dark plums

aesthetic: lying on burgundy silk sheets in a Veronica Lake 40s hairstyle, wearing dark plum lipstick, black lingerie, a long sheer robe and black pointe shoes while listening to jazz noir and drinking wine

GOT7 Reaction // When you kiss them only to get lipstick on their face.


He absolutely adores you when you do these types of things. It literally sets the whole mood and he realizes how soft he is for you. Of course he wouldn’t enjoy taking off the lipstick though lol.

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He would obviously enjoy the kiss and he would think you’re so adorable but the fact that lipstick was now on his face annoyed him a little.

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He really didn’t mind the kiss. He enjoyed it a lot. Like it made his heart burst but it only bothered him because you were wearing BRIGHT RED lipstick.

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He secretly enjoyed the kiss but of course, being Park Jinyoung, he had to come off as sassy.

“You had to kiss me with that color lipstick?”

He was obviously teasing you.

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He would be so shy from having lipstick on his cheek especially from your lips but I feel like he would return the favor but kissing you back.

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You quickly kissed him on the cheek with your dark plum lipstick and he immediately starts chasing after you cause this bitch isn’t going to let anyone ruin his beautiful face.

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He would get all shy and soft once you kissed him, but it made him shyer because you did it just to get lipstick on him. He would try wiping it off immediately.

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Can you list all the types of pearls there are by color ? Like how powder blue pearl would be under blue? Because I've been searching for all the pearl colors but none appear🙏🏼

Here’s an excerpt from @gemsonaresources master gemstone list which you can find in full here

Abalone Pearl (soft rainbow)
Antique Brass Pearl (brown, brass)
Black Pearl (black, grey)
Blue Pearl (turquoise, cobalt, navy)
Bright Gold Pearl (gold, yellow)
Bronze Pearl (cream, mocha)
Brown Pearl (dark brown, reddish brown)
Burgundy Pearl (burgundy, deep red)
Coco Brown Pearl (brown)
Copper Pearl (orange, brown, copper)
Coral Pearl (pink, salmon)
Cranberry Pearl (purple, reddish purple, maroon)
Cream Pearl (white, cream)
Creamrose Pearl (white, cream, light pink)
Creamrose Light Pearl (white, cream)
Dark Green Pearl (dark green)
Dark Grey Pearl (dark grey)
Dark Purple Pearl (dark purple)
Forest Green Pearl (green, forest green)
Fuchsia Pearl (pink, fuchsia)
Gold Pearl (gold, yellow)
Green Pearl (green, light green)
Grey Pearl (grey)
Light Blue Pearl (light blue)
Light Green Pearl (light green)
Light Grey Pearl (grey)
Light Plum Pearl (light purple)
Light Purple Pearl (light purple)
Lilac Pearl (purple, light purple)
Maroon Pearl (maroon, deep red)
Matte Blue Pearl (blue)
Matte Gold Pearl (gold)
Matte Green Pearl (light green)
Matte Grey Pearl (grey, light grey)
Matte Lavender Pearl (lavender)
Matte Light Plum Pearl (purple, lavender)
Matte Light Purple Pearl (light purple)
Matte Light Sapphire Pearl (light blue)
Matte Lilac Pearl (light pinkish lavender)
Matte Olivine Pearl (light green)
Matte Peach Pearl (peach)
Matte Purple Pearl (light purple, dark lavender)
Matte Sapphire Pearl (blue)
Mocha Pearl (light brown)
Mystic Black Pearl (black)
Nacre/Mother of Pearl (slight rainbow sheen, mostly cream)
Night Blue Pearl (dark blue, midnight)
Olivine Pearl (dark lime green)
Peach Pearl (peach, pink)
Peacock Pearl (dark pink, dark green, black, sometimes blue)
Pink Pearl (pink)
Plum Pearl (dark purple)
Powder Almond Pearl (light faded brown)
Powder Blue Pearl (light powder blue)
Powder Green Pearl (light faded green)
Powder Rose Pearl (light faded pink, light pink)
Purple Pearl (purple, hints of blue)
Red Pearl (red, dark red)
Rosaline Pearl (pink, light pink)
Sapphire Pearl (blue, cobalt)
Tahitian-Look Pearl (black, greenish blue hue)
Taupe Pearl (light brown)
White Pearl (white, cream)
Yellow Pearl (yellow)

That should be plenty to get you started!

dark plums making your hands sticky with juice. sitting on the porch at night barefoot and in a soft comfortable dress. you can hear crickets and frogs but the night swallows any other sounds to make room for the warm air that gently yet heavily settles around you. no obligations, no worries. your hair is messy, it tickles your skin, you’re content

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what are the paladins favorite colors of lipstick for their s/o to wear? gotta leave cute kiss marks for them to notice in the mirror later! <3

Ooo lipsicks~! I didn’t do Pidge because I am uncomfortable writing romantic scenarios for her. Sorry, but I hope you enjoy!!!

Hunk (My Husband):

  • Hunk prefers a soft natural color on his S/O’s lips. He loves when they look natural because he thinks they look beautiful no matter what.
  • He doesn’t like lip gloss much, finding it too sticky when he kisses them, but he loves chapstick and their flavors. It’s fun kissing his S/O and deciphering the flavors.
  • His color choice would be a nude pink.


  • Shiro would like a light color on his S/O’s lips, maybe like a light red or pink, something that pops but is somewhat subtle.
  • He loves them wearing lip stick because he finds it oddly warm and attractive when they do and he just wants to kiss them a lot.
  • (Its secretly a kink of his that is S/O wears lip stick.)


  • Keith doesn’t know much about lip stick, or makeup for that matter so he really doesn’t care much. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find it attractive.
  • He loves when his S/O wears dark colored lip stick like a dark red or even a dark plum color.
  • He especially loves the dark plum color on them because he finds it oddly endearing and sweet his S/O shows it in order to show him that they accept his Glara heritage.


  • Lance adores his S/O in lip stick, especially odd color ones like neon green or a cool ocean blue.
  • He loves, loves, LOVES when his S/O wears blue lip stick though, because it makes him feel warm and happy that his S/O is willing to wear his color. (His S/O says she only does it for Blue the Lion but we all know thats a lie.)
  • He loves when his S/O kisses him every wear and leaves lip stick marks on his face and neck. He struts around with them on like they are a badge of honor.
what the signs are made of
  • aries: sweet marzipan frosting, the tears of their enemies, different hues of vibrant reds and pinks, the sound of wood crackling in the fire, sparklers on forth of july
  • taurus: butterscotch toffee, willow trees with branches swooping low enough to kiss the garden, the smell of bundt cake in the oven, fine china cutlery, and herbal tea
  • gemini: the electric cracking of thunder igniting a dark sky, the sound of leaves crunching, tapioca pearls in brightly colored boba cups, pop synth music, disco balls
  • cancer: water infused with dandelions and lemon slices, salted hot chocolate + roasted marshmallows, lana del rey on vinyl, salt water, when cold air makes your nose pink
  • leo: macaroons, freshly sliced tangerines, dresses spun out of gold silk, the sound of lovers whispering in french, the scent of coconut and sea salt, french pressed coffee
  • virgo: MacBook keyboards, fresh linen and lavender, color coordinated organizers, home cooked meals, motivational posters, NPR radio, a black and white film with subtitles
  • libra: fluorescent colored journals, bath & body works candles, softly swaying branches in the wind, chilly mornings with piping hot mugs of coffee, the sense of inner peace and clarity
  • scorpio: metallic nail polish, sugared plums, dark chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and roasted nuts, norse mythology, potpourri, leather, dark lipstick, beethoven
  • sagittarius: the sound of the tidal waves crashing the shore in the distance, different variations of green, the smell of peppermint, self help books, and a tapestry taking up an entire wall of their home in the form of a map
  • capricorn: the scent of lemon and vanilla, homemade apple pie, and the calming sense of purpose and direction, sticky post-it notes, a book or movie collection with a central focus on good vs. evil (where good always prevails)
  • aquarius: tattoo parlors with unique shop names & vintage 70's chairs, cassette tapes, the color blue, conspiracy theories, protest rallies, the need to seek a great perhaps
  • pisces: the color of seafoam green, tiaras woven from hydrangeas, the combination of scents salty & sweet, soft melodic crooning from a time long before your existence

2015 Château de Saint-Cosmé Côtes du Rhône

Crooning to my bottle of CdR in the garden. Because that’s how I roll. Dark fruits, dark olives, and plums on the nose. Dark cherries with a hint of olive tapenade on the palate. Nice acidity. Simple and straightforward - kinda like the region-specific but unnamed wines you’d get in a cheap bistro in France. 

3/5 bones



13.5 - 14.5% abv

Côtes du Rhône, FRANCE