dark parody

Fake News, Fake views - Rap

Fake news, fake views

Snowflakes falling, Trump calling

Yo where were you bitches when Trump got out a gay flag

or were you there getting mad because you think he mad bad

Trump too good for your fake fraud news bitch

Triggered so hard that you got the stitch

Let’s not mess around in this sitch

America is becoming to politically correct

We ain’t give a shit about your genders, kek

there are only two and that’s a triggering line from me to you

I’ll fuck your bitch and help make your wife’s son

You be cuckin’ just for fun

You know I don’t fuck with the cucks

*Verse 2*

I got hoes at the trigger march I ain’t care

As long as my bitch shave her armpit hair I’m there

As long as she ain’t wearin’ her feminist shirt I’m gud

But let my speech be free if you fucking wit me

I got Ben Shapiro trying to censor me

He think I’ll steal his career 

Bitch I’m pretty near

Ain’t as controversial on the net


But wait two years and see you’ll never hear the end of S-P-I-K-E

They call me an narcissist cuz I’m better than them

They call me a trigger cuz I’ll trigger your friends

I’ll trigger you and probably have already

so check your blacklist and put #Spike at the top

Cuz the triggerin’ will never stop

*verse 3*

Y’all dumbasses coming at me saying ‘Oh he fucks trains’

Bitch I didn’t know fetishes meant lack of brains

It’s insane how dumb these trigglypuffs be

‘take your hate speech off this campus’ and the hate speech is me

My news ain’t fake and my girls boobs ain’t fake

all my haters are fat

ever heard of that?

Well look in the mirror and then come back

Yeah I got a traingirl fet

anthro vehicles my best bet

‘Off the rails’ gonna make the sales

while your pandering to triggerettes fails

so go watch Steven universe, if he’s still your universe

Haha these cuckolds think they know me!


remember when President Snow had a family

And his oldest daughter was vengeful murderer Amy Dunne

And Pirate King Elizabeth Swan was his second oldest

And his middle child was a nurse from Asgard

And Daisy Buchanan followed Johanna Mason of District 7 everywhere

And President Snow was cousins with Lord Cutler Becket, who was shut down by Elizabeth Swan who held a gun to him

And Dr. Harrison moved in from Cranford and fell in love with Amy Dunne

And The Sherrif of Nottingham went with him and he fell in love with Elizabeth Swan

But Elizabeth Swan and the Sheriff had an argument over Prince Albert

And that’s why Mrs. Bennet has poor nerves

because I do

  • officer: you kids have a good day.
  • yusuke: thank you, sir. we were worried you’d search us and discover Akira’s dubious pain medications and realistic model gun collection.
  • officer: uh, what was that?
  • akira: nothing, sir. just telling dumb jokes. we don’t want to waste time in your, um, busy day of serving the public.
  • yusuke: but don’t you always say the police are nothing but a bunch of insecure high school drop outs that want to use total strangers and a loaded gun to live out their power fantasies because the only thing they were ever any good at was being under qualified at everything except for murdering innocent minorities?
  • akira, sweating: uh, no?

“Technique is nothing more than failed style”

Cecil B. DeMented (2000, John Waters)

Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (2013, Sion Sono)

Two absolutely chaotic, odes to guerrilla filmmaking, aueterism, and pushing boundaries. Cecil B. DeMented is a joyously silly, subversive, punk rock styled comedy from John Waters. Whereas, Why Don’t You Play in Hell? by Sion Sono is absurd, visually stunning, and ultra-violent.

anonymous asked:

When can we expect an episode of Dark Arcade where you parody Game Theory but actually analyze the real content of a game instead making things up?