dark night of the soul


bubble comics moodboard: murdock macalister & kirk o’reilly.

“i need a man, a man who’s got blood on his hands and the truth on his face. i’ve seen dark nights, dark nights, but only the darkest light can deliver my soul.” 

Life is like a video game

Some people go out and look for a challenge in life.

And some just like to take things easy.

Some like to think , plan ahead and create paths where none exist.

Some like to take every day as it comes.

Some like to fight.

Some seek the thrills.

And some would rather seek some company instead.

Some like to talk.

And some prefer the silence.

Some like to be in the spotlight.

While others prefer the shadows.

Some just want to party.

While for others the party has long ended.

We build.

And we destroy.

We cry.

And we laugh.

And sometimes we do both.

We get angry.

And we calm ourselves.

We make descisions we might regret.

We fight along eachothers sides.

And sometimes we take on the world all on our own.

We take care of others in good times and in bad.

Some will become parents.

And some will find a family in unexpected places

Some want to be part of a team.

And some would rather be alone.

Some like to play.

While some would rather watch.

Life is like a video game.

We all play the same game
But while some of us are just starting up their tutorials.

Others are already at the credits.

Dark Night of the Soul

My footfall unsure
Walking through shadow
I see the light no more
Words written in stone
Erode, no longer known
Deep within I moan, in the
Dark night of the soul

Desperation looms large
Swallowing me whole
Death is left to my charge
“Today is a good day to die!”
Resounds my battle cry
And I abide, by and by, in the
Dark night of the soul

Illumination from beyond
Reflecting an awareness
From shadow I abscond
No longer in death, torn
But in innocence reborn
Rising to a blissful morn, from the
Dark night of the soul