dark pink tulip

ofgil  asked:

Four flowers have been left on the tailor's desk: a dark pink rose, a variegated tulip, a sunflower, and a peony whose colors outshine the rest. Jack's excuse for bringing them was for reference in finding the best colors for his next outfit design. But he appears to have left them there almost intentionally. Suspicious.


Flowery things

Rose Dark Pink– Thankfulness
Tulip Variegated
– Beautiful Eyes

– Pure Thoughts, Adoration, Warmth

– Bashfulness, Compassion, Shame

The flowers lay forgotten until he moved to clear his desk, hands pausing over the colorful blossoms that Jack had left behind. He’d thought nothing of it before. During their discussion, the delicate petals served only as a point of reference, no more than a note to jot down, a natural example of desired hue.

Yet, looking at them now…

Slowly he reached down, plucking the peony from the surface of his desk. The language of flowers was one in which he’d never been fluent, and as such any secret implication was lost to him; they meant no more than than the inspiration for his designs and patterns, a interpretation he’d never before felt inclined to change.

But there was something different now. A new definition all his own, found as he twirled the flower thoughtfully between thumb and forefinger.

A new reminder.

It was one which inevitably left a soft smile lingering across his lips, unable to fade even as he gathered the flowers to accompany him on his new task.

“Hey Rouge? You got a vase?”

penciladdictontheweb  asked:

Rose Dark Pink,Tulip Yellow, Camellia General,Camellia White

Rose Dark Pink= Thankfulness 

Tulip Yellow= There’s sun in your smile

Camellia General= Admiration 

Camellia White= You’re adorable 

“Are these…for me?” He takes the flowers from her, looking at her with an expression of surprise. “Where’d you…find these?” Midgar rarely had any flowers around but he’d not seen flowers as beautiful and rare as these.