivity, love, and peace. Engage in meditations once or twice daily. Take the energies from this meditation to carry you throughout your daily life.

REFLECT on your spiritual path as it was before the downswing. Ask yourself what could be improved, what could be added, what could be reduced, and what could be taken away entirely. Closely examine your spiritual and magical paths and ask yourself what can be changed for the better.

MUNDANE FOCUS on your physical life is useful and positive during a downswing. Catch up on chores. Deep clean. Spend more time with IRL friends. Put more focus in to work. A downswing is an excellent time to seek physical balance.

SELF WORK is a good idea as well. Make your downswing a time of resolutions. Work on breaking bad habits and adopting new, positive habits.

SCHEDULE your time. This is especially useful if, like me, magic and spirituality is a huge part of your life. Fill up your time with mundane chores, tasks, and relaxation time.

PLAN AND ORGANIZE your time for when you are done with your downswing. Dissect your magical and spiritual practices. Organize your spiritual practices and have a solid plan for where you want to go when you are done with this period of reflection.

CATCH UP on life! Make a list of the five biggest mundane tasks you need to tackle. Focus on catching up and getting ahead in life.

ACCEPT that this is a necessary and normal period of time that pretty much every spiritually aligned person goes through. You aren’t losing anything. You are not lost. It’s just night time. Dawn is coming on the horizon.

Remember that a downswing is like a break from intense spiritual and magical connection, leaving you time to focus more on the physical and other aspects of your life. Do not think of it as a loss, rather think of it as simply a break or vacation.

the dm wrote a song to be sung by a bard and to be a rumor to slander my dnd character and it makes him sound like a badass fucking pirate king:

Once the shadow appears, it’s too little too late
Your gold is all gone, your life is forfeit
An Ubasti filled with Greed and a Curse
He spreads doom throughout the whole universe.

Black Friday
Terror of the Seas
Cursed with bloodlust unappeased
Black Friday
A Captain with Nine Lives
He sees all with his three eyes
Searching for the relics of deities
His crew known for their cruelties
None are safe, you cannot hide
He sees through walls, he’s at your side.

Monsters and undead are at his vessel’s helm
Vampires, Assassins, Cannibals, Demons of other realms
Deceitful Drow, Fallen Angels, and Muscled Psychopaths,
All under his command for fear of his wrath.

Black Friday
Scourge of the Skies
In his invisible ship that flies
Black Friday
Politicians in his pocket
Numerous times he escaped the docket
Searching for the relics of all the races
His crew known for changing their faces
None are safe, you cannot hide
He sees through walls, he’s at your side.

He plunders dragon vaults and Dwarven tombs
Churches crumble when his anger fumes
Murderer of dwarves, Kidnapper of gnomes,
Smuggler of drugs and forbidden tomes.

He assaulted the halls of Thym Caelora!
Claimed the Treasures of the Tomb of Horror!
Put on a party and killed the masked guests!
Kills the innocent at dark deities’ behest!
Practitioner of rituals dark and forbidden!
Among his crew Alevin Cutch is hidden!

Creator of deceitful deific illusions!
Thrives on war, death, and confusion!
It’s too late to escape your doom!
His ship is here, he’s in the room

The Rhythm of Fire and Wind

Link to Story on AO3.

Summary: Izuku Midoriya has been raised to understand that magic is forbidden, a dark art reserved for practitioners of ancient, forgotten languages and forming a natural connection to the world. 

Here, science and magic are one in the same.The sign of magical blood? Words of power written into their skin.

Izuku happens to be born with only half of a phrase on his wrist, destined to never meet the other half. A cruel omen.

Though, Izuku’s dreams turn upside-down upon rescuing a dangerous, volatile man with secrets of his own. A man whom he feels an unexplainable attraction to, and who carries a very similar marking on his skin to his.

“Teach me how to use your magic,” Izuku says, breathless, “and I promise to set us free.”


LOCATION: “Altar of Storms”

ZONE: Blasted Lands

NPCS: None



CAVEATS: None, though I admit to have not checked the pre-WoD phase for mobs. 

NOTES: These altars are almost as iconic as the Dark Portal itself. Unlike the one in the Steppes this one sits in solitude, waiting for eager practitioners of dark magic to come unlock its secrets.

For the less ambitious, give your friends a laugh by doing your maternity shoot here.


A newer practitioner of dark magic would need to utter specific incantations or at least a spell for the dark energy to start flowing into them.

Not Darius. These places already recognize him as one of their own. After years of performing the same rituals over and over again, a certain rapport with the other side is established. All Darius now needs to do is to be there.

Which he is all too happy to do. Even now, as the impure energies flow into him, he feels more energetic, stronger than he has felt in days, months even. He’d live here, if he could.

Of course, graveyards aren’t in and out of themselves doorways to the darker side of the afterlife. But if the wrong right kind of person is in the right place, they can be.

Darius smiles to himself. He has a feeling he’ll need the energy. Whoever is responsible for the protection spell over his grandson will need to be taught a lesson, after all. And he’s not going to go into a conflict while weakened.

Fanfic Idea (up for grabs)

A family of dark magic practitioners has passed down the skill of hypnotism from generation to generation. It was meant to be kept inside the family, as a well-guarded secret, but one greedy member decided to market hypnotism, in the form of the 3-D Hypo Ring. After the failure of the company, the family traitor went into hiding. Now their younger sibling, desperate to save the family’s reputation and dangerous secret, has set out on a quest to collect every 3-D Hypo Ring in existence, relying on their other magical powers to achieve this goal. On their journey, they discover the various horrendous ways in which their sibling’s product has been used, including it’s misuse by a certain George Beard and Harold Hutchins. 


The REALLY SUPER EXCITING Thing about Viking Women

The thing I promised earlier.

So, I don’t know how many of you keep up with Neil Price (I’m going to jump out on a limb here and guess that the answer is not many), but since there seems to be so much interest in shieldmaidens (no doubt cultivated by the fictional depiction of this archetype on the TV show Vikings), I’ve decided to post something particularly interesting.  To me.  I think it’s cool.  Some of you may not because it sort of takes women out of the role of swinging swords at people, but I think it’s awesome.  I think it’s better.

I’m also planning to go back and edit my undergraduate thesis and put that here as a huge post on gender roles and sex reanalysis, but that’s for laters.

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Hey there i understand if this isn't a question you want to answer but what is a warlock? have you met any? have a god day!

From memory, the etymology of the word warlock is uncertain, but it may derive from a word which means “betrayer” as in “betrayer of the faith”. It was first applied as a word for a male witch by Christians.

However, witch is not a gendered term, a male witch is just called a witch. 

Historically, it was never actually applied to a particular discipline of magic by the practitioners thereof.

Presently, a scattered handful of practitioners of witchcraft call themselves warlocks as a synonym for witch.

In several works of fiction (including D&D) a warlock is a practitioner of dark arts, but it has never really meant that in this world.

Class Feature Friday: Necromancy School (Wizard Arcane School)

Here we go, the big bad of arcane magic, the classic villain school, necromancy. Where do all the undead come from in a dungeon that isn’t the site of some tragic event or negative energy nexus? Now you know.

However, there’s a lot more to necromancy that just animating the dead as servitors, and necromancers are not necessarily evil, even those that do create undead creatures.

Boiled down to its basic essence, necromancy is a school all about manipulating the forces of both life and death. While this does indeed include making corpses move and spirits linger, as well as controlling their behavior, it also includes channeling large amounts of negative energy to debilitate others (some would argue this should include positive energy manipulation too), undermining biological processes to weaken foes, minor alterations to unliving and dead bodies, and even inducing primal fear in others. Necromancy is also the home of most death effects, channeling powerful amounts of negative energy to slay foes in an instant if they fail to resist.

So from an outsider’s view, it’s easy to see why most assume that it is a wholly evil school of magic. However, one must remember that destructive, killing spells can be found in every school, not just necromancy. Furthermore, the evil nature of creating undead varies by culture and setting. Most see it as desecration of the dead, or taking away the will of a sapient being by enslaving them with magic (either by binding the will of sapient undead, or by binding the soul of a person back into their body). There’s also the matter of the souls of the dead having a final reward to go to, that being undead keeps them from.

How your non-evil necromancer reconciles this is their decision. They may never create the undead on principle, only control them to stave off their attack and turn them against any dark master they have. There are indeed white necromancers who devote themselves to destroying the undead and protecting the living from the wicked.

Of course, others choose to embrace the evil, raising up a personal retinue of servitors both mindless and sapient.

In societies that can accept them, necromancers can find work as experts in undead affairs, both hostile and even sometimes friendly. If the local area is accepting of undead, they may very well be taskmasters of an untiring work force, or they might use their power to weaken the living to work in prisons, sapping the strength of rebellious prisoners, (or slaves) without killing them. Regardless, necromancers likely spend much of their time in research, pursuing the mysteries of death and how to utilize them in their magic.

In the Golarion setting, Necromancy is associated with the virtue of temperance, mirroring how the undead have no actual needs, and how one could theoretically sustain themselves purely by manipulating life magics. However, in its corrupted form, it is associated with the sin of gluttony, as the undead are consumed with hungers and desires that do them no good, consuming without benefit.

The first thing necromancers learn is that getting control of the undead is the first step to not dying in their presence and so they learn to channel a pulse of negatively aligned energy, not unlike that of an evil cleric, for the express purpose of either binding the undead to your will, or causing them to flee from your presence. Both versions are good, but have very different utility.

As an additional layer of self-defense, they also learn how to induce fear with a touch, conducting a fearful chill into them that elevates their fear, even increasing it from another stage.

Positive and negative energy are both the purview of necromancers, and they learn to sense it, able to sense the living and the dead with pinpoint accuracy within a short range, very useful when fighting invisible foes, as well as telling who is alive and who isn’t.

Necromancers can fulfill the role of debuffer and damage-dealer pretty easily, with a few random utility spells and control spells thrown in for good measure. If you choose to build with undead creation in mind, you also share the conjurer’s role of being able to provide meat shields at a moment’s notice. However, unless they are very lucky, their minions are likely to be nowhere near as versatile as summoned creatures. Templates for skeletons and zombies will be your best friend for early levels.

Regardless of how good or evil they are, necromancers are not likely to be trusted in most societies, who see them as practitioners of dark magic. Overcoming, or pressing on in spite of, that distrust will be one of the biggest challenges for these mages, be they wizard or arcanist.


Ostensibly, Oparo Mage Academy only teaches white necromancy. However, rumors persist of dark dealings at the school. Some claim that the conjuration students make dark pacts for power, but others believe that secret lessons on the reanimation of the dead occur, either with or without the blessing of the faculty.

With reports of a horrible, undead bat thing terrorizing the city, and the temple district at a loss to find or even explain its nature, the magister has called upon a necromancer to look into it. However, many wonder if this mage the solution to their problem, or the cause of it. Only time will tell, unless a party of investigators hired privately by one of the churches finds out first.

Wearing a ring that, if rumors are to be believed, is bound with lost souls, Earl Nahandir rules over his land with an firm hand. The only visitors he sees are those on business, and he hires no servants, creating his own from the bodies of the condemned. As far as his people can tell, he has never done much harm with his dark magic, but still, it unnerves them seeing corpses arrive to repair the levee, or swarm over bandits and attacking monsters.


My DM: Hey, can you send me a short email with some details about your character?

Me (6 hours later): Here’s the brief history of my Cleric.

Name: Marna DuGorman
Age: 17
Hailing from the quiet, verdant foothills of Chendle Glen. Her people are human but are said to have descended from a bloodline laced with halfling ancestry. The men of the tribe are known to be amicable farmers, shepherds, artisans and little else but have also had a long history of being regularly drafted into the wars of neighboring kingdoms.  This constant recruitment by their larger and less peace loving neighbors has left the men of this province to fulfill what has been coined as “Chendle’s Charge”. Over the course of the last few centuries, this has left the Chendles with generations worth of community history in which the women made up the vast majority of the population.  They have worked the land, maintained the homes and written the history of their people while their loving husbands were forced to fight and die for wars they couldn’t believe in because a man cannot fight for a cause he never knew existed.

The medicine women of Chendle Glen are followers of Pelor, the God of light and extremely adept healers. The unfortunate upturn of violence in surrounding kingdoms, in previous decades however has proven to be taxing on their community. War has made their boys into cripples, shut ins, and worse yet, cold, hard unfeeling men.  In order to treat the wounds of the body and the mind in such scale and volume, the Chendle healer women have turned to more unconventional but unarguably effective practices than had ever been explored by their distant forebears.

The Pilgrimage of Lenara:
Lenara DuGorman; My character Marna’s great grandmother was only 14 when the War of the Sparrow Rivers provided yet another dark age for Chendle Glen and its ever mending families. The men were taken by King Roenid the Cursed and his red clad knights but Lenara would not let her brother Rett be taken, at least not alone.  While she could not keep the red marauders from dragging away every boy and man who could hold a spear, she could pack a bag and she could keep pace with their march toward the now cratered and war torn banks of the Sparrow Delta.  For months, Lenara tended to the injured and fallen, seeing to proper burials for the dead and proper comfort for the suffering. In the red camp, she grew skilled at mending and soothing while her brother found that he had no choice but to become fierce and at times savage as he was forced to defend his beloved sister from the uncouth and desperate footmen who fought alongside him. 

This went on for years. Beyond the war for the Sparrows and over many borders. Lenara grew to know the smell of soldiers’ blood as any other woman of her upbringing would have known the smell of her children.  Rett never stopped protecting her up until his final day. She lost him in a sandstorm crossing the Khan-Kabar desert while marching toward the stone city of Esmir; yet another land to be violently contested in the name of Roenid the Cursed.  Most of that party were lost in that crossing but Lenara made it to the the other side where she realized that there was little reason for her to stay with the few surviving men who now revered her as an asset but would never respect her as an equal. Rett had fulfilled Chendle’s Charge and Lenara was left alone with no purpose other than finding her way home to let the rest of the Chendles know of their loss. 

Lenara struck off shortly after the desert crossing. She had been paid nothing but wisdom for her years of aid. She carried little else but grief for her lost brother on her journey. With only a basic understanding of which direction to go, she found that there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of languages outside of the Glen. So many that she could never learn half of them in a thousand lifetimes. Every town was alien to Lenara and she in turn, to it… but all living things know pain and sickness. This was her key to every gate. Her bargaining chip. Her currency. 

Lenara crossed hundreds of cities on her journey home. She helped whoever was in need and was rewarded for her compassion more often than not. There was only one place in which Lenara could find no use for her craft and it was there that she learned a bitter truth. “The world is vast and I know nothing”. It was a place so perfect that it somehow inspired only hopelessness. 

Lenara had found a land untouched by pain, sickness or even madness. It was here that she gave up hope of finding her home. She sat and waited for misfortune. The scourge of an inevitable oppressor. The cold of winter. The collapse of her tired, starved body. The release of death. The warm light of Pelor’s final grasp. None of it came. Nor would it. This tiny, hidden land was beyond decay and so was she, just as long as she stayed within its borders. 

The denizens of this realm were, and are (for they will no longer allow themselves to expire) practitioners of dark magic. Wielders of the type of energy that can produce anything so long as the price is paid with heavy interest. These beings were once seduced by power but toppled by a greed that consumes from within. But they were also beings of great intelligence. Just humble enough to change course before the fall. Wise enough to avoid the fall altogether… and fearful enough to accept that in order to never die, they could also never live anywhere but this one space. 

The Chendle listened to the tale of each one. All different in size and shape but identical in color. Elves, Men, other strange beings, some towering and branched at the top. Others tiny and flitting about on translucent wings. There was even what seemed to be a few half orcs and a goblin despite all the rest being the shape of more civilized races.  All of them were a deep blue in coloration. A blue darker than the blackest night sky. Their eyes were shining marbles of azure obsidian. Hair like delicate flowing blue cracks against the very fabric of space. Each of them different living statues cut from the same midnight stone. Each of them powerful sorcerers in a long passed life, deserving of a cruel hell for their transgressions against nature. Each of them just outside the gate of that very specific hell. Forever here. Painless. Deathless. By the saving boon of their one final spell. An eternal enchantment over this one small space. Their home. Their prison. Their penance. 

Through these hours and days and months, Lenara learned not to fear them. They were bound by the comfort of this place. They had all been wicked and in their sins she saw the fruit of vice and ill gotten gain. Having seen the fruit, she knew the seed and it was within her just as sure as she sat before them. 

But in hearing story after story, Lenara began to realize that the seed in her had not grown. Not much, anyway. Not like theirs. This was a place to avoid the wrath of a just universe. She was at peace with accepting her judgement and so she asked just one favor of these beings before she left. Lenara asked to learn the secret of their undying enchantment. They gave it freely and Lenara knew that her own charge had begun. 

It took Lenara another 2 years to journey back to Chendle Glen. She was 29 when she returned and the young girl she was had been all but forgotten over the past 15 years. No one recognized Lenara the woman. Not because she was older. Not because she had adopted the garb of many foreign lands in her travels. Lenara had changed in a much less subtle way. She was two years bluer. Not blue like a Ralterian troll. Not blue like a drowned man. More like a starling’s egg. One that blushed when she realized that she had… well, turned blue. It seemed that everyone else she had met recently just assumed that she was born blue. 

Very shortly after her homecoming, Lenara was recognized by her family and her friends and all of the dwellers of Chendle Glen. She told them of Rett’s loss and of the scores of other cultures, totally disparate in every way from their own but similarly bound by the chains of mortal suffering. 

But it was Lenara’s tale of the blue people that garnered the attention of the elder medicine women of Chendle. She told each of the creatures’ stories. She told of their shapes and sizes. And she told their secret freely just as they had told her. 

“The only magic for which there is no price is thus: Give and Trust.  Take only the life you can give back. Relinquish all you have so long as you trust that the world will give back.”

It is an endless, cyclical incantation. When understood, it can be used to form a bond that will accelerate healing, eliminate pain and ward off death itself. Give and Trust. 

Lenara’s teachings showed new horizons to the medicine women of Chendle Glen and they harnessed the cycle of give and trust supremely effectively.
Chendle’s charge is still being paid by many young men but most military leaders are careful to keep the Chendles safe. They aren’t typically efficient or fearsome fighters but a safe Chendle is crucial for morale.  The other men fear what happens when a Chendle comes to be harmed. 

For where the charge has been fulfilled, the blue women come. The young ones could be mistaken for any other girl who’s a bit less rosy in the cheeks than most… it’s the elder ones that’ll bring a chill into the heart of the most seasoned soldier. Shrouded in deep, dark blue, the matriarchs come and all the other men give them space. Space enough to stay clear of a Chendle healer’s hand. Blue black as the deep waters of the farthest sea. The mark of an elder healer. The price of the secret given freely. The give and the trust. Lenara’s proud rebuttal to Chendle’s Charge. 

Generations have passed since Lenara'a pilgrimage home. A daughter of Chendle may choose to follow her path and set out into the world practicing the magic of give and trust until they see fit to return to their homeland. Marna DuGormand has said farewell to her beloved sister Bale, her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother Lenara, and of course Lenara’s mother and grandmother. 


This is where Marna’s story begins. She is a confident, optimistic and sometimes headstrong young woman. Marna approaches her Charge with a full understanding of give and trust but very little understanding of any other motivations held by less peaceful cultures.

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About Hogwarts AU, do you have headcanon you would like to share? :P

So many!


- Lena is a Slytherin. Hands down. That is her personality belongs without any other outside factors like her personal choice. However, I would support the headcanon that she’s in Ravenclaw, only because she doesn’t want to be the same as the rest of her family who is in Slytherin. 

- Kara Danvers is in Hufflepuff. Supergirl would be in Gryffindor. But ultimately Kara Zor-El would be in Hufflepuff. (See Busted Chapter 8 for my reasoning) 


- Lena’s favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. Most would expect it to be something like Potions or Transfiguration. But Lena Luthor really loves magical animals. It reminds her that there are still pure things in this world. 

- Kara’s favorite class is Astronomy. She loves the stars and interpreting their meaning. Followed by her second favorite class, Ancient Runes. Because it reminds her of her parents who were deeply involved in the study of Ancient Runes before they were killed in an archeological excavation accident in a tomb in Egypt. 


- The Luthor’s are a pureblooded, aristocratic sort of family. Despite the second Wizarding War being over and the Dark Lord defeated, they still believe in blood purity. Lena, who was adopted into the family after the war, being orphaned by parents who died as casualties to Voldemort’s cruelty, is something of a black sheep. Her birth parents impressed upon her the importance of tolerance, yet warned her to be cautious of everyone that might do her harm, not just those painted as the villains. Hence why she refuses to truely trust any of the Luthors, though they have given her a home. 

- Kara’s family (as mentioned above) were archeologists interested in the study of Ancient Runes and died during an excavation gone wrong. She was placed with the Davners’ family. Clark Kent is her cousin, but his family couldn’t support another child at the time, so Alex Danvers’ family, a friend of the Kents offered to take her in. 

Social Circles

- Lena keeps to herself for the most part. She’s on speaking terms with people from her house like Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant, but she wouldn’t consider them friends. She doesn’t buy into the whole house rivalry thing because she thinks it’s a waste of time. But she consistently finds herself picked on by Gryffindors for being just another Luthor. It annoys her to no end. Sometimes she loses her temper and just flat out hexes them (in such a way that they can’t prove she did anything, thus her reputation remaining spotless). 

- Kara has many, many friends from all the other houses. Alex and her girlfriend Maggie are a couple years her senior in Gryffindor. James and Clark are also a couple years her senior in Gryffindor. She and her best friend Winn are in Hufflepuff together and thick as thieves. She has what she would consider a tentative friendship with Mon-El from Gryffindor as well. She also has a budding friendship with Lena Luthor of Slytherin house, but her friends, particularly Clark, keeps trying to warn her off of the other girl. Of course, Kara doesn’t listen. 

Affinity for Magic

- Lena is an extremely powerful witch, even from a young age. She showed signs of advanced magic early, learning non-verbal magic and becoming fairly proficient at it before she left Hogwarts. Her dueling is second to none, except maybe her brother Lex who is more her equal rather than more advanced than her. Any advantage he has is not of skill but of experience. She’s also a very accomplished at Occlumency, only the most advanced Legilimens being able to break her walls. Though she does struggle with some of the more hands-on forms of magic that don’t require a wand, such as Ancient Runes, Potions, and Astronomy. She does, however, have a certain calming effect on most magical creatures. No on knows why. 

- Kara, on the other hand, is the opposite. She excels the most where she doesn’t require a wand. Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Potions, Arithmancy. That’s not to say she’s bad with a wand, she is simply more on the average side. Nothing compared to Lena. She could hold her own against most of her classmates but would struggle against someone like Lena is light years ahead of her in dueling skill. 

Dueling Skill

- Only bested by her brother Lex, Lena always gains top marks when they duel in Defense against the Dark Arts. She is always paired with the most advanced in her class and even then she steamrolls them. Sometimes she’s paired up with the teacher, who she can hold her own against. Her dueling skills are subtle, not flashy like James Olsen or Clark Kent. But the subtlety is what makes it dangerous. She’s hard to predict and can strike at a moment’s notice, catching her opponent off guard. 

- Kara is not to be underestimated in regards to her dueling skills. She has to struggle more than Lena does because Lena has the raw talent, but Kara is determined and patient to improve her skills. She starts out slow her first few years, but by graduation, she’s also one of the top duelists in the class. She isn’t as patient while dueling an opponent as Lena is and her magic is a little more flashy and impressive, but her deceptively kind and shy attitude catches her opponent off guard when the ferocity of a lion comes out to play. 

Personal Alignments

- Lena is torn in the middle between the dark and the light. She doesn’t believe the dark is inherently bad though it can be used to horrible things. She believes that in order to learn how to defend against it, one has to understand it. She wouldn’t call herself a practitioner of Dark Magic, but she has knowledge of it that most don’t because of her family library and personal interest. She doesn’t want to be branded as another Luthor, so she keeps her interest in Dark Magic to herself. 

- Kara is a light sided witch, but also understand the allure of Dark Magic though she would never seek it out. Until she met Lena Luthor, who eventually trusts her with her attention to Dark Magic. Kara is initially apprehensive towards it, but as Lena explains further she comes to see the importance of awareness of all kinds of magic in their world. 

I’ve got some others that I want to do research on like wand types and patronuses, but that takes a little bit more time than I have right now to figure out. And I’ve only recently been thinking about Hogwarts headcanons. But these are some for now. I’ll probably post my wand/Patronus headcanon later. 

The Signs According To “The Shadowhunter Chronicles”

Aries - Nephilim. The Nephilim, also known as Shadowhunters, were created through the mixing of the blood of human Jonathan Shadowhunter and the angel Raziel. They are warriors blessed by the Heavens, equipped from birth to defend the world from demons and to mediate Nephilim-Downworlder relations. They draw their powers from ancient runes, etching them onto their own bodies before battle.

Taurus - Hedge Witch. Unlike their Downworld counterparts, hedge witches are not the offspring of demons. They are mundanes who possess a magical “Third Eye” which they may apply to clairvoyance practices. Hedge witches are also gifted with the Sight, meaning they can see and interact with the Nephilim and Downworlders unlike other mundanes.

Gemini - Parabatai. When two Shadowhunters form a bond that runs deeper than blood and have grown, trained and fought together side by side for many years, they become Parabatai. The connection forged between two Parabatai is stronger than the average Nephilim camaraderie, with either partner non-hesitant to lay down his or her own life for the other.

Cancer - Forsaken. When a mundane is Marked with the runes of the Nephilim, they become cursed. Transformed into hideous, inhuman monsters, the Forsaken are mindless slaves to whomever Marked them.

Leo - Seelie Queen. The sovereign of the Seelie Court is the Seelie Queen, a formidable faerie who’s incredible longevity and demonic origins make her one of the most respected leaders among Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike.

Virgo - Werewolf. Afflicted with a demonic disease known as lycanthropy, werewolves are mundanes or Shadowhunters who are able to transform into a wolf. Although initially involuntary, the change can be brought under the victim’s control. Werewolves possess superhuman strength, reflexes and resistance to injury.

Libra - Silent Brother. The guardians of Nephilm knowledge, archivists of their history, the Silent Brothers are a monastic order of Shadowhunters who keep vigil over the Nephilim necropolis, the City of Bones. Having taken a vow of silence, their mouths are sewn closed and are thought to have developed a form of telepathy.

Scorpio - Dark Nephilim. Created through the blood of Jonathan Morgernstern, the dark Nephilim possess all the powers of Shadowhunters but with the added edge of demon blood. They are fearsome and brutal warriors tainted by the darkness coursing through their veins, unleashed upon the world to slay anyone who stands in the way of their creator’s plans.

Sagittarius - Warlock.  The children of mundanes and demons, warlocks are practitioners of dark magic. They are both immortal and infertile, condemned to a cursed life in exchange for their extraordinary powers. Warlocks can directly summon and communicate with Greater Demons and many are employed by the Nephilim as advisers, healers and sometimes allies in battle.

Capricorn - Demon. No one knows where exactly demons came from, but they have been coming forth into our world for millennia. Immensely powerful, pan-dimensional beings driven by chaos and destruction, demons are the primary threat facing mundanes and Shadowhunters. 

Aquarius - Iron Sister. The female counterparts to the Silent Brothers, the Sisters are the forgers of Shadowhunter weaponry. They are blacksmiths, alchemists and engineers who hold the secrets to the Nephilim’s victory in battle. They discovered two of the most important materials used by Shadowhunters in both their architecture and their weaponry: electrum and adamant. 

Pisces - Vampire. The blood-feasting undead known as vampires were once mundanes who were infected by a demonic disease similar to lycanthropy. Vampires live together in clans and profess an extreme sense of loyalty to one another and their appointed clan leader. When a mundane is bitten by a vampire, they become a subordinate to their “sire” until they are reborn, whereupon they regain free will. 

The Signs as RPG Classes

Use your Sun, Moon, Rising, dominant.


Berserkers: ferocious fighters most commonly found dwelling in the wilderness; in combat, they rely on their feral instincts, using their reckless savagery and raw physical power rather than discipline; they are unyielding and seemingly immune to damage as they charge through enemy ranks.


Rangers: sharpshooters and masters of the hunt that can strike swiftly and cause severe wounds; traditionally relying on bows and crossbows, they are most commonly assisted in their efforts by their animal companions, tough and loyal creatures with whom rangers form lifelong bonds.


Mystics: spell casters who wield mental abilities as a weapon, creating illusions, clones, and phantasmal magic to confuse and distract their foes; they are uncommon and often misunderstood individuals who can peer through the spiritual energy of the world to manipulate other souls.


Guardians: heavily armored front-line fighters who devote themselves to protecting their allies both in and out of combat; they are brilliant tacticians and selfless defenders who know when to sacrifice their own defenses in order to empower those of their allies.


Warriors: noble front-line fighters trained in the arts of weaponry who combine strength and toughness with discipline, skill, and leadership to achieve victory; they supplement their fighting prowess with the ability to boost their allies’ morale.


Wizards: masters of academic magic, these dedicated spell casters channel raw arcane energy with the use of their enchanted tomes; generally, they favor environments where inquiry, debate, and the dissemination of knowledge are encouraged.


Chanters: spell casters whose power lies in their chants and invocations, creating magical effects beneficial to their allies; out of combat, they take on the roles of storytellers and researchers, being the repositories of folk knowledge and common wisdom.


Necromancers: practitioners of dark magic who posses the ability to manipulate death; they summon and command the dead, drain the life force of enemies or bring allies back from the brink of death; however tremendously powerful, they are cursed to eventually take on the form of their creations.


Druids: versatile fighters capable of shape-shifting and summoning; they are animists who tap into the spiritual power that flows through all living things; when not casting spells and transforming into mythical beasts, they spend a great deal of time in nature or travelling.


Paladins: extremely devoted front-line fighters who have pledged themselves to a chosen cause; they combine the zeal of a priest with the ascetic discipline of a monk; despite their stoic presence and unrelenting combat style, paladins work best alongside allies.


Rogues: unpredictable fighters that rely on wits, speed, and subterfuge, known for their stealthy nature both in and out of battle; they are talented with machines, contraptions and traps, knowledgeable about esoteric matters and well-equipped to survive away from society.


Healers: spiritually attuned spell casters who express their faith through aiding people; they specialize in restoring vitality, casting protective spells, neutralizing poisons and other negative afflictions, or even resurrection; highly dependent on their allies and vice-versa.


Set in a fantasy era, with dragons and mysterious races. Where witchcraft and wizardry is practiced and dragons rule the mountains. 

Eren’s family was murdered by a notorious guild called the titans. Eren assumes they are nothing more than a simple thieves guild. But, they are not, they are much more. 

With the grief of his family’s death, Eren sets out on a might adventure for revenge. Armed with a horse and a legendary Elven sword (that Eren didn’t know was Elven or legendary). He is off, searching the vast lands of Maria, Rose and Sina. 

He soon gets a lead on the Titan guild and finds them deep in a forest But, he realises they are much more than an ordinary guild. All members are practitioners of dark magic, that was banned long ago. Eren uses the sword but it starts to glow, but it has no effect and Eren is pinned to the floor, a sword threatening his neck. Soon after, a thud of horses hooves can be heard and with that, the whistling of arrows. 

The last thing Eren remembered was a pale man with inky black hair, then he blacked out. 

He woke in a room that smelled of pine. There was the person he saw, who was an elf. A beautiful elf. His name was Levi and he was the Elves’ stongest and in line to take over the thrown. 

Levi could see the fight in Eren’s eyes as he told Levi why he was in the Elves’ domain and why he possesed that sword. The sword belonged to Levi many years ago, but he lost it. Levi asked Eren if he could accompany him on his quest to avenge his family. 

During the long quest, Levi and Eren start to fall in love.

Then shit goes down and Eren is kidnapped by the Titans. A few days turned weeks of torture, Eren loses hope of Levi ever finding him. But, they do eventually and Levi goes insane and kills all of the Titans, showing no mercy. 

Eren in on deaths door and black out.

He wakes in the same room he was in when he came to the Elven city and Levi is by his side, red puffy eyes. He thought Eren was going to die. 

All is good, the Titans are dead, Levi takes over as king and he also asks for Eren’s hand in marriage and for his life to be prolonged to that of an elves.

In another important sense, the Darkness embraced by the practitioner of witchcraft is the applied knowledge of subtlety, the nuanced gradations of perceived reality which both mystical and magical frameworks inevitably generate, and their esoteric interconnectivity. The essence of this truth can be easily apprehended by undertaking the simple practice of the Vigil: abiding alone by night in a remote ruin or wood to greet the dawn. As the light fades, the forces of day are overthrown by the crepuscular order, and hence proceeds the emergence of the liminal. However, as night emerges in full, there is, for lack of a better term, a deepening of darkness in the nocturnal world, wherein abide many gradations of colour, texture, and sensorial perception. Despite the absence of sunlight and daytime conventions of seeing, these layers of darkness are just as complex as those in the world as perceived by day. And yet, most of the world will live and die unconscious of this wise and noctilucent beauty, mostly as a result of unconscious circadian bondage as Night casts the glamours of Oblivion over the flesh. And yet, through the sacred routes of sleep and dream, those who succumb to Night may also experience its subtly whispered atmospheres.
—  Daniel A. Schulke, “The Blasphemy of Things Unseen,” Hands of Apostasy
That’s what it means to be the most resilient

I’m on a roll it seems, here is another oneshot, Missing Year this time :) (gosh i’m spending too much time at the hospital, it’s starting to show) Thanks a bunch to my lovely dearest Manon for the big push and the look over. I tried something new here, would love to hear what you think about it (pretty please).

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Much later, when things had settled down and signs of danger had been ruled out, many of the castle’s inhabitants would look back ironically on the fact that they all worriedly held their breaths when the Evil Queen fell unconscious in the middle of an otherwise eventless lunch.

The irony would only magnify in their memories as they’d recall that the first people by her side, calling her name in concerned voices and checking her over with gentle hands, were the leader of the band of thieves- chased for years by the Queen’s Black Knights- and the Princess and her Charming husband who suffered her wrath and still call her family.

It is quite something to see a Queen sink to the ground, especially one they all have so many mixed feelings about. Their opinions being divided between the hate they feel for the dangerous, blood-thirsty woman who terrorized their beloved Princess and anyone who dared to help her, and the reluctant gratitude they experience as they remember that, in her attempt to forfeit their happy endings, she actually brought them to a fairer world where royals and peasants mingled as the former were put to work and the latter finally had a chance at better lives.

The gratitude mostly won out as they watched the Thief and the Prince reach out at the same time to carry the Queen out of the crowded Hall and the ensuing staring contest that only the unusually sharp voice of their teary-eyed Princess was able to break. Robin Hood took advantage of the Prince’s momentary distraction and gathered the fallen woman cautiously in his arms, exiting swiftly away from prying eyes.

No one ever thought they would one day wait anxiously for news on the most controversial woman in all the realms, and if some people tried to maintain the illusion that they were only here to know when they would have to put on their best clothes for the funeral, well, they were indulged, but certainly not believed.

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Esoteric Symbols 101

NIKE = Nekht

Nekht, "strength"  “victor” “crowned” “god”

Greek connection~The origins of the Goddess Nike stemmed from the Greco-Roman era. Many of these myths originated from Egyptian stories carried over that were given a Greek flavor. [Ra=Zeus, Thoth=Hermes, Horus=Hercules]

Nike was the goddess of victory. She was at the battle of the Titans when Zeus trapped the Titans in the final battle.

Egyptian connection~The ancient Afro-Asiatic word ‘Nekht’, to mean a combination of ‘victor’, ‘strong’, ‘peerless’ and ‘divinely blessed’, has also been suggested as a root for ‘Nike’ but, whilst the two words are tantamount, they are etymologically independent of one another.

‘Nekht’ was often appended to the name of Pharaohs, who were embodiment of the Egyptian god Horus. In turn, Horus received the epithet ‘Nekht’ from his goddess mother Isis after he subdued his uncle Set in battle after Set had mutilated Horus’ father Osiris.

~…excerpt from a papyrus to Isis

" ..she who is greatly feared in the Tuat, the God-mother, the God- 
mother of Heru-ka-nekht, the mother of the Horus of gold, the 
lady of life, lady of green crops, the green goddess (Hatchet), 
lady of bread, lady of beer, lady of abundance, lady of joy and 
gladness, lady of love, the maker of kings, lady of the Great 
House, lady of the House of fire, the beautiful goddess, the lady 
of words of power, lady of the shuttle, daughter of Seb, daughter 
of Neb-er-tcher, the child of Nut, wife of Ra, wife of the lord 
of the abyss, wife of the lord of the Inundation, the creator of 
the Nile flood." ....

The Nike “swoosh”~ The goddess is always depicted as having wings.

Look down…kinda looks like wings.

NIKE= Saturn connection…Do I really need to post the planet? Nope they did it for me….

Below Nike ad: In the corner is the Masonic symbol of the Freemasons. Our goddess is also depicted again with her wings spread. Oh wait is that the Templar Cross mirrored? in the background the skull has 1 eye covered. Could this be a nod to the Illuminati? Thats usually the symbol they use, the covering of 1 eye.

!!Come on people I cant make this shit up!!

just in case you doubt its the Masonic symbol

Wait … where have I seen a winged goddess before…..Oh thats right! Isis!


Yet another company deep in esoteric symbolism. This is the awakening that we hear so much about. That we WAKE UP to the notion that we are living in a control matrix. Where dark magics and symbols are all right in front of us. It is happening on a daily basis, we just dont understand it. That’s the beauty of it. In dark magic the practitioner uses symbols and higher thought to gain control over others. See you an I dont have to be a part of the ritual we just need to be a witness to it to give it strength. Terror, fear, separation is what gives this control mechanism its power. Being to left or right brained also keeps us unconscious to whats happening.

I hope that you start to see what we are up against. This is not some made up conspiracy. The worship of Saturn & Isis is a reoccurring theme. So far I have only named 2. The connections to the Masons and the Illuminati are displayed for all to see in plain sight.

So what do to? We cant do anything they are too powerful! I say BS!!

Live in love. Live in the moment of the NOW. Know that WE have the power, and NOT THEM! We create our reality with the power of our will and the blessings of the Creator.

Honestly …. That’s what REALLY scares them. Us taking back our personal power of creation.

Neverland could have been so interesting though.

The team should have immediately split up by Pan and scattered all over the island. Different locations, different dangers, different characters every week instead of the same old wandering around in circles every week waiting for something to actually happen. Instead of stupid love triangles, we could have had interesting and funky pairings you never would have thought of otherwise.  

Rumple and Snow.

Jesus, can you imagine these two trying to work together? There is so much potential for hilarity AND amazing character development.  I would love to see Snow tearing into Rumple for his part in creating the curse and separating them from Emma. I would also love, love, love to see Rumple pointing out that Snow and Charming didn’t ‘win’ because of how good and noble they were- they were able to be together because he wanted them together. Because HE arranged it. Because HE needed it.

 ”You didn’t manage to find your True Love, your Happy Ending because of how good and noble you are dearie. You ‘won’ because Dark One arranged it that way. And if Dark Magic is what gave you your Happy Ending…well, what does that say about you I wonder?”

This would rock Snow right down to the core and make her question everything she’s ever based her life upon. Did she shape her destiny or does she really owe her Happy Ending to Dark Magic? Does it really matter at all, trying to do the right thing? This could stretch over the entire season, Snow White trying to find her footing, figure out what she really believes.

There’s also the fact that Snow is a Royal and Rumple was a peasant. Class differences are always amazing and revel so much about a character and what drives them. And there’s the always funny, my baby had your baby’s baby dynamic.

 Neal and Regina

Oh my god. The snark. Just imagine it, my friends. Neal and Regina wandering around the jungle, just letting the sass fly.

“Careful your Majesty. You wouldn’t want to get mud on your jacket. Believe it or not, there’s no dry cleaning here in Neverland.”

“Unless that coconut of yours also doubles as a fire extinguisher… keep your mouth shut Cassidy.”

These two barely had a conversation on the show but they are linked together is so many ways.  Neal is the person Rumple manipulated so much of Regina ‘s life to be with. Regina is Henry’s adopted mother- and a practitioner of Dark Magic just like Neal’s father.

If I had to pick one thing that grieves me the most about Neal’s death it would have to be the missed opportunity to get the Regal Believer relationship back on track. If anyone could explain to Regina the damage that watching your parent lash out and hurt other people can do, it’s Neal. He could show Regina how much it could mess you up, having the person you are supposed to look up to using Dark Magic. How if you hold your child too close, it can drive them even further away.

This was all I wanted out of season 3b. Neal opening Regina’s eyes to how she hurt Henry and she choosing to apologize and acknowledge how she treated him. Neverland could have been the base for that.

Gah. Such potential, wasted.

Emma and David.

Simply because I love Daddy Charming. These two really click and work so well together. I would love to see them get the chance to really talk and discover things about each other, like Emma’s time in foster care or how David wasn’t really royalty but a shepherd.

Hook and OC

Hook should be separated from the others, struggling to decide what to do until he runs into an old friend- Erica, a navy captain who chased Hook when he was a pirate.  She’s been trapped here for year and is desperate to escape and requite with her True Love Ariel. (Eric could also work but Erica is better.)

This give us the chance to have Hook actually deal with his past with someone how actually knew him then, to discover more about Hook’s past, and for him to have a tie to the show that’s NOT EMMA SWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

We’re in Neverland. He’s Captain fucking Hook. Give him to us, not freaking Killian Jones fighting over a lighter for god’s sake.

Final points.

Ariel should have been in Storybrooke fromt he beginning allowing us to see more of it and wonder of wonders actually see Belle in the first part of the season.

The flashbacks should have been Neverland focused only. Tinkerbelle, Pan, Hook, the Lost Boys, Neal, the Darlings. Nothing involving EF or the Neverlanders- let them deal with their shit in real time.

Henry should have been shown to be playing Pan, not falling right into his trap. Just when Pan thinks he’s got Henry’s heart, Henry should turn around and punch him in the face. “Peter Pan always lies in the book. I’m not stupid.” Great shout out to Henry’s stiltskin side and always him to show some development. In the end, Pan gets Henry to rip his heart out by threatening one of his parents.

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I saw on one of your answers that you dislike OQ more than CS. What is it about OQ in particular that you don't like?

Many things, anon. Many things, indeed. 

This is going to be rather long, so I will put it under a cut.

This is an ANTI-OQ POST, so don’t click if you aren’t into that.

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