clothing by Attitude Holland

Models are
Marije Mae (fox)
MachineFairy (bunny)
Anna Dee (goat)
and myself, Psychara

Masks, concept, photo’s and editing by me, clothing fromAttitude Holland

I’ve always liked the idea of having characters representing a certain emotion, or your inner you. Creepy creatures with creepy features, telling dark stories.

An interesting fact, I think, is when I started this project, back in April, I was in love, for maybe the first time in my life. But it wasn’t pretty. I felt ambivalent about the relentlessness of being in love. The uncertainty of the situation made me insecure at times, but I also felt the intense happiness that goes with love, dopamine, serotine, oxytocin.

It did not work out.

The dark yet wonderful feeling I had was the inspiration of this project. My feelings were all over the place, there was lust, passion, paranoia, I felt blind. These are the feelings that represent the characters, the creatures. They are mine, they will always stay mine as I will always stay mine.

More info about my work and concept here:www.attitudeholland.nl/attitude/psychara/