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Phoenix Meets Dark Phoenix

I got such a kick out of the comic that nimpnawakproduction drew for me based on my old Dark Phoenix audio post that I made months ago, that I decided to adapt their comic into a video.

Comic drawn by nimpnawakproduction (go check out the original comic and give them some love)

Voiced and edited by me

Thanks again!  You have no idea how flattered I was that you decided to draw this for me.


A very important Turnabout Boston photoset featuring Ghost Trick and my garbage camera. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Ace Attorney Meetup on Saturday night! Shane/ @ughlawyers and I live for being your shoot leaders–a huge thank you to Shane for setting up the spot and to Zack for being one of our head photographers!

Athena Cykes: @two-can-keep-a-secret
Ema Skye (shoot leader/dark green vest): @fairwind
Phoenix Wright ): @gogglecandyme
Trucy Wright: Warpstar Cosplay

Young Dhurke: @equestrianime

Ema Skye (pink 3ds case): @tsunderegrumbling

Simon Blackquill: @bythe-outsider

Bobby Fulbright: @the–lord–protector

Klavier Gavin: @klvrgvn

Miles Edgeworth: @maya-fey

Phoenix Wright: @sexycowboy123

Please tag yourselves and I’ll edit the post! Court is adjourned til next year!


Request: Phoenix Meets DARK Phoenix

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wassamattawityucca asked prozdvoices:

Well, since you’ve just done Professor Layton meeting Dark!Layton, I think the logical next step would be to try Phoenix meeting Dark!Phoenix. Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

You know, originally, this was going to end up less stupid, but then I thought of that pun and was like you know what, I’m going in THAT direction instead.

I like to imagine Phoenix is just messing with Dark Phoenix and it goes on for an hour.

An AU where Phoenix is first on the scene when Mia is murdered - he isn’t able to properly defend himself after being charged with murder. He then goes to jail and Maya, never believing that Phoenix murdered her sister, gives up on being a spirit medium to become a detective in order to find who killed her sister. Then during that dark age of law or whatever happens Phoenix now becomes a prosecutor and both Maya and him team up to find the true murderer.

This AU is sadder if you realize that Manfred was never found guilty for his crime, Edgeworth is most likely in jail and everyone else Phoenix would have helped is in strife. Perhaps the defence are Apollo and Kristoph, who knows, I don’t.

Hey, I want to follow new people!

So I just went and unfollowed a whole slew of people because I want to have a little bit more control over my dashboard. I’ve never been super happy with my dash because I usually followed people just because I knew them and less because of what they post, and I’d like to change that a little bit!

So if your blog posts any of the following (and especially the stuff in bold!):

- Cartoons! (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Avatar The Last Airbender/Korra, Adventure Time, Star vs Evil etc)

- Video Games! (Valve stuff, Bethesda stuff, Bastion/Transistor, Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa, Mass Effect, Undertale, Nintendo stuff, Dark Souls, Skullgirls, Other assorted fighting games, Metal Gear, Artsy stuff like Shadow of the Colossus, etc)

- Youtube people! (Game Grumps, Polaris, Jontron, Jesse Cox, Dodger, Totalbiscuit, Markiplier, Roosterteeth, Projared, Other assorted NormalBoots members, etc)

- TV Shows and Movies! (Mad Max, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Everything Quentin Tarantino, Other Marvel Stuff, Disney, Everything Guillermo Del Toro, Shrek probably, animated THINGS, etc)

- Anime! (Just. Give me everything. I don’t care. I wanna discover new stuff. Currently however I do like me some Oremonogatari, Cowboy Bebop, Danganronpa, visual novels of all kinds, Studio Ghibli, Puella Madoka Magika, and One Piece, One Punch Man, to give you some ideas.)

So, please like or reblog this post if you like a lot of the stuff as mentioned above and I’ll go right ahead and follow you!

anonymous asked:

I rarely watch let's plays but your Ace Attorney playthrough is the funniest thing ever! I especially liked Turnabout Samurai, could not stop laughing at your interpretation of Cody 😂

glad you’re enjoying it!  cody is such a little gremlin

Episode 84: THE JOE DARKE KILLINGS of our Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playthrough is up NOW

Ace Attorney Piano Arrange tracklist announced

Capcom has now put up the official product page for the Piano Arrange album that was announced earlier today.  Presumably to tie in with the April release of the Wright Selection, the album consists of songs from the first three games.  The tracklist is as follows:

Simple Piano Arrangements (based off of the released piano books in Japan):

  1. Search 2001 ~ Opening/Core Medley
  2. Dick Gumshoe ~ That’s Detective Gumshoe, Pal
  3. Detention Center ~ Jailers’ Elegy
  4. The Steel Samurai
  5. The Blue Badger ~ I Want to Protect
  6. Congratulations Everybody
  7. Won the Case! ~ The First Victory
  8. Pearl Fey ~ With Pearly
  9. Elise Deauxnim ~ Simple Melody
  10. Furio Tigre ~ Swinging Tigre

CD Arrangements (new piano arrangements for the CD)

  1. Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters’ Theme 2001
  2. Ace Attorney 2 ~ Court Medley (contains “Court Begins”, “Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2002”, “Confess the Truth 2002”, and “Pursuit ~ Questioning”)
  3. Berry Big Circus
  4. Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth
  5. Ace Attorney 3 ~ Court Medley (contains “Court Begins”, “Cross-Examination ~ Moderato 2004”, “Confess the Truth 2004”, and “Pursuit ~ Caught”
  6. Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
  7. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! Medley (contains “Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!” 2001, 2002, and 2004)

The Ace Attorney 1 Court Medley (contains “Court Begins”, “Cross-Examination ~ Moderato 2001”, “Confess the Truth 2001”, and “Pursuit ~ Cornered”) is present in both simple piano and CD arrange versions.